Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Last Update: 02-17-2015

Number of Stocks: 47
Number of New Stocks: 2

Total Value: $109,365 Mil
Q/Q Turnover: 3%

Countries: USA
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Warren Buffett Watch

  • Charlie Munger – I'm More Worred About Running Out Of Hydrocarbons Than I Am Of Climate Change

    The common thinking is that America needs to become energy independent as soon as possible.

    T. Boone Pickens is a big proponent of trying to make the country self-sufficient.


  • U.S. Financial Bigwigs Dissent The SIFI Label

    On May 2, 2015, Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio), founder of the conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.A) (BRK.B), denied its status as a possible too-big-to-fail risk to the U.S. economy joining GE Capital (GE) and MetLife (MET) in their dissidence against the SIFI label. On April 10, 2015, General Electric Co., one of the best known and highly respected American companies, announced the sale of the majority of its $500 billion banking assets in GE Capital, in a deliberate effort to unshackle from restrictive regulations, streamline the conglomerate and refocus on the best-performing segments in industrial operations.

    Analysts predict that GE‘s poignant withdrawal from the banking business and subsequent consolidation may pose as a prelude for MetLife Inc., the largest life insurance company by assets in the U.S., to take similar action. Post recovery from the financial crisis of 2008-09, large non-banks like GE Capital and MetLife were branded SIFI – i.e. Systemically Important Financial Institutions – by U.S. regulators with supervised restrictions to ensure they do not fail. Like GE, MetLife has also expressed angst over these potentially burdensome regulations.


  • Destination: 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

    Well, I’m back in Sarasota fresh off of the trip to Omaha for the 2015 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

    What a time it was. It was an incredible and surreal weekend, and one I’ll never forget.


  • Warren Buffett Makes A Guest Appearance At The 2015 Coca-Cola Annual Shareholder Meeting

    "If you are looking for a wonderful business, it is hard to beat Coca-Cola". Those were the words of Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) at this year's Coca-Cola shareholder meeting.

    Buffett, through Berkshire Hathaway, is Coca-Cola's single largest shareholder. He started buying shares of Coke back in the late 1980s and at the same time switched his own beverage of preference from Cherry Pepsi to Cherry Coke.


  • Arquitos Capital Management Q1 2015 Investor Letter

    What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to experience. – C.S. Lewis


  • That Silly Mr. Market – Anderson Griggs

    I’m sure you remember my friend Mr. Market. He was introduced to me a few years after I entered the business of investment advice via Ben Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor, and for most years since I have found him to be quite fair and reasonable. Whether I wanted to sell or buy any one of the thousands of securities available to the public, he would make an intelligent opinion of its value and proceed to close the deal at that price. However, Mr. Market’s decisions can be affected by irrationality and moodiness. At times he will be brilliant and worth our undivided attention. On other occasions he may be completely off-base in his opinions.

    As with any longstanding friend, we know his strengths and his weaknesses. We know Mr. Market lives in a short-term world. He has to constantly work hard to set a respectable price minute by minute, day by day. This is his greatest strength; it also is his greatest weakness. He does not have the luxury of planning for his long-term future.


  • Crouching Tigers, Hidden Assets – Smead Capital Management

    Our experience tells us that Crouching Tigers, while appearing contentious and dangerous, often have hidden assets. These assets can potentially turn out-of-favor common stocks into future winners. At Smead Capital Management, we run all of our stock selections through our eight criteria. Determining the source of value among companies that meet the eight criteria, however, comes in three main forms. First, value usually comes in the form of a meritorious company, which fits our criteria, falling deeply out of favor for one reason or another. Think a JPMorgan (JPM) or an Aflac (AFL).

    Second, value can come from investors treating shares of an extremely meritorious company like any average company in an index. We would put Amgen (AMGN) and Pfizer (PFE) in that category. A third category of value for us comes from a “sum-of-the-parts” analysis, which exposes valuable hidden assets. Here we find opportunity if a big spread exists between that sum and the market price of the shares.


  • You Want To Find Sick Companies That Are Going To Get Better – Whitney George of Sprott

    When I last spoke with value investor Whitney George, he had just joined Sprott Asset Management.

    Whitney is looking for great businesses capable of generating a lot of cash but that are going through a slump.


  • What Makes Tyson Foods, Inc. Worth Every Penny

    The U.S. food industry is growing, and that’s creating ample opportunities for the players in the space to grow, and even for investors interested in such stocks. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the growing food industry is poised to benefit several companies dealing in producing meat products, organic products and even processed food items. One such company is Tyson Foods (TSN). The stock is presently trading at $39.21. In the past five years the stock price has improved by a whopping 100% and analysts believe that there’s huge upside potential.


  • Why Margin Of Safety Is Misunderstood And Not Used Enough

    Margin of safety are the 3 most important words in investing.

    Here’s an image that explains it very well.


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User Comments

ReplyRobsones - 4 months ago
Hi Gurufocus,
When are you updating each gurus buys and sells since 11/14/14 when it was last updated?
ReplyPurmer - 4 months ago
Just buy Berkshire Hathway and relax for the rest of your live. Don,t outsmart Buffet
ReplyDusty506 - 5 months ago
Correction.. that's operating cash flow divided by shares outstanding. then divide that by earnings per share
ReplyDusty506 - 5 months ago
[email protected],
try price to operating cash value. and then compare that ratio to price to earnings . I found wells fargo and davita to have the highest of any stocks I've fooled around with. wells is 2.72 and davita is 2.44. also enr is 3.01. They're competitors of Duracell. still just experimenting
ReplyGurufocus - 7 months ago
@Rdonehow: List those with share number changes of more than 20%, or impact to portfolio more than 0.1%.
ReplyRdonehow - 7 months ago
Same question as Jimmyjam.
ReplyRdonehow - 7 months ago
I have the same question.
ReplyJimmyjam - 8 months ago
Berkshire buys 3M shares of GM, a 10% increase. Why not listed in latest stock picks?
ReplyAnurag.mital@facebook - 10 months ago
there are a lot bad data on the web site
Manfred Bognar
ReplyManfred Bognar - 10 months ago

... and is not fixed yet!
ReplyJandup - 10 months ago
Why is the dividend reported on Gurufocus for AAPL much higher than other sources. Is it correct?
ReplyHamed.dadgour@yahoo - 1 year ago
Hi Gurufocus,

Thank you for your amazing website. I have one comment:
the stock price for LBTYA seems wrong because you website has not taken into account the fact that there was a stock split back in Feb 2014. You show the stock is down more than 50%, which is misleading.

ReplyFofofum@yahoo - 1 year ago
y should they show anybody Buffetts portfolio in the first place, show the world your up to date portfolio how about it. If you need help maybe you should learn and study your own picks and not get em off somebody elses coattails, sorry but you asked the question, anyway as you can see he only buys the best of the best stocks, you don't have to look at his portfolio to know that,goodluck!
ReplyVicvic - 1 year ago
ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago
"Do we know if the DirecTV sell listed on this page is correct? The sell is not listed under the "Stock Picks" tab."

Yes, it is correct! The impact to portfolio is very small so we did not list under "Stock Picks" tab.
ReplyCulpel - 1 year ago
Dear Gurufocus,

Do we know if the DirecTV sell listed on this page is correct? The sell is not listed under the "Stock Picks" tab.

Thank you,

Buy land
ReplyBuy land - 1 year ago
Why does the chart show that DVA has different current prices? Any ideas?
ReplyLacatena - 1 year ago
Why was XOM not marked as new buy (30th September) in the stock picks in the Portfolio of Mr. Buffett ? It appear only today the 18th November ?

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