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  • Sell The Yelp Rally

    Yelp (NYSE:YELP) has performed brilliantly since February of 2016. The stock has almost tripled since hitting 52-week lows. While it recently looked like Yelp’s rally had lost pace, the company delivered terrific results that pushed the stock higher.

    Yelp reported earnings per share of 22 cents, beating estimates by four cents. On the revenue front, Yelp is still witnessing strong growth as its sales jumped almost 30% on a year over year basis. Yelp’s revenue came in at $186 million, beating the consensus by $3 million.


  • Visualizing Financial Trends With Interactive Charts, Other Topics

    In previous articles, we have explored several ways to analyze a company's financial data through Interactive Charts, including: comparing the Piotroski F-score of multiple companies, visualizing historical trends about a company’s income statement and balance sheet, identified undervalued companies based on price-to-sales valuations, generated customized series and constructed user-defined charts.

    This article will conclude our discussion on Interactive Charts by exploring some other features within the interface. Some interesting features include incorporating technical indicators and drawings into the chart.



    Stocks that provide an annual dividend of 10% or more tend to be very risky. Because they are risky, there is a greater chance the dividend could be cut—or worse, the share price could plummet. This means investors lose out on dividend growth and capital appreciation.

    History is another important factor to consider. Look for stable companies that have a long history (five, 10, or even 25+ years) of both paying an annual dividend and increasing that dividend annually. Those stocks that offer annual dividend growth as part of their corporate culture are more likely to continue that trend.


  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Holidays 2016 Schedule, Stock Market Holidays

    The Toronto Stock Exchange Holidays (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange are the two key stock market indices that operate out of Canada. The regular Toronto Stock Exchange Holidays trading hours are from an opening time of 9:30 a.m. EST to a closing time of 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. However, there are some holidays for which the TSX closes.It is important to also note that some U.S. holidays may affect trading on the TSX for equities traded in U.S. dollars.


  • Is Advanced Micro Devices Worth Your Money?

    It was almost a flat year for Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) in 2015, but the company has performed surprisingly well this year. The company’s stock price has surged more than 300% this year on the back of its latest Polaris architecture-based graphics card. Throughout the prior three quarters, the company managed to exceed analyst estimates on earnings and revenue.

    In the third quarter, the company reported earnings per share of three cents, four cents better than the estimates. On the other hand, the company’s revenue came in at $1.30 billion, beating estimates by $90 million and representing a surge of 22.6% year over year.


  • Robert Karr Adds to 3 Holdings, Reduces 3 Others

    Robert Karr (Trades, Portfolio) is the founder of Joho Capital. He is one of the Tiger Cubs, a group of hedge fund managers who learned from the legendary Julian Robertson (Trades, Portfolio). The following are his largest trades of the third quarter :

    He increased his holding of Etsy Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY) by 571.80%. The trade had an impact of 5.03% on the portfolio.


  • Why You Should Stay Away From Netflix

    Netflix’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) growth has been very impressive. That being said, the company’s growth has been fueled by increasing content investment. While spending heavily on content has helped Netflix up to this point, I do not think this strategy will be sustainable for the long run.

    The heavy spending on content has led to strong growth in the number of subscriptions both domestically and internationally. However, it seems the company’s days of strong subscriber growth are coming to an end, especially in the domestic market.


  • Is It the Right Time to Buy Canadian Solar?

    Although 2015 was an awful year for the solar industry, some solar companies managed to remain in green. Canadian Solar (NASDAQ:CSIQ) was one such candidate as the stock was up around 20%.

    However, 2016 has been a dreadful year for the company as its stock price has taken a sharp downturn. The stock has lost over 60% of its value year to date.


  • Data Center Group's Growth Rate Is Disappointing

    Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has been on a transformational path in the last five years as the company attempts to wriggle itself out of its dependence on its Client Computing Group and move toward growth segments such as Data Center and Internet of Things. As PC sales around the world kept moving lower, the biggest casualty was Intel’s CCG, which makes processors for PCs and notebooks.



  • stocknote


  • US Prisons Experiment With Addiction Treatment for Inmates

    Prisons across the U.S. are experimenting with injectable naltrexone as the preferred treatment for opioid addiction, especially among soon-to-be-released inmates who are struggling with drug or alcohol dependency.

    Manufactured by $9 billion pharmaceutical company Alkermes PLC (NASDAQ:ALKS), the $1,300 per shot Vivitrol is being hailed as a wonder drug in the treatment of opioid addiction, although critics are skeptical about the effectiveness of the drug.


  • Why I Concentrate

    Someone who reads my blog emailed me this question:


  • Should You Keep Idle Funds in Cash, an Index Fund or Berkshire Hathaway?

