Chuck Royce

Chuck Royce

Last Update: 08-10-2015

Number of Stocks: 1211
Number of New Stocks: 59

Total Value: $23,670 Mil
Q/Q Turnover: 4%

Countries: USA
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  • 'U.S. Small-Caps: A Look Forward and a Look Back' - Royce Funds Commentary

    While we have recently witnessed extraordinary runs from certain sectors of the small-cap market, Portfolio Manager Bill Hench believes a rally for many stocks in the small-cap universe, especially those more closely tied to domestic GDP, is still in the offing.

    "In 2015, the market has given good returns in sectors like non-residential construction and some of the parts of technology, specifically some of the memory devices and some of the semiconductor devices. Housing has just started to turn around. Health Care has been a very good sector, specifically biotech. Overall, most stocks have not participated to the extent that people think that they have.


  • Basic Energy Services CEO Buys 15,000 Shares

    Roe Patterson (Insider Trades), CEO and president of Basic Energy Services Inc. (BAS), bought 15,000 shares of the company on Aug. 19. The average price per share was $4.32, for a total transaction of $64,800. Basic Energy Services provides well site services essential to maintaining production from oil and gas wells. The company’s market cap is $176.49 million and P/S ratio is 0.14.

    Patterson bought 22,800 shares of Basic Energy in four transactions, and 33,000 shares in 15 transactions since March 2011. Basic Energy Vice President, Controller, and CAO, Cody Bissett (Insider Trades), also bought 5,000 shares of the company at $4.28 per share on Aug. 19. On the same day, Basic Energy Directors Steven Webster (Insider Trades) and Thomas Moore (Insider Trades) bought 50,000 and 20,000 shares of the company at $4.21 and $4.28 per share, respectively. The number and volume of insider buys of Basic Energy Services decreased from 14 transactions of 448,570 shares in 2012, to two transactions of 13,500 shares in 2014. The number and volume of insider buys increased within the same period of time, from five insider sells of 22,500 shares in 2012, to 78 insider sells of 7,255,155 shares in 2014. 1440102203718.png 1440102213060.png For more information about insider transactions with Basic Energy Services Inc., click here.


  • Logitech International CEO Buys 3,700 Shares

    Bracken Darrell (Insider Trades), CEO and President of Logitech Internation SA (LOGI), bought 3,700 shares on Aug. 18. The average price per share was $13.40, for a total transaction cost of $49,580. Logitech International SA is a Swiss company that designs music, gaming, video, and computer products. It is a publically traded company on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN), and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (NASDAQ:LOGI). Logitech International’s market cap is $2.18 billion, and P/S ratio is 1.04.

    There were four insider sells of the company totaling 800,000 shares in 2014 compared to six insider sells totaling 806,250 shares from January to mid-August 2015. There were also three insider buys of 23,500 shares from January to mid-August 2015 compared to no insider buys of the company in 2014. 1440006722980.png 1440006730210.png The highest volume and number of insider sells occurred when the month end price of LOGI was above $15.00 per share, and the highest volume and number of insider buys occurred when the month end price dipped below $15.00 per share during both periods of time. LOGI Director, Daniel Borel (Insider Trades), sold 150,000 shares of the company for an average price of $14.29 per share on July 31. Borel sold 1,300,000 shares of LOGI in 7 transactions since January 2014. The earliest transactions decreased about 15% in price since then. Darrell’s earliest insider buy of 12,950 shares at $15.12 per share decreased about 10% since purchase on April 27. For more information about insider transactions with LOGI, click here.


  • How Are We Responding to This Challenging Period? - Royce Funds Commentary

    CEO Chuck Royce and Co-CIO Francis Gannon discuss how Royce has responded to the challenges our active management approach has faced over the last few years.

    View the video here.


  • Chuck Royce and Francis Gannon Discuss Active Management Challenges

    In a recent discussion, Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio) and Francis Gannon of Royce & Associates LLC reported on how their firm has responded to active management challenges in the industry. Strategically adding coverage and narrowing the firm’s research focus in key areas have been two initiatives that have helped the firm capture greater returns in high quality equity investments.


