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  • Benjamin Clark posts: 9 hr ago
    Dividend Investors Should Research These 10 Stocks - July
    There are a number of great companies in the market today. By using the ModernGraham Valuation Model, I've selected 10 undervalued companies for the Enterprising dividend stock investor. These companies have the highest dividend yields among the...
  • Nelson Nga Nguyen, CFA, CPA posts: 9 hr ago
    Simple Stock Valuations Using the Enterprise Multiple
    Ever wonder how you can value a stock quickly and easily? You can by using the enterprise multiple to get an approximate value for a stock. More precision does not always equate to the best decisions. Sometimes simple solutions are all you need....
  • Mrinalini Chaudhuri posts: 10 hr ago
    Bristol-Myers a Strong Biopharma Pick
    (BMY) is a global biopharma company firmly focused to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients with serious diseases. Around the world, their medicines help millions of...
  • Mrinalini Chaudhuri posts: 10 hr ago
    Union Pacific Is a Long-Term Stock
    (UNP) is one of America's leading transportation companies. Its principal operating company, Union Pacific Railroad, is North America's premiere railroad franchise, covering 23 states across...
  • Shudeep Chandrasekhar posts: 10 hr ago
    Amazon 2nd Quarter Preview: Will AWS Keep Its Lead in Cloud?
    Amazon will be reporting its second quarter earnings on July 28. The first quarter earnings results was so good that the stock popped from $600 to $683 in a few days after the results came out, and it has...
  • cysive commented on Naman Shukla's article 10 hr ago
    Here’s Why You Should Bet Against Nintendo
    Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) has been an underperformer for the last few years as the company’s revenues and earnings have dipped considerably. The...
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    cysive 07-25 01:21
    • Nintendo will recieve 33% of the profits from the game. 

      They own 33% of Niantec the game developer.  

      The game is a world wide hit, with 21 million active daily users BEFORE it hits Japan.  

      More importantly than the game is a hit, is that it is a revolutionary game. It is the first major Augmented reality hit. Niantec is now the leader in AR. And Nintendo owns 33% of that company. 

      Nintendo has other iconic character and games to make into AR games. As does the likes of Disney and anyone else with beloved characters. 

      This is just getting started. Claiming that Nintendo is DOA before the scope has even begun to be understood is just as bad as claiming it is a buy at any price. 
  • Dr Bobby commented on Dr. Paul Price's article 13 hr ago
    Yield and Upside in a Low-Risk Package
    Invest via Compass Reading Relative value is now "good enough" in a ZIRP world Global central bank actions have turned risk-free returns into...
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    Dr Bobby 07-24 22:36
    • CMP looks like a good candidate for a buy/write combination right now.  Anybody agree or disagree and if so, why?  thx--
  • Thomas Macpherson and Shudeep Chandrasekhar became friends 14 hr ago
  • snowballbuilder commented on Grahamites's article 07-24 10:24
    The Other Side of the Big Short
    There have been a lot of discussions since the book “The Big Short” was published and the subsequent production of the eponymous movie. I...
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    snowballbuilder 07-24 11:24
    • Again i dont see anything immoral in what paulson and berry have done 

      There were probably lot more immoral (and some illegal) practice in the long euphoria that have precede and infilated the housing bubble ( and the real estate broker and l'ending broker and so on...)

      And the long euphoria and bad mortage practice (not the short seller) have finally  cost the taxpaier billions 

      JT have put down IT better than me 

      ".... The government was encouraging financial institutions to extend mortgages to high-risk buyers in order to promote equal opportunity in home ownership. This "ownership" often took the form of interest-only or short-term, adjustable rate mortgages. Easy credit terms and lack of due diligence by lenders led to a bubble in housing prices. Many people saw this, but Burry and Paulson figured out complex ways to profit from it. They would have failed their investors by passing on the opportunity. From my perspective, the villains in this story were not Burry and Paulson"

      Finally in a world full of mediocre moneymager that post mediocre result by following the herd ...

      Burry and paulson have Walk their own way. 

      Interesting discussion. Best . Snow
  • ericskomar commented on James Li's article 07-24 06:57
    Strong Altman Z-Scores Lead to Increased Growth Opportunities in These Sectors
    Among companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq, consumer cyclical, consumer defensive and industrial companies generally have...
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    ericskomar 07-24 07:57
    • Very informative. Thank you. Will consider these scores along with the other figures I routinely monitor on companies.
  • jtdaniel commented on Grahamites's article 07-24 05:26
    The Other Side of the Big Short
    There have been a lot of discussions since the book “The Big Short” was published and the subsequent production of the eponymous movie. I...
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    jtdaniel 07-24 06:26
    • I think some of you are expecting Munger to ascend into heaven:)


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