    Someone who reads my blog emailed me this question:


  • Weekly CEO Buys Highlights

    According to GuruFocus’ Insider Data, these are the largest CEO buys during the past week. The overall trend of purchases is illustrated in the chart below:

    Aramark CEO bought 87,566 shares


  • 5 Companies Reach 52-Week Highs

    According to GuruFocus' list, these stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

    Aetna reached the 52-week high of $129.57


  • U.S. Elections: What They Might Mean for Investors - JOHCM Commentary

    The election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. president shocked many people around the world. The Electoral College recorded a decisive victory for Trump, although Hillary Clinton received more of the popular vote.


  • Tweedy Browne Fund Investment Adviser's Semi-Annual Letter to Shareholders

    Back in our March 2015 letter we said “we live in hard-to-figure-out times.” In many respects, not a lot has changed. The efforts of central banks to kick start economies via quantitative easing (flooding the markets with cheap money) had resulted in negative yields on some government bonds and unsatisfactory rates of economic growth. In our annual report back in March, we mentioned a Bloomberg article pointing out that $7.8 trillion of government debt around the world had negative yields widely attributed to more of the same government/central bank policies. Economic growth in most developed economies remained disappointing, raising doubts about the wisdom or efficacy of this strategy. Recently, the Financial Times reported that the value of negative yielding debt had risen to $13.4 trillion, which included some shorter term corporate debt for the first time. While bond managers enjoyed a bonanza, since falling yields mean rising prices (and rising yields mean falling prices), the idea of paying someone to hold your money feels peculiar to many of us since the benefits are hard to discern and the ultimate consequence or reward is not obvious, except to the few who regularly appear on the financial news networks.


  • US Market Indexes Lower to Start the Week

    U.S. market indexes were lower Monday following new highs reached last week.

    For the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 19,097.90 for a loss of 54.24 points or 0.28%. The Standard & Poor's 500 closed at 2,201.72 for a loss of 11.63 points or 0.53%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 5,368.81 for a loss of 30.11 points or 0.56%. The VIX Volatility Index was slightly higher for the day at 13.10 for a gain of 0.76 points or 6.16%.


  • Lancaster Colony Increases Quarterly Dividend

    Lancaster Colony Corp. (NASDAQ:LANC) has announced a quarterly dividend of 55 cents.

    The dividend was reported on Nov. 21 with an ex-dividend date of Dec. 7 and a payable date of Dec. 30. The dividend will be paid during the company’s second quarter of 2017. The 55 cents dividend is a 10% increase from the first quarter’s dividend of 50 cents.


  • Kandi Technologies Group Officer Invests in Company

    Hu Xiaoming (Insider Trades), CEO, president and 10% owner of Kandi Technologies Group Inc. (KNDI), purchased 126,720 shares of the company on Nov. 25. The price per share was $4.23 for a total transaction of $536,026.

    The company, headquartered in Jinhua, China, produces, manufactures and conducts research and development on vehicle products. Kandi has a market cap of $233.73 million.


  • November Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter is Ready for Download

    This month's Newsletter is about a company that both Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger (Trades, Portfolio) have invested in. Various issues obscure the true earnings power of the business causing the company to trade at less than 6x a conservative estimate of sustainable owner earnings.

    Get your copy of GuruFocus’s Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter now


  • Royal Dutch Shell Yield May Be Sustainable

    It is hard to imagine that a blue-chip company like Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS.A) could become significantly mispriced given all of the money that chases the larger cap stocks.

    That is generally why I try and follow young companies that have yet to hit their strides. If I can learn about a young company before everyone else looks at it I can move in opportunistically after good news arrives.


  • Weekly CFO Buys Highlights

    According to GuruFocus, the recent chief financial officer (CFO) buys were: Pennant Park Investment Corp. (NASDAQ:PNNT) and AgroFresh Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:AGFS).

    Pennant Park Investment CFO bought 28,000 shares


  • Weekly CFO Sells Highlights

    According to GuruFocus, the recent chief financial officer (CFO) sells were: Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Zayo Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE:ZAYO).

    Facebook CFO sold 10,530 shares


  • Largest Insider Trades of the Week

    The All-in-One Screener can be used to find insider trades from the past week. Under the Insiders tab, change the settings for All Insider Buying to “$200,000+” and the duration to "November 2016" and All Insider Sales to “$5,000,000+”.

    According to the above filters, the following are recent trades from company insiders in the past week.


  • John Burbank Boosts Alibaba, Exits Yahoo

    John Burbank (Trades, Portfolio) III is the chief investment officer of Passport Capital LLC, the global investment firm he founded in 2000. During the third quarter the guru’s largest trades were the following:

    The guru bought 18,783,715 shares in Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (MRVL) with an impact of 5.21% on the portfolio.


  • A Growing Company at a Reasonable Price

    Cooper-Standard Holdings (NYSE:CPS) provides components for use in passenger vehicles and light trucks, including “sealing, fuel and brake delivery, fluid transfer and anti-vibration systems.”