  • Green Square Capital's Top Buys in Q2 2015

    At the end of the second quarter of 2015, the hedge fund Green Square Capital LLC reported a total value of its portfolio of $449,845,000 with a increase of 1.19% since the previous quarter.

    During the Q2 2015, the hedge fund bought 42 new stocks and increased 79 of its stakes. The following are the most heavily weighted buys during the quarter.


  • Is the Small-Cap Market out of Joint? – Chuck Royce and the Royce Funds

    "The time is out of joint"

    Anyone re-establishing contact with the wider world at the end of June would no doubt be pleased by the numbers that guide the financial and economic parts of our lives. The economy, following a first-quarter stumble in which GDP is estimated to have grown by 0.6%, appears once again to be growing at a faster clip. One could argue that its pace could be livelier, but healthy employment numbers, improving wages, and robust housing and auto markets would seem to promise a quickening in the coming months. Inflation is, for now, not a matter of great concern. Interest rates remain low – and will remain that way on an absolute basis, even with an increase (or two) in short-term rates likely before the end of 2015. And a Fed-led increase in short rates may cause long-term rates to back up as well, which would be bad news for the bond markets, though perhaps not for stocks.


  • Saia, Werner Enterprises Among New Stakes in Chuck Royce's Portfolio

    You know those television commercials that depict some character and/or situation and the narrator observes, “It’s what you do” in a tone of voice that suggests that it would be silly to say otherwise? That’s the kind of thing an observer could say about Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio), Royce & Associates’ president, co-chief investment officer and portfolio manager.

    Royce makes more than 1,000 transactions every quarter. It’s what he does. In the second quarter of 2015, Royce added 59 new stakes to his portfolio. Individually, few of the buys probably would raise any eyebrows among the gurus, but, collectively, they add up to a considerable investment.


  • Is the Small-Cap Market Out of Joint? - Royce Funds Commentary

    While results for most stocks in the first half were decidedly bullish, the primary drivers of performance continue to be unsettling—especially for those with an active, risk-conscious approach who’ve lagged in an environment that has often shown favor to highly levered, non-earning, and more speculative businesses. The question is—when will the speculative bubble burst?


  • Insiders Top Buys: Amyris Inc.

    The All-In-One Guru Screener can be used to find insider buys over the last week by clicking on the Insiders tab and changing the settings for All Insider Buying from “$500,000+” and Duration to "July 2015."

    According to the above filters, the following are the recent buys from company insiders over the past week:


  • Officers of Acquire Shares of Company Stock

    Roop Lakkaraju (Insider Trades), executive vice president, CFO and COO of Inc. (SPRT), bought 12,300 shares of the company on Aug. 4. The average price per share was $1.22, for a total transaction of $15,006. provides companies with Cloud-based software and services that enable technology support. The company’s market cap is 67.93 million, and P/S ratio is 0.75.

    Lakkaraju bought a total of 15,300 shares of SPRT in four transactions since May 2014. His earliest trade with the company decreased about 30% since then. Elizabeth Cholawsky (Insider Trades), president and CEO of, also bought 10,000 shares of the company on August 3, 2015. The average price per share was $1.23. This is Cholawsky’s only trade with the company. The volume of SPRT insider buys decreased from 39,692,564 shares in 2012, to 64,300 shares by August 2015. The number of insider buys increased from 5 to 7 during the same period of time. The volume of SPRT insider sells decreased from 139,487 shares in 2012, to 1,480,000 shares in the first two-thirds of 2015; the number of insider sells had the opposite effect, decreased from 7 to 1 within the same amount of time. 1438892928960.png 1438892935494.png


  • Royce Smaller-Companies Growth: Seeking Emerging Industry Leaders

    Instead of betting on speculative or unsustainable growth, Portfolio Manager Chip Skinner looks for industry leaders being driven by a new product or technology that can potentially compound annually at 15% or higher. He and CEO Chuck Royce talk about the kind of emerging industries and attractive themes that Chip is looking at in Smaller-Companies Growth's portfolio.

    Watch the video here.


  • Royce Funds Commentary - Taking Stock of the Changing Environment

    By Chris Clark, president, co-chief investment officer

    Over the past several years, the firm has been hit with a number of headwinds—investors have preferred high yields and/or fast growth, putting our primary investment style out of favor. In an investment world that is constantly changing, we are working to meet these challenges by using the bedrock principles that have served us well for more than 40 years.


