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Deere & Co (DE) Dividend Data

Continuous dividend increase since 2003

Yield on Cost

Growth Rate (1-year) Yield on Cost (1-year) Growth Rate (3-year) Yield on Cost (3-year) Growth Rate (5-year) Yield on Cost (5-year) Growth Rate (10-year) Yield on Cost (10-year)
8.10% 3.38% 10.30% 4.2% 15.00% 6.13% 14.40% 12.02%

Total Return Calculator

Initial Investment Date:
The date of your purchase
Cost per Share:
The original cost per share.
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Current Price: $ 76.70
Total Dividends Received:
Total dividends received
from the date of purchase to today.
Total Return:
Total percentage gain (loss) from
Compound Annualized
Growth Rate (CAGR):
Compound annaulized gain (loss) of the stock.

Dividend Growth Rate

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
8.10% 10.30% 15.00% 14.40%
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Dividend History

Amount Ex-Date Record Date Pay Date Type Frequency
$ 0.6002015-12-292015-12-312016-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002015-09-282015-09-302015-11-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002015-06-262015-06-302015-08-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002015-03-272015-03-312015-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002014-12-292014-12-312015-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002014-09-262014-09-302014-11-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.6002014-06-262014-06-302014-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.5102014-03-272014-03-312014-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.5102013-12-272013-12-312014-02-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.5102013-09-262013-09-302013-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.5102013-06-262013-06-282013-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.5102013-03-262013-03-282013-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4602012-12-272012-12-312013-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4602012-09-262012-09-282012-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4602012-06-272012-06-292012-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4602012-03-282012-03-302012-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4102011-12-282011-12-302012-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4102011-09-282011-09-302011-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.4102011-06-282011-06-302011-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502011-03-292011-03-312011-05-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502010-12-292010-12-312011-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002010-09-282010-09-302010-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002010-06-282010-06-302010-08-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802010-03-292010-03-312010-05-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802009-12-292009-12-312010-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802009-09-282009-09-302009-11-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802009-06-262009-06-302009-08-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802009-03-272009-03-312009-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802008-12-292008-12-312009-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802008-09-262008-09-302008-11-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802008-06-262008-06-302008-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2502008-03-272008-03-312008-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2502007-12-272007-12-312008-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2502007-09-262007-09-282007-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202007-06-272007-06-302007-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202007-03-282007-03-312007-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202006-12-272006-12-312007-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1952006-09-272006-09-302006-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1952006-06-282006-06-302006-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1952006-03-292006-03-312006-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1952005-12-282005-12-312006-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1552005-09-282005-09-302005-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1552005-06-282005-06-302005-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1552005-03-292005-03-312005-05-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402004-12-292004-12-312005-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402004-09-282004-09-302004-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402004-06-282004-06-302004-08-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402004-03-292004-03-312004-05-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102003-12-292003-12-312004-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102003-09-262003-09-302003-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102003-06-262003-06-302003-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102003-03-272003-03-312003-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102002-12-272002-12-312003-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102002-09-262002-09-302002-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102002-06-262002-06-302002-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102002-03-262002-03-312002-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102001-12-272001-12-312002-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102001-09-262001-09-302001-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102001-06-272001-06-302001-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102001-03-282001-03-312001-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-12-272000-12-312001-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-09-272000-09-302000-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-06-282000-06-302000-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-03-292000-03-312000-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101999-12-291999-12-312000-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101999-09-281999-09-301999-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101999-06-281999-06-301999-08-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101999-03-291999-03-311999-05-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101998-12-291998-12-311999-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101998-09-281998-09-301998-11-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101998-06-261998-06-301998-08-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101998-03-271998-03-311998-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1101997-12-291997-12-311998-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001997-09-261997-09-301997-11-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001997-06-261997-06-301997-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001997-03-261997-03-311997-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001996-12-271996-12-311997-02-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001996-06-261996-06-301996-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001996-03-271996-03-311996-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001995-12-271995-12-311996-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001995-09-271995-09-301995-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0921994-12-231994-12-311995-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0921994-09-261994-09-301994-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831994-06-241994-06-301994-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831994-03-251994-03-311994-05-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831993-12-271993-12-311994-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831993-09-241993-09-301993-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831993-06-241993-06-301993-08-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831993-03-251993-03-311993-05-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831992-12-241992-12-311993-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831992-09-241992-09-301992-11-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831992-06-241992-06-301992-08-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831992-03-251992-03-311992-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831991-12-241991-12-311992-02-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831991-09-241991-09-301991-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831991-06-241991-06-281991-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831991-03-221991-03-281991-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831990-12-241990-12-311991-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831990-09-241990-09-281990-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831990-06-251990-06-291990-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831990-03-261990-03-301990-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831989-12-261990-01-021990-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0581989-09-251989-09-291989-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0581989-06-261989-06-301989-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0501989-03-271989-03-311989-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0501988-12-231988-12-301989-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0331988-09-261988-09-301988-11-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0331988-06-241988-06-301988-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211988-03-251988-03-311988-05-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211987-12-241987-12-311988-02-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0101987-09-241987-09-301987-11-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0101987-06-241987-06-301987-08-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0101987-03-251987-03-311987-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0101986-12-241986-12-311987-02-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211986-09-241986-09-301986-11-03Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211986-06-241986-06-301986-08-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0421986-03-241986-03-311986-05-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0421985-12-241985-12-311986-02-03Cash Div.quarterly

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Deere & Co stock dividend yield is close to 5-year high.

Dividend Yield History

This is the historical trailing annual dividend yield of Deere & Co. Buying stocks at higher yield relative its historical values is usually more profitable.

Dividend Per Share History

This the dividend history of Deere & Co

Payout Ratio

This is the historical payout ratio of Deere & Co. If payout ratio is close to or higher than 100%, dividends might not be sustainable.

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User Comments

ReplyOw41 - 4 months ago
How did you compute the growth rate in your DCF calculator? I thought that you used the 10 or 5 yr EBIDTA. I do not see 13.50 listed.

ReplyRamzi.mrad@google - 1 year ago

I think--but I am not sure--that the reason is that these are two different calculations. On the Analysis page, what is being reported is the result of a "true" DCF calculation, i.e, the present value of the discounted CASH. On the DCF page, what is being calculated is actually the present value of the discounted EARNINGS, not cash. So in summary, one is a Discounted Cash value and the other is a Discounted Earnings value.
If on the DCF page you plug in the cash/share instead of the EPS (2.x instead of 8.x), you'll get a fair value of around $42 (Close to what is being reported on the Analysis bar chart).
Confusing... Maybe GuruFocus can validate?
ReplySrichardson - 1 year ago
Why is the Intrinsic (DE) for Deere (DE) on the Analysis page in the bar chart say $48.79 and the Intrinsic (DE) detailed breakdown say $167.42?

Thanks, Sam
ReplyVera - 1 year ago
It is fixed now.
ReplySpencerT - 1 year ago
I think they'll get to the bottom of this quickly.
ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago
@Srichardson, we are contacting our data source for the problem.
ReplySrichardson - 1 year ago
Did Gurufocus answer this question?
ReplySpencerT - 1 year ago
Why would you show the DE price at 153.84 in November 2007? There was a 2 for 1 split in December 2007. Why wouldn't you adjust your data for this? And how does this affect the price at med. P/E etc. in your chart?
ReplyFrankk - 1 year ago
Hi, why does the chart for the "pretax EPS" not work?

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