Warren Buffett Gurus' Option Holdings -- GuruFocus.com

These are the option (PUT/CALL) contracts owned by our investors as of the dates indicated.
Ticker Guru NameOption TypePortfolio DateShares
DOW Daniel LoebCALL 2014-09-307,250,000
EQT Daniel LoebCALL 2014-09-3018,000
AAL George SorosCALL 2014-09-301,300,000
BEAV George SorosPUT 2014-09-3073,000
CIEN George SorosCALL 2014-09-30375,000
CNX George SorosCALL 2014-09-301,380,000
DHI George SorosCALL 2014-09-30630,000
EEM George SorosPUT 2014-09-3022,500,000
GM George SorosCALL 2014-09-30720,000
IBB George SorosPUT 2014-09-30150,000
IWM George SorosPUT 2014-09-30770,000
KBH George SorosCALL 2014-09-30850,000
LVLT George SorosCALL 2014-09-30123,000
NRG George SorosCALL 2014-09-30270,000
PBR George SorosCALL 2014-09-304,313,100
QCOM George SorosCALL 2014-09-30175,000
QQQ George SorosPUT 2014-09-30800,000
RDC George SorosCALL 2014-09-30540,000
SMH George SorosPUT 2014-09-301,000,000
SPY George SorosPUT 2014-09-308,545,000
TIBX George SorosCALL 2014-09-30866,600
TOL George SorosCALL 2014-09-30400,000
XOM George SorosPUT 2014-09-30940,000
VZ HOTCHKIS & WILEYPUT 2014-09-30243,800
EWH Jean-Marie EveillardPUT 2014-09-301,000
NLNK Jean-Marie EveillardCALL 2014-09-3011,760
SGMO Jean-Marie EveillardCALL 2014-09-304,000
PRE Joel GreenblattPUT 2014-09-302,166
BUD John BurbankCALL 2014-09-3060,000
CF John BurbankCALL 2014-09-301,530,000
DG John BurbankCALL 2014-09-3070,000
DISCA John BurbankCALL 2014-09-30160,000
DOW John BurbankCALL 2014-09-30100,000
EEM John BurbankPUT 2014-09-3012,500,000
EWZ John BurbankCALL 2014-09-3035,000
EWZ John BurbankPUT 2014-09-3050,000
F John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30200,000
FB John BurbankPUT 2014-09-3070,000
IWM John BurbankPUT 2014-09-307,600,000
NFLX John BurbankCALL 2014-09-3013,000
NWL John BurbankCALL 2014-09-30100,000
OPWR John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30100,000
SLB John BurbankCALL 2014-09-304,850,000
SPY John BurbankPUT 2014-09-305,125,000
SWK John BurbankCALL 2014-09-30100,000
TYC John BurbankCALL 2014-09-30100,000
WTW John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30300,000
X John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30100,000
XLI John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30300,000
XLY John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30800,000
XOP John BurbankPUT 2014-09-30170,000
YHOO John BurbankCALL 2014-09-3050,000
ENDP John GriffinCALL 2014-09-30676,600
TXTR Julian RobertsonCALL 2014-09-3010,000
IWM Lee AinsliePUT 2014-09-30420,000
QQQ Lee AinsliePUT 2014-09-301,930,000
DDD Mariko GordonCALL 2014-09-3020,000
INCY Mariko GordonCALL 2014-09-3016,500
SHLD Mariko GordonCALL 2014-09-3013,000
SFLY Mario CibelliCALL 2014-09-30310,000
EEM Richard PerryPUT 2014-09-308,780,000
IWM Richard PerryPUT 2014-09-30950,000
ACAS Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-304,120
CI Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-3060
CSCO Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-30552
GM Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-302,581
MSFT Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-302,310
NLY Ronald MuhlenkampCALL 2014-09-302,197
CMCSA Steve MandelCALL 2014-09-301,830,000
GPS Steve MandelCALL 2014-09-301,741,200
ICE Steve MandelCALL 2014-09-30240,000
INTC Steve MandelPUT 2014-09-302,320,000
SHLD Steve MandelPUT 2014-09-302,987,500
VXX Steve MandelPUT 2014-09-306,300,000

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User Comments

ReplyJazgal - 6 days ago
why is all this old why no short positions that are current ... even on premium ?
ReplyGurufocus - 3 months ago
@Mhjuancar@google No. That is the only option data we have.
ReplyMhjuancar@google - 3 months ago
Do you have new data that is no more then one or two week old?
ReplyMbk20001@facebook - 10 months ago
We can't do anything with this information because they are so old. Do you have any data that is no more then one or two week old?
ReplyGurufocus - 11 months ago
Yes, these are all long positions.

