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  • diabdestroyer commented on GuruFocus's article 02-07 23:45
    Introducing GuruFocus Global Membership – Canadian Markets
    Over the years since starting in 2004, GuruFocus has created numerous screens for our users to generate the best value investing ideas. We have also...
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    diabdestroyer 02-07 23:45
  • SeekingProfit commented on page 02-07 20:33
    Peter Lynch Monthly Newsletter- GuruFocus.com
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    SeekingProfit 02-07 20:33
    • Dr. Price--An idea/request for the February newsletter: You've written that oil names with excellent balance sheets should do well as oil prices rebound over time. Any chance you could describe some specific oil names with excellent balance sheets and teach us what to look for so we can develop watch lists? This would help us get ready for future opportunities. Thank you for your consideration. SP
  • vgm commented on Kyle Ferguson's article 02-07 18:17
    Lou Simpson Adds to Valeant Stake
    Guru Lou Simpson (Trades, Portfolio) ran the Geico insurance, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B) for more than three decades with...
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    vgm 02-07 18:17
    • Thanks, Kyle.

      I think we're saying the same thing. Lou is one of the greats, as Buffett said. To me, his longstanding and (now) increased VRX investment speaks volumes for Valeant and its business model - despite the overt criticism of VRX from many directions, and in particular from Charlie Munger (Trades, Portfolio), another investing 'great'. As I've commented in another thread, it would be enlightening to hear Lou and Charlie exchange views on VRX.
  • Kyle Ferguson commented on Kyle Ferguson's article 02-07 17:28
    Lou Simpson Adds to Valeant Stake
    Guru Lou Simpson (Trades, Portfolio) ran the Geico insurance, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B) for more than three decades with...
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    Kyle Ferguson 02-07 17:28
    • Thanks for the comment Vgm, I wanted to show that Lou Simpson (Trades, Portfolio) is an outstanding investor and despite the fact that Valeant has issued 17.8 billion dollars in debt over the previous three years, he still continues to raise his stake in the company. I thought Buffetts comments about Simpson were worth mentioning especially the one that he is usually right- "I typically learn of Lou’s transactions about ten days after the end of each month. Sometimes, it should be added, I silently disagree with his decisions. But he’s usually right.”

      You're correct, there has been a tsunami of short sellers and negativity surrounding Valeant. I thought that it was important that Simpson, a legendary investor, that Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) claims should be in the Investment Hall of Fame, would continue to increase his holding in a company that has negative financial statements.


      Cheers to your investment success




  • vgm commented on Kyle Ferguson's article 02-07 16:51
    Lou Simpson Adds to Valeant Stake
    Guru Lou Simpson (Trades, Portfolio) ran the Geico insurance, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B) for more than three decades with...
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    vgm 02-07 16:51
    • I think it's important to be very clear here: Lou increased his VRX holding in Q4 by almost 40% during and/or following the tsunami of short attacks and negativity around Valeant. He has owned it for several years, and maintains it as a top holding in his (highly concentrated) SQ fund.

      It demonstrates his belief and confidence in Valeant and its business model. 
  • mark_spence04 commented on Kyle Ferguson's article 02-07 16:09
    Fournier Sells Part of Stake in Shipbuilding Company
    Guru Alan Fournier (Trades, Portfolio) graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1983 from the Wentworth Institute of Technology in...
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    mark_spence04 02-07 16:09
    • I thought Manitowoc sold its shipbuilding segment to Fincantieri several years ago.
  • Hpeterscheck commented on Nash Riggins's article 02-07 15:54
    What on Earth Is Happening at LinkedIn?
    Wall Street has always been completely and utterly obsessed with LinkedIn (LNKD). It’s not hard to see why. When the networking site launched in...
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    Hpeterscheck 02-07 15:53
    •  I value social media companies primarily by looking at what the market is valuing their users at compared to what they actually earn  AFTER the 50% drop, the market values LinkedIN users at roughly $55/user (revenue not income; profitability is a whole different problem).


      If we take their projections for next year as conservative and assume that they will do 4B in revenue and grow their user base to 500M, that's roughly 8$/user (but with 10% more users). To have a revenue stream that matches market cap, they'd have to be close to $50. To have a reasonable earnings number of a mature company, they'd have to sustain about a 20-30% net income margin.

      I think as growth slows, people move from "hope someone else will pay more" to "what is the company going to retuen" and I think many of these companies will have similar results... despite being GREAT companies with valuable services. I could easily see linked in dropping 50% a couple more times before it becomes reasonable as a mature sustaining company.

  • Mark Yu commented on Mark Yu's article 02-07 07:40
    Ralph Lauren: A Buying Opportunity?
    What happened? Here is a succinct title by MarketWatch that summarized this recent roughly $2 billion market capitalization loss: “Ralph...
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    Mark Yu 02-07 07:40
    • Thanks Emilucho. You are right, could have included Inditex (http://www.gurufocus.com/stock/XMCE:ITX). I just finished checking out some of its numbers briefly and found that it had been paying and growing its dividend for the past decade. Further, profit margin had been ~13% for the past decade, too. Good company. Maybe that's why Amancio Ortega is still the second richest man in the world? :) (http://www.bloomberg.com/billionaires/2016-02-05/cya)
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