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  • BlackRock’s Earnings On The Rise In Q1, Though Currency Headwinds Hit The Revenue Counter

    The world’s largest money manager, BlackRock Inc. (BLK), announced its top and bottom line figures for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2015 that astounded investors and analysts by surpassing all their set expectations with respect to earnings, but fell short of their expectations in terms of revenue earned during the quarter. In fact, investors sent shares of BlackRock down 1.2% to $372.18 soon after the earnings release. The strength of the dollar cut short the growth of revenue during the quarter. Let’s quickly take a sneak peek into what was shared during the earnings presentation of the first quarter.

    Revenue falls short, but earnings outshine


  • Is ForceField Energy (FNRG) Under Short Selling Attack?, Baxter Intl (BAX) Potential von Willebrand Disease Treatment Energy Inc. (FNRG)

    Shares of FNRG touched the $3.66 mark on Friday, representing the lowest intraday price the stock has reached over the past 52 weeks.


  • Apple Pledges To Go Green

    After having a brilliant run in the market for past some quarters, Apple (AAPL) now looks toward expanding its environmental efforts by investing in a new Chinese solar power project and preserving 36,000 acres of "sustainable" timberland in Maine and North Carolina.

    The tech giant had set a goal earlier last year of powering all its U.S. operations with renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. Last week, Apple announced a new focus on using paper from trees harvested under environmentally sound conditions.


  • Ron Muhlenkamp Second Quarter 2015 Memo

  • Irrational Expectations - Matthews Asia Looks At China's Economy

    Do we have irrational expectations for the Chinese economy? On the one hand, we asked China to restructure and rebalance its economy, and it has delivered. It shrunk its state sector, and privately owned firms now account for more than 80% of employment and almost all new job creation. Almost all prices are set by the market. Investment growth is slowing and consumption is now the engine of economic expansion. China’s service sector is now larger than its manufacturing and construction sectors.

    But at the same time, we are freaking out because a natural consequence of this restructuring is gradually slowing economic growth. How, we ask, can China survive with only 7% GDP growth? Let’s take a look at just how terrible China’s first quarter macroeconomic performance really was.


  • Gauging Global Growth: An Update For 2015 and 2016 - LPL Financial

    Global growth is likely to be a recurring theme for investors this week. The health of the global economy and key regions (U.S., Eurozone, Japan, China, etc.) is likely to get plenty of attention from corporate managements as they discuss Q1 2015 results and provide guidance for the rest of the year. In addition, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will release the spring 2015 edition of its widely read World Economic Outlook on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, and China will release its Q1 2015 gross domestic product (GDP) that same day.

    The outlook for global growth is important to investors, as it defines the ultimate pace of activity that creates value for countries, companies, and consumers. As investors begin to digest the S&P 500 earnings reports for the first quarter of 2015 (32 S&P 500 companies will report Q1 2015 results this week, with another 312 set to report in the final two weeks of April 2015), we provide an update on how consensus estimates for economic growth for 2015 and 2016 — in the United States and worldwide — have evolved over the past few years, and in particular, since oil prices peaked in mid-2014. We’ll also take the first look at how global growth is shaping up for 2017.


  • Natural Resources Guru Rick Rule Shares His View of Sector

    The U.S. market is not cheap by any measure. Bonds offer disturbingly low interest rates.

    Is there any sector of the financial market that is attractive?


  • Bond Guru David Rolley Identifies Where To Find Attractive Bonds In Low Rate Environment

    There is a new era in bonds as countries are selling bonds for negative interest rates.

    What in the world is going on? Why would anyone agree to lose money?


  • Biglari Holdings 2014 Annual General Meeting Notes

  • Why Boeing 747 and Airbus A380’s Future Looks Uncertain

    Boeing (BA) and Airbus (EADSY) have been struggling to market their jumbo jets. Several industry analysts believe that Boeing would make the final 747 deliveries in three years. However, a new report says that the aircraft manufacturer may cease taking orders soon to close the struggling program. Boeing has already announced a production cut from its current 1.5 a month, to 1.3 month, which will be effective later this year. 