  • Kahn Brothers' Most Weighted Trades in Q2 2015

    Irving Kahn, along with brothers Alan and Thomas, founded Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) & Company, Inc., in 1978. The firm is a money manager and Registered Investment Advisor. Its principals manage approximately $1 billion of institutional and private funds.

    Its portfolio is composed of 40 stocks and has a total value of $593 million and the following are the most heavily weighted trades the hedge fund closed during the Q2 2015.


  • Private Capital Management's Stocks trading with low P/E Ratio.

    Private Capital (Trades, Portfolio) Management was founded in 1986 with a singular focus on fundamental value investing. PCM is owned by its portfolio manager and CEO, Gregg Powers. Widely known for his research skill, Gregg has been a key driver of PCM’s success since 1988.

    Its portfolio is composed of 61 stocks and has a total value of $868 million, and the following five are the stocks that are trading with the lowest P/E.


  • Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. Insider Buys 196,000 shares

    Layle Smith (Insider Trades), President and CEO of Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. (NOR), bought 196,000 shares on July 23, 2015. The average price per share was $0.51, for a total transaction of $99,960. Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. is a North American producer of aluminum products with a market cap of 37.20 million and a P/S ratio of 0.03.

    The month end price of the company decreased from $10.49 per share in January 2012, to about $0.53 in July 2015. This decrease in month end price correlates to an increase in insider buys; there were two insider buys in 2012, compared to nine in the first half of 2015 alone. 1437752493359.png Insider sales frequency and volume also increased since 2012. The number of insider sales increased from 2 transactions totaling 10 million shares of the company in 2012, to 3 transactions totaling 22.9 million in the first half of 2015. 1437752683981.png Smith bought 221,000 shares of the company in 3 transactions since 2010. For more information about insider trades with Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp., click here.


  • Royce Funds Commentary - Royce International Premier: A Portfolio of World-Class Businesses

    Modeled after Royce Premier Fund, which is managed by Chuck Royce and one of our oldest (and primarily domestic) Funds, Royce International Premier seeks to own non-U.S. companies that meet a very specific set of investment criteria. Portfolio Manager David Nadel and CEO Chuck Royce talk about the portfolio's investment strategy and the types of businesses we want to hold for the long term.

    Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio): David, it is a pleasure to talk to you about Royce International Premier Fund. Tell us a little about the history of how this fund got started.


  • Royce Funds Commentary - The Foundations for Royce's Future Success

    During the course of the past few years, many of our Funds have experienced relative performance challenges. While the same factors that most contributed to our past success—people, process, and performance—will remain the foundation for our success in the future, we are also constantly seeking to improve and have found areas where we needed to make adjustments. We are using those same factors that helped to drive our historical success to guide us as we move forward.

    As I look back on my first year as president of Royce, I wanted to discuss with you some of our recent challenges and what I see as our roadmap for future success.


  • Insider at Netsol Technologies Inc. Buys 3,000 Shares

    Najeeb Ghauri (Insider Trades), CEO of NetSol Technologies Inc. (NTWK), bought 3,000 shares of the company on July 22. The average price per share was $4.99, for a total transaction of $14,970. NetSol is a worldwide provider of IT and enterprise software solutions, primarily serving the global leasing and financing industry. The company’s market cap is $50.55 million, and P/S ratio is 1.11.

    There have only been 8 sells out of 81 insider transactions with the company since May 2005; Ghauri bought 260,935 shares of the company in 45 transactions, his earliest in May 2005. Ghauri also bought 3,500 shares of NetSol for an average price of $5.14 on July 16, 2015. The month end price decreased to $3.29 per share in October 2014, compared to $13.17 per share in March 2013. The frequency and volume of insider buys is inversely related to the month end price of the company. 1437684633260.png 1437684641928.png


  • Cue Financial Group Buys Visa in Q2 2015

    At the end of the second quarter of 2015, the hedge fund Cue Financial Group Inc. reported a total value of its portfolio of $106,266,000 with an increase of 6.92% since the previous quarter.

    During Q2 2015, the hedge fund bought 8 new stocks and increased 97 stakes, and the following are the most heavily-weighted US companies it bought.


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