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  • batbeer2 2016-03-30 15:46
    Hi Snow,

    I think you mentioned you are in Brazil, Correct?
    If so, please drop me an e-mail; batbeer AT Hotmail DOT com. Thanks.
  • Max7777 2015-07-27 00:26
    snowballbuilder: Hi Max ,
    I think is Himalaya fund , run by Li Lu ,


    Best. Snow
    Thank you. Max
  • Max7777 2015-07-26 17:02
    Snowballbuilder: can you tell us what Asian fund did Munger pick?

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  • snowballbuilder commented on Grahamites's article 07-24 10:24
    The Other Side of the Big Short
    There have been a lot of discussions since the book “The Big Short” was published and the subsequent production of the eponymous movie. I...
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    snowballbuilder 07-24 11:24
    • Again i dont see anything immoral in what paulson and berry have done 

      There were probably lot more immoral (and some illegal) practice in the long euphoria that have precede and infilated the housing bubble ( and the real estate broker and l'ending broker and so on...)

      And the long euphoria and bad mortage practice (not the short seller) have finally  cost the taxpaier billions 

      JT have put down IT better than me 

      ".... The government was encouraging financial institutions to extend mortgages to high-risk buyers in order to promote equal opportunity in home ownership. This "ownership" often took the form of interest-only or short-term, adjustable rate mortgages. Easy credit terms and lack of due diligence by lenders led to a bubble in housing prices. Many people saw this, but Burry and Paulson figured out complex ways to profit from it. They would have failed their investors by passing on the opportunity. From my perspective, the villains in this story were not Burry and Paulson"

      Finally in a world full of mediocre moneymager that post mediocre result by following the herd ...

      Burry and paulson have Walk their own way. 

      Interesting discussion. Best . Snow
  • snowballbuilder commented on Grahamites's article 07-23 09:21
    The Other Side of the Big Short
    There have been a lot of discussions since the book “The Big Short” was published and the subsequent production of the eponymous movie. I...
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    snowballbuilder 07-23 10:21
    • in wich sense taxpaier have paied the short seller ? 

      Directly or indirectly ?

      havent instead the taxpaier paid for the euphoria that have caused the crisis ? The bad subprime mortage and a lot of greed and euphoria ? 

      Finally the fact that burry and paulson could be looking and waiting years for the next big short is not necessary wrong neither bad ... Munger has Made really big money in 1973 buying Washington post and in 2009 buying wfc (profiting from the fear spread by the housing crisis) at the bottom .... He could have done his career with  this 2 investments alone.

      I see nothing wrong with short selling and i see nothing wrong in shorting the housing market and i really see nothing wrong in looking and waiting for year for the next big (long or short) opportunity. 

      Just some thoughts best snow.
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