    Why demand for jumbo jets is poor

  • GE Reports Q1 Earnings That Surpass Estimates, Industry Segment Shows Brisk Growth

    General Electric’s (GE) industrial segment’s earnings for the first quarter of 2015 rose by 9 percent, cushioning the fall of its oil and gas business due to low crude oil prices. This increase in profit is due to the cost cuts that expanded profit margins. The Connecticut-based U.S. conglomerate manufactures jet engines, turbines and other industrial products as it prepares to lay off its financial lending arm.

    General Electric reported a net loss of $13.6 billion or $1.35 per share for the first quarter due to the costs related to the company’s plans to sell its finance business and to focus completely on the industrial business. Excluding special items, the EPS for the quarter stood at $0.31 a share. Let’s dig in deeper to find out the major highlighted numbers of the industrial segment and the withering finance unit of GE.


  • BMO Investments Inc. Announces Change to its Mutual Fund Lineup

  • Gold Standard Announces Filing of NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Dark Star Gold Deposit and Availability of Financial Information

  • Honeywell Reports Upbeat Q1 Results

    Honeywell International Inc. (HON) reported its first quarter earnings in which profits exceeded the street estimates by a considerable margin. However, the company reduced their sales forecast for the current year. The results were declared before the markets opened on Friday. Shares of the American conglomerate increased up to 2% at $106.14 in premarket trading Friday.

    Money matters


  • Zynga In Troubled Waters

    Shares of Zynga (ZNGA) fell 0.8% to be valued at $2.44 on Thursday, reacting to a press release announcing that previous CEO Mark Pincus is talking to former executives in order to come back to the company. Pincus would take back the CEO position from former executive Don Mattrick.

    Financial Matrix


  • Goldman Sachs Reports Record-Breaking Q1 Earnings

    Goldman Sachs Inc. (GS) managed to pass through a highly volatile environment and still come up with a 40% increase in its first quarter profit. The earnings beat estimates of Wall Street by a high margin. The share value of the American investment banking firm increased by 1.1% on Tuesday.

    Financial stats


  • Sherwin-Williams Reports Mixed Q1 Earnings

    Paints and coating manufacturer Sherwin-Williams Co. (SHW) released first quarter earnings results. On Thursday, Sherwin-Williams shares closed trading down 1.7% to $283.81.

    First quarter earnings for Sherwin-Williams rose 25% to $1.42 per share, but fell short of analysts’ predictions of $1.40 per share for this quarter. Cleveland-based Sherwin Williams reported a rise in revenue of 3% reaching $2.45 billion. During the same quarter last year Sherwin-Williams posted an EPS of $1.14.


  • American Express Declares Weak Q1 Results

    American Express reported first quarter profit beating Wall Street expectations, but failed to deliver on revenue, blaming a stronger US dollar impacting its international operations. After the bell on Thursday, American Express (AXP) shares dropped 1.4% to $79.80. So far in 2015 AmEx has been the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s worst performing entity having been on a 14% decline in 2015. 

    American Express reported EPS of $1.48 and revenue of $7.95 billion when analysts were forecasting for EPS of $1.37 and revenue of $8.2 billion. The credit card processing giant blamed the revenue on the strong dollar with the company’s net income hitting $1.5 billion that had risen 6% from $1.4 billion a year ago. Diluted EPS rose 11% to $1.48 from $1.33 a year ago.


  • Learning From Paul Cabot's Investment Approach

    Michael Yogg wrote a book about Paul Cabot called "Passion for Reality", and recently did an interview with the Manual of Ideas. In the interview, he discusses what you can learn from Paul Cabot's investment approach.

    Paul Cabot started the first mutual fund companies in the 1920's and he also lobbied for key New Deal securities legislation in the 1930's. Michael Yogg worked for nearly two decades for Paul Cabot's mutual fund company, State Steel Investment Corporation. In the book, he shares the secrets to Paul Cabot's success.


  • Comment for International Stock Picks of Gurus --

  • Analyzing One of Seth Klarman’s Best Quotes

    I was reading Margin of Safety and ran into one of the most shocking quotes I have read in value investing. I have wrote about Seth Klarman (Trades, Portfolio) before, and I always highlight his raw comments that are both intelligent and concise. This is the complete quote:

    “Unsuccesful investors are dominated by emotion. Rather than responding coolly and rationally to market fluctuations, they respond emotionally with greed and fear. We all know people who act responsibly and deliberately most of the time but go beserk when investing money. It may take them many months, even years, of hard work and disciplined saving to accumulate the money but only a few minutes to invest it. The same people would read several consumer publications and visit numerous stores before purchasing a stereo or a camera yet spend little or no time investigating the stock the just heard about from a friend. Rationality that is applied to the purchase of electronic and photographic equipment is absent when it comes to investing.”


