Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen

Last Update: 2014-04-17

Number of Stocks: 1757
Number of New Stocks: 414

Total Value: $17,218 Mil
Q/Q Turnover: 38%

Countries: USA
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Steven Cohen' s Profile & Performance


Steven A. Cohen (also known as Stevie Cohen), a billionaire hedge fund investor, is the founder of SAC Capital Advisors, a Stamford, Connecticut based hedge fund which he continues to manage. Steven A. Cohen grew up in Great Neck, New York, and he attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Steven A. Cohen lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife and seven children.

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Total Holding History

Performance of SAC Capital International Fund

YearReturn (%)S&P500 (%)Excess Gain (%)
3-Year Cumulative19.6 (6.1%/year)-8.3 (-2.9%/year)27.9 (9%/year)

Top Ranked Articles

Steven Cohen Buys 5.2% Stake in Validus, John Paulson Reduces American Capital
Steven Cohen increased his stake in Validus Holdings Ltd. (VR) by 200.6% at about $32 per share on December 27, according to GuruFocus Real Time Picks. He now owns 5,187,689 shares. John Paulson reduced his holding of American Capital Ltd. (ACAS) by 6.2% at about $7 per share on December 22, 2011. He now owns 32,846,800 shares. Read more...
Securities and Exchange Commission Sues Guru Steven Cohen
Earlier today, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made an unexpected move by charging Guru Steven Cohen with Failure to Supervise Employees. This charge against Cohen is in direct relation to former SAC Capital Advisor Mathew Martoma and former SAC executive Michael Steinberg, who are both facing criminal and civil insider trading charges. A spokesman for SAC Capital, Jonathan Gasthalter, said The SEC's administrative proceeding had no merit. He went on to say, “Steven Cohen acted appropriately at all times and will fight this charge vigorously.” Read more...
Steven Cohen Increases OCZ Technology and MedAssets Inc. 10815%
Steven Cohen, founder of $14 billion hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors which has returned nearly 30% annually in the last 20 years, made major increases to two of his high-growth-potential holdings on April 5, according to GuruFocus Real Time Picks. Though once trading-oriented, SAC increasingly emphasizes fundamental and technical strategies in equity selection. Read more...
Steven Cohen, George Soros, John Paulson All Added to Holdings in February
Steven Cohen, George Soros and John Paulson are three of the most formidable investors alive today. All three of them added to one of their major holdings so far in 2012. Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors added Dynavax Tech Cp (DVAX), George Soros of Soros Fund Management LLC added Acacia Research (ACTG) and John Paulson of Paulson & Co. added Novagold Resources (NG). Read more...
Cohen Buys 2 Million Shares of WebMD Ahead of Preliminary Q2 Results
On July 17, Steven Cohen made a significant real-time increase in his holdings in WebMD Health Corporation (WBMD). Cohen increased his position by 2899% by purchasing a total of 2,510,592 shares. Cohen bought these shares at an average price of $32.41 per share. Since this increase the price per share has dropped by approximately 2%. Read more...
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Morning Coffee: Real-Time Picks Steven Cohen,Mario Gabelli - Morning Coffee: Real-Time Picks
This morning we are going to take a look at real-time picks by the gurus: More...

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Another Stock Dropped by Technology Renaissance
After a troubled end of 2013 and a very successful 2014 beginning, Imperial Oil (IMO) may be reaching a growth ceiling. Overall, 2013 resulted in declining revenues and net income, aggravated by a great debt increment and reduced cash flow. Most importantly, operating margin saw a reduction to 2010 levels through the loss of 5 points. Two gurus who anticipated the slower performance were Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio) and Jim Simons’ Technology Renaissance. Both gurus sold out the investments made since 2009, transactions which were timely confirmed by the stock’s poor January performance. Fortunately for other investors, the stock's face value recovered through February and exceeded last December’s value. However, given the company’s cyclical performance, doubts concerning future growth remain. More...