We don't have their expiration date.
ReplySm2200 - 11 months ago
I have to assume that these are all LONG positions as I understand that SHORT positions are not reported in the 13F Reports and in the heading you state that these are options OWNED by the guru.
Is that assumption correct ?
ReplySm2200 - 11 months ago
Please indicate whether the option positions are long or short otherwise the information is useless.
ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago

1. yes
2. The update will be finished in less than two weeks.
ReplySm2200 - 1 year ago
Am I to understand that :

1) These are the option positions as of Dec. 31, 2012 ?

2) When will you have an updated list ?

ReplyGhinckley - 2 years ago
Are they buyers or sellers of options???
ReplyNpaizis - 3 years ago
I'm one more voice pointing out that unless we know if these are long or short positions the info is of no value.
ReplySurmac - 3 years ago
option (PUT/CALL) contracts owned by our investors as of the dates indicated.
Does this mean these are all buys (Long) and not shorts?

ReplyJonmonsea - 4 years ago
Please, Gurufocus, at least for Premium Members organize this a bit. Strike price, date of expiration etc. Also, Sold to open/close, bought to open/close. Otherwise, this is useless, or even misleading to the uninitiated. Thanks in advance!!
ReplyGurufocus - 5 years ago
There is no option filings since June.
ReplyMax7777 - 5 years ago
Are there no Option fillings since June?
ReplyFrankiwa - 5 years ago
Very good extra info here at Gurufocus in this new options section.

I agree with others, that it would be great if the expiration date and price were here (when the info. is supplied in the filings). The continuing improvement of the site makes me come here again and again, for ownership information. I hope to see continued improvements here, and i could just skip looking up SEC filings altogether.

Well done.
ReplySm2200 - 5 years ago
I also believe the Guru/option list would have greater value if the list included information on who sold Puts and at what Strike Price.

It would be of even greater value to see a list of INSIDERS who sold PUTS of their company and the Strike Price
ReplyGurufocus - 5 years ago
Those are all valid questions, Rpomykala. However, we do not have the information other than we show here.
ReplyRpomykala - 5 years ago
I'm confused. When you list Option Holdings. I assume you mean these are Puts & Calls Contracts that are owned. If that is the intention, there should also be a list of the other side of the Contracts; that is, a list of the holders of the sellers of the Puts & Calls contracts, as they have meaning and are just as important.
Not to get too confusing, it also makes a difference it what Date the options expire as for them to have meaning.
Good luck to GuruFocus in supplying useful information.
ReplyGurufocus - 5 years ago
Only very occassionally the strike prices and the expiration dates are available. These are number of shares. The number of contracts should be divided by 100.
ReplyCallaquin - 5 years ago
these are useful the way they are! thankyou. there will always be room for improvements, but this is a great addition.
ReplyMax7777 - 5 years ago
Many Thanks for adding option data Gurufocus - I always worried that some Gurus had option positions that we did not see, going against their stock positions.

Case in point: It looks like Pabrai has been both buying the stock and the put options on WCG WellCare Health Plans Inc.

I am very grateful for the data, but as stokdocx99 said it would be more useful with strike prices and expiration dates so we can see how positive Bruce is on PFE or SHLD,
Dr. Paul Price
ReplyDr. Paul Price - 5 years ago
How about information on short sales of option contracts?
[Like Buffett's BNI puts from last month].
Dr. Paul Price
ReplyDr. Paul Price - 5 years ago
To have any value we'd need to know:

1) Are these shares or number of option contracts?
2) What strike prices and expiration dates are involved?

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