  • A Glance At Two New Holdings in Mario Gabelli's Portfolio

    So far in 2015, guru Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio) hasn’t been inclined to purchase shares of companies that are new to his portfolio. He has added to several existing holdings and reduced others, but there have been only two new purchases – Courier Corp (CRRC) and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp (VTSS) – in the last three and a half months.

    Gabelli’s initial investment in Courier, a Massachusetts-based book manufacturing and publishing company that specializes in education, religion and trade publications, came March 19, when Gabelli bought 375,200 shares for an average price of $24.15 per share. A couple of weeks later, he added 152,000 shares to his stake for an average price of $24.48 per share, then he added 153,000 shares to his portfolio two days after that for an average price of $24.77 per share.


  • Auto Sales Key in Forecasting S&P Performance

    The central trends in stock markets have been relatively clear, with most of the major benchmarks posting consistent gains. But in order for us to accurately determine whether or not these trends can continue, we must understand which economic trends are likely to support these markets from a fundamental perspective. The prospect of higher interest rates could make it more difficult for consumers to make large purchases on credit. For these reasons, traders and investors will continue to monitor activity in both the automobile sector and in real estate.

    Of these two, the automobile space could be the leading indicator, as any changes here will likely carry over into the housing market as well. Those trading individual stocks will want to continue the potential implications for selections like Ford (F) and General Motors (GM). But the reality is that the trends that are seen in this space will be key in understanding later moves in the broader indices as well. “Baseline activity in automobile sales has been largely positive for nearly all months of this year,” said Mike Thompson, automobile industry analyst at the Car Insurance Calculator. “Our industry data suggests that this type of activity will likely continue in the the third and fourth quarters, as well.” As long as this is the case, we can expect strong activity in both the SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY) and the Powershares NASDAQ 100 ETF (QQQ). Here, we look at the latest technical developments in the broad regional stock measures: SPY and QQQ.


  • Fannie And Freddie: Flirting With Re-Privatization

    For the last few year's there has been a quest by top value investors like Bill Ackman (Trades, Portfolio) and Bruce Berkowitz (Trades, Portfolio) to get the government to give all of the profits Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) back to the shareholders. A Whaton real estate professer has written a paper on Fannie and Freddie laying out that it may look like nothing is happening with the two firms, but a lot is happening. She did an interview with the Knowledge @ Whaton where she discussed Fannie and Freddie in detail.


  • Hoisington 1Q 2015 Letter To Investors

  • Why an Investment in PPG Industries Is a Good Idea for Long-Term Investors

    There is a lot of opportunity in PPG Industries' (PPG) end markets, and to tap it, the company is doing the right thing by making acquisitions.

    A look at key acquisitions


  • AT&T Priced For Attractive Total Return

    AT&T (T) is a $170 billion telecommunications behemoth with a history dating back to the invention of the telephone. The stock currently yields ~5.7%, with a large portion of the expected investment return coming from the dividend in lieu of EPS growth. EPS growth has been a paltry 1% annually over the past five years. Before the recession, AT&T was making $2.76 per share, and now only makes a little over $2.50 per share. Does AT&T make sense as an investment today?

    The Business


  • Can Cummins Continue Doing Well After Its Fourth-Quarter Results?

    Cummins (CMI) reported strong numbers for the fourth quarter that topped the street expectations. However, investors frowned over the weak outlook for 2015, which mainly relies on sales performance in China and North America. Starting with its numbers, we will consider all the factors that will drive its shares in the future. Historical charts show that Cummins had been growing steadily for the past many years, and the company has strong fundamentals to carry the same in the days ahead.

    Its revenue for the quarter rose 11% to $5.09 billion (YOY), while earnings increased to $2.44 a share compared to $2.32 last year. The numbers were driven by strong performance in North America and China, offsetting the weakness in Brazil and Europe. But due to weak international demand, the sales numbers are a big question reeling in investors' minds.