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Steven Cohen's Sac Capital Advisors Increased Its Stake in NQ Mobile
According to GuruFocus Real Time Picks, on March 14, Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio), the founder of SAC Capital Advisors added NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ), a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, at an average price of $18.28 and currently holds 7,716,580 shares of the stock, worth 0.91% of his portfolio. He now owns 5.1% of the company. More...


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Pall Focus on Cost Reduction and R&D Progress in the Biotech Industry
Pall Corporation (PLL) is a supplier of filtration, separation and purification technologies, principally made by the company, for the removal of solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants from a range of liquids and gases. The company serves customers through two businesses globally: Life Sciences and Industrial. While Pall competes with many companies in the Life Sciences markets and Industrial, few companies operate in both, like ESCO Technologies Inc. (ESE) and Danaher Corp. (DHR). More...


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Morning Coffee: Cohen Doubles Down on Zynga Steven Cohen - Morning Coffee: Cohen Doubles Down On Zynga
Steven Cohen of SAC Capital increased his Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) position by 145.56%. His total position is now 38,694,391 shares, 5.3% of the outstanding shares. Zynga develops, markets and operates online social games as live services played on the internet, social networking sites and mobile platforms in the U.S. and internationally. The stock is held by seven gurus we follow. More...

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Controversy Plagued Steven Cohen Reports Top Five Positions for His Last Quarter as Money Manager Steven Cohen - Controversy Plagued Steven Cohen Reports Top Five Positions For His Last Quarter As Money Manager
Guru Steven Cohen consistently keeps one of the largest portfolios of all the gurus, and this quarter was no different. The guru, who has suffered a tumultuous 2013 due to insider trading controversies throughout his hedge fund, maintained an even larger and higher-valued portfolio than the second quarter of 2013. More...

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Stock Market: Shrewd Bet or Stupid Gamble? Steven Cohen - Stock Market: Shrewd Bet Or Stupid Gamble?
Trillions of dollars have been lost and gained over the last five years. The extreme volatility strangled investment portfolios, and as a result millions of investors capitulated by throwing in the towel and locking in losses. Melted 401ks, shrunken IRAs, and beat-up retirement accounts bruised the overarching psyche of Americans to the point they questioned whether the stock market is a shrewd bet or stupid gamble? More...

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Steven Cohen and Steve Mandel’s Real Time Buys Steven Cohen,Steve Mandel - Steven Cohen And Steve Mandel’s Real Time Buys
SAs reported by GuruFocus Real Time Picks yesterday there were two gurus adding to some of their larger positions. Steve Mandel (Trades, Portfolio) added to his holdings in Wyndham Worldwide (WYN) and Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio) upped his stake in PDC Energy (PDCE). More...

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Steven Cohen Makes Two Real Time Buys in His Last Days as a Money Manager Steven Cohen - Steven Cohen Makes Two Real Time Buys In His Last Days As A Money Manager
Guru and billionaire investor Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio)’s SAC Capital will no longer operate as a hedge fund this next year even though 2013 brought in some of the best returns ever for the fund.  After a tough year of accusations of insider trading for the fund, several important members of SAC Capital finally plead guilty to many of the charges last month.  More...

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A Stake in the Internet of Things Tsunami – Three Gurus Buy Skyworks
With key customers like Sony, Motorola, Cisco, Google, HP, Apple and many others, Skyworks Solutions’ semiconductors are in just about everything related to the Internet of Things Tsunami, a phrase that was coined by the Skyworks president and CEO David Aldrich and caught on like wild fire across the technology industry. As of the third quarter of 2013, three billionaire investors, Chuck Royce, Steven Cohen and Scott Black, made new buys of SWKS. Royce sold out in 2009 and the SWKS price has more than doubled since that time. More...


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What the Gurus Bought this Week Dodge & Cox,Steven Cohen - What The Gurus Bought This Week
The following information is a highlight of the real-time guru activity we saw this week. To view more information on these gurus, check out their guru portfolios. The “Real Time Picks” reports the stock purchases and sells that Gurus have made within the prior two weeks. If a Guru makes a purchase or sell of a company in which they owns a greater-than 5% stake, SEC regulations require them to report their transaction within two days. This week we saw notable increases Real Time activity from Warren Buffett, Steven Cohen and Dodge & Cox. [b] More...