    The sealing systems business accounted for 53% of the company’s revenues in 2015. According to the company, Cooper-Standard Holdings is the leading global sealing systems company.


  • Chuck Royce’s Top 3 New Holdings

    Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio) of Royce & Associates bought 51 new holdings in the third quarter. His top three new holdings are American Woodmark Corp. (NASDAQ:AMWD), Houlihan Lokey Inc. (NYSE:HLI) and Skechers (NYSE:SKX).

    Royce is the chairman and portfolio manager at Royce & Associates. His firm utilizes an active, bottom-up, risk-conscious and fundamental investment approach. It invests primarily in smaller companies and seeks great stocks that are trading for less than they estimate the company is worth.


  • Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical Starts Study on Hepatitis C Therapy

    Medivir AB (MVRBF) announced Janssen Research & Development, part of Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE:JNJ) Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, has commenced a clinical research trial for JNJ-4178, a treatment for individuals with chronic hepatitis C. No placebo will be used for non-cirrhotic patients infected with genotype 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the hepatitis C virus that have taken an anti-HCV therapy in the past.

    According to the news release, the study will evaluate "the safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of the combination of simeprevir, odalasvir and AL-335, also known as JNJ-4178" on the aforementioned patients. The clinical trial will be conducted in North America, Europe and Asia.


  • Buffett Has Fallen Into a Value Trap Again

    Warren Buffett (TradesPortfolio) on airlines at the start of the century:


  • Art Berman: Permian Giant Oil Field Would Lose $500 Billion At Today’s Prices

    Permian Giant Oil Field Would Lose $500 Billion At Today’s Prices

    Posted in The Petroleum Truth Report on November 20, 2016


  • Is Twilio Cheap Now?

    All the high-profile tech initial public offerings appear to follow a similar pattern. The likes of GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) and Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) performed well initally after going public, but were unable to sustain their bubble valuation and eventually ended up crashing.

    It seems like Twilio (NYSE:TWLO) is following a similar pattern. While Twilio’s IPO was a huge success and the stock is still trading almost 150% above its IPO price, it is losing steam. This is evident from the fact that Twilio has fallen about 50% from its year to date highs and the sentiment has shifted substantially.


  • 22 Questions With Theodor Tonca

    1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?

    I started my first business in high school when I was 15, sold it at 17. A wise man told me when I was 18 that if I wanted to start investing, I should "look at what Warren [Buffett] does and do my best to take it from there."


  • Hormel Keeps Growing

    Last week, Hormel (NYSE:HRL) delivered its fourth-quarter and fiscal full-year 2016 results. The $18.98 billion packaged goods company reported a 2.8% sales growth to $9.5 billion for the year and reported an outstanding 29.7% profit growth to $890 million.

    Hormel’s shares closed 2.63% up on the same day of the earnings announcement, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 index closed 0.22% up.


  • Ford Sees Record October Sales in China

    American carmaker Ford Motor (NYSE:F) has been tirelessly working to make its mark in China, the most attractive destination for automotive giants. The Blue Oval might be classified as a late entrant in this emerging Asian economy, but it is definitely working hard to expand its presence in the mainland. The company sold a record 107,618 vehicles in October, up 14% year over year, powered by strong sales of Mustang, Explorer, New Edge, Focus and Escort.

    Peter Fleet, vice president of marketing, sales and service, Asia Pacific, said in a statement, “We had a strong October and we are headed for our best year ever for sales in China.” He added, “We are seeing the benefits of a much more exciting lineup and an ever-stronger focus on the wants and needs of Chinese customers.”


  • NetEase Still Has Massive Upside Potential

    Throughout the past few years, NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) has been performing well as the stock price has surged over 180% in that time. The company’s revenue has surged at an average of over 50% in the prior several quarters.

    However, in the most recent quarter, the company failed to meet revenue estimates, as it came up short by $50 million. On the other hand, the company shared earnings per share of $3.42, 53 cents more than the analyst estimates.


  • Target Shows Improvement but Volatility Still a Threat

    Target (NYSE:TGT), the second largest discount retailer in the U.S., saw its traffic improve during the third quarter of the current fiscal year after going through a horrible slowdown during the first half of the year.

    Target’s comparable store sales declined at 1.1% and 0.2% during the second and third quarters after seeing a 1.2% increase in the first quarter. It is still in the negative, but the good news is that the improved traffic numbers in the third quarter have allowed the company to improve its outlook for the rest of the year.


  • In Which Cloud Provider Should I Invest?

    The cloud industry has gone through a period of massive growth in the last five years, but it has still barely scratched the surface of the market’s potential.

    Top cloud companies Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) have barely crossed $10 billion each in revenue from their cloud solutions, and the traditional IT infrastructure spending still accounts for the bulk of overall spending.