  • A Closer Look at Lennar's Latest Results

    Lennar Corporation (LEN) declared a 21% increase in first quarter 2015 revenue to $1.64 billion, exceeding analyst’s expectations for revenue of $1.5 billion.

    Lennar reported 43% increase in first quarter ended February 28, 2015 net earnings of $115.0 million, or $0.50 per diluted share, compared to net earnings of $78.1 million, or $0.35 per diluted share during the same period last year. However, the analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected 45 cents of earnings per share.


  • Philip Morris International Q1 Results: Unexpected Growth

    Long-time Sure Dividend favorite Philip Morris shares jumped 8.7% yesterday. Philip Morris ranked #2 this April using The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing. The company recently released its 1st quarter 2015 earnings – the results were very positive.

    Before we get into the results, here’s a quick fundamental rundown of Philip Morris:


  • Active Versus Passive: A Dollar Isn’t A Dollar

    I’ve discovered something really interesting over the years.

    When I first started out in the auto industry, I was so excited just to make some money. I still remember crossing $30,000 in one year and thinking how “rich” I was.


  • First Quarter 2015 Conference Call Scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2015

  • ReneSola Looks Well-Positioned to Deliver Long-Term Gains

    ReneSola (SOL) recently reported good financial and operating numbers for the fourth-quarter 2014. Its continuous focus to provide renewable energy products and services to smaller-sized customers is driving its growth. Also, the recent investment in process technologies helped the company to improve the efficiency for its solar products, while decreasing its processing costs by 4% during the quarter.

    The strong performance will continue


  • Why Individual Investors Do So Poorly in the Market

    Here is a sobering statistic for you: While the S&P 500 has generated annualized returns of 9.9% over the past 20 years—and a boring old asset allocation of 60% stocks and 40% bonds has managed to return a solid 8.7%—the average investor has eked out a measly 2.5%.

    Inflation has averaged 2.4% over the past 20 years, meaning that in real terms the average investor has returned pretty close to zero. And this during one of the best periods in this history of the U.S. stock market.


  • The 10 Best Stocks for the Next 10 Years

    Today, I’m going to recommend 10 of the best stocks you can safely (and profitably) buy and hold for the next 10 years.

    And if you cringed at the words “buy and hold,” I understand.


  • Nelson Capital Management – A Scandinavian's Path To Value Investing

  • Patience, Patience, Patience – A Presentation From Richard Oldfield

  • Why We Worry Top-Down, Invest Bottoms-Up - A Presentation From Hummingbird Partners

  • Russel Napier: Equity Valuation - Inflation, Deflation and Mean Reversion

  • BlackBerry Is A Value Investment Looking To 2016

    During the last week of March, BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) announced its earnings report from the most recent quarter. While the company surprised market analysts with adjusted income per share of 4 cents, compared to a loss of 8 cents a year earlier, revenue continued to fall. After posting revenues of $976 million in the same quarter a year ago, it fell to just $660 million as BlackBerry sold only 1.6 million smartphones. 

    Revenue Hits Bottom During Transition


  • Amgen’s First Drug For Cardiovascular Disease Gets The Green Light

    Amgen Inc.’s (AMGN) much awaited drug for treatment of chronic heart failure has finally received approval from the U.S. FDA. This news took the stock higher by 1.83% to $168.50 in the extended trading session on April 15. The cardiovascular disease market proves to be a beneficial segment to invest in for pharmaceutical companies developing new molecules, since over 5 million U.S. citizens suffer from such chronic ailments. These patients are still prescribed to beta blocker drugs which work on reducing the heart rate. Let’s quickly find out how this new drug of Amgen that has finally crossed the approval stages of FDA could aid in better treatment of heart diseases, and how the company could benefit in its mission to cure such ailments in the long run.

    On the mission to treat heart disease


  • Delta Reports Q1 Earnings Beating Street Estimates

    Delta Airlines’ (DAL) shares rose by 2.55% on Wednesday after the announcement of their 2015 first quarter earnings results. These results exceeded analysts’ expectations and were an improvement from last year.