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Steven Cohen's Rising Star in the Auto Parts Industry
When it comes to auto parts manufacturing, finding an industry niche can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. LKQ Corporation (LKQ) has found such a niche, and since its inception in 1998, has turned into the largest supplier of aftermarket, recycled and refurbished collision and mechanical replacement products for vehicles in the U.S. The firm has been widely successful in implementing an internal growth strategy, and today, it enjoys the backing of investment guru Steven Cohen. The guru’s recent increments in LKQ holdings, demonstrates his bullish stance towards this auto parts provider, which is worth looking at in further detail. More...


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Steven Cohen Multiplies Holdings in Out of Favor Fresh Market Steven Cohen,Jim Simons - Steven Cohen Multiplies Holdings In Out Of Favor Fresh Market
As reported by the GuruFocus Real Time Picks, the controversy-plagued guru Steven Cohen made a massive increase in his holdings in the company Fresh Market (TFM). More...

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Fishing with Gurus in a Pond of 52-week Lows
The industry sectors change quickly. Just two months ago, there was a virtual ocean of 789 companies in the U.S. on a 52-week low. Today, there is only a pond of 200 companies, according to the GuruFocus special feature 52-week low screener. Nonetheless, it could pay to go fishing, not only for American companies but for hundreds of others around the world. Today’s feature looks at three companies in the sectors of banking, metals and mining, and REITS. The companies selected were screened for billionaire investors and yield. More...


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Steven Cohen's Top Five Holdings
Guru Steven Cohen consistently keeps one of the largest portfolios of all the gurus, and this quarter was no different. The guru, who has suffered a tumultuous year due to insider trading controversies throughout his hedge fund, maintained an even larger and higher-valued portfolio than the second quarter of 2013. More...

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Steven Cohen and Jim Simons Clash in the Paint Business
The latest report by the National Association of Realtors, made public last Nov. 10, announced expected market growth in 2014. With rent prices rising steadily, prospective homeowners have an additional incentive to buy their first house. An additional push originates in the automobile industry and rising sales of new cars. Whether the news motivated the gurus to trade PPG Industries (PPG) and Sherwin-Williams (SHW) is not certain, but their coming head to head gives us another reason to look into their prospects. More...


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Steven Cohen Trades Specialty Chemicals
Chemical companies have become an integral part of modern life. They produce sensitive elements to enable individuals complete the simplest to the most complex tasks. For example, Dow Chemical (DOW) is involved in providing clean and safe water. At the same time, there is Eastman Chemical (EMN) concerned with developing specialty polymers for the paint industry. In other words, the reach of chemical companies is unimagined and across industries, while offering solutions to technical obstacles for the development of crucial products. More...


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Do You Know What Steven Cohen Is Doing in Aerospace?
The aerospace industry has seen several up and downs due to rising gas prices, technical failures, and a global economic crisis. Now, amid a more optimistic economic environment and current commercial planes being replaced, hopes for the industry appear to light up again. However, no future is secured unless an economic moat is dug. That is exactly the characteristic shared by Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica (ERJ) and The Boeing Company (BA). More...


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Agricultural Growth Pushes New Business Strategies in the Chemical Sector
Every once in a while market synergies push companies to reassess current business strategies. Shifting customer preferences, a troubled macroeconomic environment, or potential growth at specific geographies has been found to be important influences over a company´s behavior. Two companies that are implementing a shift in their business approach are DuPont (DD) and Dow Chemical (DOW). Let me show you how the two companies have refocused their business, and gurus’ response. More...


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Some Alternatives to the Application Software Giants
While most of you investors might know a few application software companies, such as Sap AG ADR (SAP), (CRM) or Adobe Systems (ADBE), the three largest in that order, there are other big players in the industry worth watching. But, with analysts expecting to deliver average annual EPS growth rates around 27% to 28% over the next five years, is it possible for other companies to do better? More...


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