Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass

Last Update: 2014-08-14

Number of Stocks: 23
Number of New Stocks: 15

Total Value: $732 Mil
Q/Q Turnover: 24%

Countries: USA
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  • Kyle Bass Buys Herbalife, American Airlines, 5 Others in Q1

    Kyle Bass (Trades, Portfolio) is founder and managing member of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management, where he bet correctly against the U.S. subprime crisis and invests primarily using his analysis of macro economics and companies in unusual situations. In the first quarter he turned over half of his portfolio, adding seven new holdings to list 26 stocks in total. At quarter end the top sectors represented in his portfolio were Consumer Cycalical at 26.8%, Communication Services at 18.6% and Energy at 15.2%.

    Kyle Bass (Trades, Portfolio) New Buys


  • Hayman Global (Kyle Bass) Presentation - Global Outlook Pitfalls and Opportunities for 2014

  • Hayman's Kyle Bass Discusses Japanese Sell-Off, GM

  • Kyle Bass Makes Contrarian Bet on Nationstar Mortgage

    Kyle Bass (Trades, Portfolio) of management firm Hayman Advisors often takes large positions in companies facing temporary setbacks or another unusual event but that have potential for future growth. His most recent play involves Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. (NSM), which he recently increased.

    Bass on March 13 grew his stake in Nationstar by 338.4%. This involved purchasing 3,673,972 shares which that day cost around $31.27 a share. Bass now controls 5.3% of the company.


  • Kyle Bass Thinks that a Nonbank Mortgage Servicer Is More Effective than Banks

    Kyle Bass (Trades, Portfolio) is the Managing Member and Principal of Hayman Advisors LP’s general partner and is well-known for his analysis of the subprime crisis. On Mar. 13, he added Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. (NSM) at an average price of $31.97 and currently holds 4,759,610 shares of the stock with a current value of $156 million in his portfolio.

    This guru made his fortune betting against the sub-prime CDOs, so let's take a look at this company and try to explain to investors the reasons why he is betting on it.


  • Kyle Bass Discusses GM and Political Machinations

  • Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Talks About Merit of Nationstar Mortgage, Increased Stake

  • Larger-than-Life Kyle Bass - Top Yields

    Looking through a kaleidoscope of facts about J. Kyle Bass, this guru quickly takes on a colorful and larger-than-life mythos. Hailing from the big-thinking state of Texas, Bass is often described as a big dreamer with a studious and practical streak. His career blossomed almost overnight when he reportedly made around a half a billion dollars betting against subprime CDOs in 2007. Bass comes across as a visionary who asks why not instead of why. He told CNBC that he likes to reduce email time and cut out the noise by learning about world markets through symbiotic relationships with friends like Alan Fournier and other billionaires. Every year Bass invites his notable friends to his ranch in Larue, Texas, for a special event called The Barefoot Economic Summit, Texas (BEST). Bass said he learns more in two days of the summit than in two months of emails.

    Kyle Bass is the managing member and principal of Hayman Advisors LP’s general partner formed in December 2005, with $10 million of his own money. Based in Dallas, Hayman Advisors serves as the investment manager to the Hayman Capital Master Fund LP and Japan Macro Opportunities Master Fund LP. According to GuruFocus research, Guru Kyle Bass shows a pattern of making bold bets based on his view of macroeconomics. He returned 340% in his firm’s first four years, establishing a worldwide reputation for Bass.


  • Mauldin Economics Interviews Kyle Bass

  • Kyle Bass Discusses His New Investment in GM and the Outlook For Herbalife

    Kyle Bass has just unveiled a new position in GM (GM). He believes that the stock could increase by 40% in fairly short order.  

  • Don't Mess with Texas - An Interview with Kyle Bass

    Kyle Bass lived in relative obscurity until 2007, when he burst on the global hedge fund scene with a huge bet on subprime mortgages. Some might argue that outsized bets befit his Texan origins. But everything Bass does seems larger than life and goes against the conventional tide.  

  • University of Virginia Energy Panel - Moderated by Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass

    Kyle Bass moderated a panel that consisted of three investors well versed in the energy sector.  

  • Kyle Bass' Last Bet

    Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Advisors, and one of the few managers who made a fortune betting against assets related to U.S. sub-prime mortgages, is now betting on Argentinean assets. According to his own words, “Argentina’s problems can be fixed in two years and now is the time to start investing.” Until now he has been right. Argentina's main stock index – the Merval – is up by 50% year to date.

    Bass' Thesis on Argentina  

  • Kyle Bass’ Top Five Third Quarter Stocks

    Kyle Bass is the founder as well as principal of Hayman Capital Management, a Dallas-based hedge fund. The guru is known for successfully predicting and benefiting from the subprime mortgage crisis as well as for his prediction of the European sovereign-debt crisis and his expectations for Japan’s economic future.

    Over the past quarter Kyle Bass had a busy quarter, selling out of one company and buying in to eight. As of the close of the third quarter, Bass holds on to 14 stocks valued at $408 million. The following five companies are Bass’ top five portfolio holdings. Of the Bass’s top five positions only one is not a new position for the guru.  

  • Hedge Fund Star Kyle Bass - Stocks Are the Only Game in Town

    Financial Sense conducted an interview with hedge fund star Kyle Bass:

    Jim: Do you feel the debt ceiling debate and the political theater in Washington are hurting U.S. credibility and our capital markets in the long-run?  

  • Kyle Bass on Hedging Against US Default, Puerto Rico's Debt and JCP

    Hayman Capital founder discusses the futility of attempting to hedge yourself in the event of a U.S. default, the massive debt of Puerto Rico and his investment in J.C. Penney (JCP):


  • Kyle Bass Buys 5.2% of Distressed Mortgage Buyer PennyMac

    Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Advisors, purchased 3,570,000 shares of PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT) on Sept. 27, 2013, as reported by GuruFocus Real Time Picks. The transaction would be valued at around $80.8 million at a closing price of $22.64 the previous day, and give Hayman a 5.2% stake in the company.

    PennyMac is a mortgage investment trust structured as a real estate investment trust (REIT), with a $1.63 billion market capitalization. The company buys distressed mortgage loans and seeks to keep mortgage holders in their homes through value-adding loan modification programs, special servicing and other activities. In the lending aspect of its business, it purchases newly originated prime-quality mortgage loans, investing in and retaining the mortgage servicing rights.  

  • Kyle Bass Joins 6 Hedge Funds Amassing J.C. Penney

    Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Advisors, purchased a 5.2% stake in retailer J.C. Penney, according to a filing with the SEC dated Sept. 3 reported by GuruFocus Real Time Picks. Bass bought 11,428,450 shares in total on Aug. 30. At a closing cost of $12.48 that day, the total transaction amount was almost $143 million.

    The buy came several days after Bill Ackman of hedge fund Pershing Square announced he would sell his entire 18% stake in the company, taking a 50% loss on his investment first disclosed in October 2010. Relations between Ackman and the company had soured in August, as the board resisted his demand for a new board chairman. The company also disapproved of his decision to release the lengthy letter calling for a board chairman replacement and accelerated CEO search to the press.  

  • Hayman Capital (Kyle Bass) - Update on Japan (Abenomics Lost in Translation)

  • Kyle Bass Presentation at SIC

    Kyle Bass shares his view on Central bank intervention, Japan, and current market climate.