    Delta posted earnings of 45 cents per share and reported a total revenue of $9.39 billion. During the same quarter in 2014, Delta’s revenue was $8.92 billion. The airline’s operating margin was 8.8% with the strong dollar helping Delta shave off approximately $105 million in Delta sales during the first quarter.


  • Netflix’s Q1 Numbers Paint A Mixed Picture

    The video streaming company, Netflix (NFLX), posted its first quarter results on April 15, and while the revenue failed to meet analysts’ estimates, the subscriber growth was phenomenal during the quarter. In fact, the whopping growth in subscribers led to the stock jumping over 13% in after-hours trading to $537.18 a share, an all-time high. Let’s take a closer look at the quarter highlights to have a better understanding on how the company performed during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2015.

    Looking into the quarter numbers


  • Mason Hawkins Increases Holdings in Murphy Oil

    Mason Hawkins (Trades, Portfolio) has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Southeastern Asset Management since 1975, and he and his partners manage the Longleaf Partners Funds. Mr. Hawkins attended the University of Florida where he earned a B.A. in Finance, and the University of Georgia where he earned an M.B.A. in Finance.

    Web Page:


  • The Roads Get Smoother For AutoZone

    An increase in consumer spending in the U.S. and a decline in gas prices have left consumers with more money. Some of this extra money is being spent on getting their cars repaired. Thus, auto parts retailers are witnessing higher sales and most of them have reported an attractive fourth quarter. 

    AutoZone (AZO), a specialty retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories, registered a blockbuster quarter very recently. The numbers were ahead of the Street’s estimates, sending its share prices higher. 


  • Crocs Should Have A Brighter Future

    Crocs (CROX) is one the leading footwear brands and is engaged in the selling of casual lifestyle footwear. Its bright and colorful clogs had taken over the market. However, with change in the taste and preferences of customers, the company witnessed a decline in demand. This resulted in falling sales for the company.

    However, the retailer is making a number of efforts to get back to its earlier charm. Its recently reported fourth quarter numbers were slightly better. The results were ahead of the Street’s estimates. Crocs’ performance has been mixed in the past year, with two quarters of great performance and the other two quarters registered lower than expected results. This is probably the reason why its shares fell 24.6% in the last year. Nonetheless, the company is getting better, as evident in its fourth quarter results. Let’s take a closer look.


  • 5 Insiders Buy CBYL Shares

    The All-In-One Guru Screener, can be used to find the most insider buys over the past week by clicking on the "Insiders" tab and changing the settings for All Insider Buying to "500,000+ shares at $2,000,000" and Duration to "over the past 7 days."

    Crbylan Therapeutics Inc (CBYL) and COSI Inc (COSI) were the two companies with the heaviest buys over the past week that met the criteria.


  • Why This Steelmaker Can Get Better Going Forward

    Gerdau (GGB) is seeing tough conditions in the steel industry. The overcapacity of approximately 690 million tonnes of steel, as well as softer demand for steel in markets like Brazil and other countries such as Latin America, impacted its results to a great extent in 2014. However, the company has started fiscal 2015 on positive notes as these conditions have eased down in the steel industry. 

    Smart initiatives


  • Alcoa's Latest Results Indicate It Can Deliver More Upside

    Alcoa (AA) reported solid results for the first quarter with year-over-year growth in both revenue and profits. The Street did not cheer the results since its revenue missed analysts' consensus, but other than that, the numbers were pretty good and its initiatives for future growth seems promising. Along with this, improving macroeconomic cues indicate an increase in aluminum demand, further adding to this optimism. Starting with its numbers for the quarter, let’s see in detail what can we expect from this stock in the days to come.

    A closer look


  • Pan American Silver's Operating Improvements Make It a Good Investment

    Pan American Silver (PAAS) continues to perform well in a tough silver and gold price environment. It produced 6.75 million ounces of silver and approximately 44,000 ounces of gold in the fourth-quarter 2014. However, these numbers were 1% and 5% lower than the numbers in the fourth-quarter 2013.

    But, Pan American Silver did make progress in terms of production and costs of production for the full year. Its silver production rose 1% to 26.11 million ounces, while gold production increased 8% to 161,500 ounces for fiscal 2014. Also, $17.88 of all-in-sustaining costs per silver ounces sold was within its guidance of $17.00 to $18.00 for the year.


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