  • Quest Diagnostics; A Solid 13% Dividend Increase, Compelling Valuation

    Quest Diagnostics' (NYSE:DGX) dividend was increased by 13%. Its overall yield is above that of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index at 2.06%. The firm has paid a dividend since January 2004.

    Quest Diagnostics is a provider of health care diagnostic testing primarily in the U.S. The company generates nearly all its revenue from clinical testing through more than 2,000 testing centers. The testing the firm completes for patients includes routine blood testing and screening, genetic testing and testing for drug abuse. The large-cap health care company also manufactures diagnostic products such as Care360 HER.


  • 19 Questions With Matt Millard

    1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?

    I was very lucky to get started very young with an interest in math, finance and even investing before I turned 10. My Dad was an oil and gas entrepreneur, and we would discuss different mutual funds and companies and things regarding his business and life experience in the family home office. I was also very entrepreneurial and started with lemonade stands and car washes and eventually a lawn care business and several jobs. I wanted to invest in real estate and fortunately found a local mentor and learned and grew a lot on that experience. That led to putting together a business plan and buying a property after my first year of college and getting roommates and learning a lot very quickly through experience and not just leases, maintenance and improvements but many other little things as well.


  • 17 Questions With Tim Travis of T&T Capital Management

    1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?

    When I was a teenager my Dad gave me the book the "Intelligent Investor" for me to read on a trip to Hawaii. For the first time investing, which had previously seemed a very abstract concept to me, made tangible sense. I found it so interesting that the relatively simple concept of value investing, which has been used by so many successfully, was the furthest thing from the status quo on Wall Street. I have a naturally contrarian personality so value investing was a great fit for me.


  • 23 Questions With Gabriele Grego

    1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?

    I bought my first stock when I was 14 years old (Sony) and the investment was very unsuccessful, so I never tried again until I finished college. At the time I had studied in university about the efficient market hypothesis that basically stated, in its strong form, that it is impossible to generate alpha over time. A few years later I came across a book on Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) and it was love at first sight with his investment philosophy, value investing. It just made sense.



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  • Weekly Top Insider Buys Highlight for the Week of Nov. 25

    The largest Insider Buys were for Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC), The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD), Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM) and Medtronic PLC (NYSE:MDT).

    Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC): Director Michael D. White bought 25,000 shares


  • Visualizing Financial Trends With Interactive Charts, Advanced Features

    As we discussed in previous articles, the Interactive Charts feature allows you to generate visuals that illustrate useful financial trends among company stocks, from a simple comparison of two companies’ Piotroski F-scores to a “P/S valuation bands” chart highlighting good times to invest in a cyclical company.

    In Part 1, we introduced Interactive Charts and briefly discussed preliminary features. We then explored several predefined charts in Parts 2 and 3. In the final parts, we will conclude the article series with an exploration of several advanced features, including creating customized series, saving user-defined charts and incorporating technical indicators into the chart. These features go beyond the predefined charts, allowing the user to interact with the interface (hence the name “Interactive Chart”).


  • My Five “GARP” Stock Picks for the Coming Year

    “I am not a philanderer,” a colleague of mine once said, “But if I were….” He then proceeded to say which of our co-workers he found most attractive.

    In the same vein, I am not a GARP investor. GARP stands for “growth at a reasonable price.” It is the middle ground between the value school of investing (bargain hunting) and the growth school (finding the next Google). I’m a dyed-in-the-wool value guy.


  • BHP Billiton Is a Sell

    • BHP has failed to capitalize on broader trends in metals that should have been supportive for the stock.
    • Long-term rallies are overdone and there is much stronger potential for downside from here.
    • Strategy changes provide argument for alternate view but have yet to produce sustainable results.

  • US Market Indexes Reach New Highs on Friday

    All three of the U.S. market’s leading indexes reached new highs on Friday in a post-holiday trading day that ended at 1 p.m. (EST). For the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 19,152.14 for a gain of 68.96 points or 0.36%. The Standrd & Poor's 500 closed at 2,213.35 for a gain of 8.63 points or 0.39%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 5,398.92 for a gain of 18.24 points or 0.34%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower for the day at 12.34 for a loss of 0.09 points or 0.72%.

    Friday’s market movers


  • Why Wal-Mart Needs to Tread Carefully in the U.S. E-Commerce Market

    Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT)’s decision to buy e-commerce company for $3.3 billion last month was the kind of push their fledgling online operations needed. Until the acquisition, Wal-Mart had pumped billions of dollars into building its online business, but it came up woefully short of the numbers that its chief rival Amazon (AMZN) was able to report on a consistent basis. With Amazon’s sales in North America growing at an alarming pace, Wal-Mart knew it was running out of time to stop it from poaching a bulk of its current and future customers.



  • Alphabet Inc (GOOG) CEO Lawrence Page Sold $26 million of Shares

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