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Jeremy Grantham Morningstar Interview Videos

June 07, 2009 | About:

Below is the videos of Jeremy Grantham as he was interviewed by Morningstar

Part I: on how to get back in the market if you missed the rally and durability of the market rally.

Part II. High qualify companies will outperform the junk stocks

Part III: Loss of wealth leads to seven lean years

Part IV: Growth stocks simply do not beat value stocks; fast growing countries do not necessarily outperform slow growing countries. Top line growth almost does not matter. Value matters in everything.

Part V. Inflation is the most important concern of Jeremy Grantham

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Tokyowalker - 7 years ago
thank you for posting
Cowboy77 - 7 years ago
He has a great mind and good ideas but does this guy ever look at the person he's speaking to? There's something about people who won't look me in the eye when we're talking that makes me wonder.
AlbertaSunwapta - 7 years ago
You'll be better off if you listen to what they say than how polished they are at saying it. In my experience, I've found that often the more polished the speaker, the more reason to be suspicious of what they are saying.

Often it's just a defense of the status quo which of course is the most easily defended. The great thing about Jeremy Grantham who I've followed for 15 years or so, is that he rarely defends the status quo.

Cowboy77 - 7 years ago
"In my experience, I've found that often the more polished the speaker, the more reason to be suspicious of what they are saying."

You've just described my feelings about Obama.
Tkervin - 7 years ago

You must have felt the same about Reagan too?..............:-)
Cowboy77 - 7 years ago
"You must have felt the same about Reagan too?..............:-)"

No. I never did.

I knew that Reagan liked Capitalism and had experience operating something at a high level so he could tell the difference between academic wishful thinking and reality.
Tkervin - 7 years ago
So you find that you are suspicious of a polished speaker..............only if you disagree with what they are saying...........:-)
Sivaram - 7 years ago
Ronald Reagan was a movie star and a politician... doesn't seem so different from Barack Obama... unless you think a movie star operates at a "high level".
Cowboy77 - 7 years ago

He was the governor of California. The 5th largest economy in the world.

Obama was a community organizer and I believe the project he worked on went belly up. Like we will.

I've seen your post. You're too smart to die on that sword, Sivarem.
Sivaram - 7 years ago
Cowboy: "He was the governor of California. The 5th largest economy in the world. "

Gray Davis was a governor of California a few years ago and I don't think too many would consider him any more qualified than Barack Obama. Obama was a senator in Illinois as well as a short period in federal senate.

Besides, doesn't the team advising and implementing policy matter more? Couldn't it be said that George Bush was simply taken along for the ride by Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, et al? Similarly, right now, don't you think Tim Geithner plays a greater role than Obama? Sure, Obama makes the final decision but given how he isn't an expert in economics or finance, Geithner (along with a few other players) will be the one pulls the strings.

Anyway, I'll agree wtih you that Obama isn't a capitalist like George Bush or Ronald Reagan were. Since I"m left leaning, I don't necessarily think that's bad; but I can see how conservatives might be concerned.
Max7777 premium member - 7 years ago
I like both Reagan and Obama. ( I do not like W or Carter) but sop what.. please forget politics when you come here - as it is "important" but not "knowable" as Buffett would say.
Carp6931 - 7 years ago
A study by University of Stirling psychologists concluded that children who avoid eye contact while considering their responses to questions had higher rates of correct answers than children who maintained eye contact. One researcher theorized that looking at human faces requires a lot of mental processing, which detracts from the cognitive task at hand.
Cowboy77 - 7 years ago
That is an interesting study and makes perfect sense. But I bet they lived at home with their Mother into a late age and had a pet hampster.
Max7777 premium member - 7 years ago
I know a kid who can not look you in the eyes no matter how hard she tried if she wanted to understand and process your comments, yet she never ever lies as she does not understand the concept. Diagnosis High Functioning Autistic. I understand that James Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies (the best performing Hedge fund that averaged 35% annual returns over 20 yrs) has a daughter in that category too. In any event can we be done with cheap shots at kids and get back to investing.
Sabonis premium member - 7 years ago
Lets be done with cheap shots at pet hamsters too.
Cowboy77 - 7 years ago
Great. Now even hampsters are off limits. When did they get a lobby?

No sense of humor anywhere anymore. Wasn't making fun of kids, hampsters, autism, chromosone deficiencies, the yo yo, the pogo stick or Sarah Palin's daughter. Never even had kids in mind. I actually had more of a picture of Ralph Nader in my mind. Just a little fun. That's all. Nothing more. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Grantham is obviously a smart guy. I read and re-read everything he writes with great interest. There. I clearly stated the obvious. Better?

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