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GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength : 2/10

GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth : 2/10

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Brian Rogers 16,500,000 sh (unchged)
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DELL Guru Trades in Q2 2014

Brian Rogers 16,500,000 sh (unchged)
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Q3 2014

DELL Guru Trades in Q3 2014

Brian Rogers 16,500,000 sh (unchged)
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Q4 2014

DELL Guru Trades in Q4 2014

Brian Rogers 16,500,000 sh (unchged)
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Guru Investment Theses on Dell Inc

Francis Chou Comments on Dell Inc. - Mar 11, 2014

We had a small holding in Dell Inc. (DELL). It was trading at $10.13 on December 31, 2012. After a protracted battle, the founder Michael Dell (Trades, Portfolio) was able to buy out the shareholders at a price of $13.75 per share, plus a 13 cent special dividend.

From Franis Chou's 2013 letter to shareholders.

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Mason Hawkins Comments on Dell - Feb 17, 2014

The shareholder approval of Dell (DELL)'s management buyout generated a positive return of 31% for 2013 in spite of the disappointing investment outcome. Philips gained 44% during the year. CEO Frans Van Houten and CFO Ron Wirahadiraksa completed a €2bn stock buyback at discounted prices, as well as delivered higher margins as planned. Philips' management team is pursuing additional cost reductions and believes the company has strong revenue and margin potential over the next two to three years in all three primary businesses: medical, lighting, and consumer lifestyle. They signaled their confidence in the future value growth of the business by announcing another €1.5bn share buyback.

From Mason Hawkins (Trades, Portfolio)' 2013 Longleaf Partners Fund management discussion.

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Donald Yacktman Comments on Dell - Sep 09, 2013

Dell (DELL)’s shares fell modestly as the stock had been trading above the Dell Management takeover price and no new bidders appeared. We think the proposed management buyout is unattractive and are voting against it. Recently, we went on record supporting Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management’s proposal to replace the board and offer a tender to shareholders who wish to sell.

Management at Dell has done a poor job at both business execution and capital allocation. It is sad that having frustrated investors with overpriced acquisitions, ill-timed share repurchase, poor corporate strategy and an accounting scandal that led to a settlement with the SEC, management jumped in to purchase the entire company, with the stock not far from a recent low. We believe other outside proposals would be of much greater benefit to shareholders. We recommend others reject the acquisition proposal and support the Icahn/Southeastern proposal.

From Donald Yacktman's second quarter 2013 commentary.
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Mason Hawkins Comments on Dell - Aug 12, 2013

Over the last six months, our Dell (DELL) position remained a top contributor with the underlying stock appreciating 33%. In the recent quarter, the stock was a detractor, declining 6% as uncertainty increased over the outcome of the proposed management buyout. We continued to work with Carl Icahn to propose a better alternative for shareholders. Given his structure, flexibility, and capital, Icahn was in the best position to lead the development of an outcome that provided an attractive payout but allowed shareholders to remain owners and benefit from the company's transformation. We sold approximately half of our Dell shares to Icahn to enable him to construct a compelling alternative. Subsequent to quarterend, the Dell Board has extended the vote on the buyout offer three times as it became obvious that shareholders would not approve the deal. Prior to the third postponement, Michael Dell and Silver Lake increased their offer to $13.75 and included a special dividend of 13 cents plus the normal third quarter 8 cent dividend. Southeastern continues to oppose the offer and will work with Icahn Enterprises to ensure that Dell has the right leadership who will focus the company on its profitable and growing enterprise business while allowing long-term shareholders to participate in its long-term success.

From Mason Hawkins' semi-annual 2013 report.
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Bill Nygren Comments on Dell - Apr 23, 2013

The Dell (DELL) situation hasn’t been as straightforward. Dell has been -- and continues to be -- a sizable position in several of our Funds. In our annual report for the year ended September 2012, we wrote about Dell as one of our worst performing holdings for the year. Investors were frustrated that its personal computer business, its biggest revenue generator, was in decline. We owned Dell because of its non-PC businesses, which appear to generate most of its profits, and because we believed that, at its market price, we were getting paid to own the declining PC business.

In February, private equity firm Silver Lake and Dell CEO Michael Dell offered to purchase all outstanding shares for $13.65 per share. Though that price was a nice premium to the year-end share price of $10.14, many of Dell’s long-term investors, including us, thought the offer should have been higher. Several of our shareholders expressed concern that we didn’t complain vocally enough in the press, as some of our peers did. Just because we aren’t talking publicly doesn’t mean we aren’t talking.

First, by the time we decide to invest in a company, we have already concluded that management and the board are likely to act in our interest. If we conclude otherwise, we simply walk away and move on to the next candidate for investment. Once we own a stock and believe we have a point of view that should be of interest to management or the board, we are not shy about communicating with them. Sometimes they can show us why we are wrong, sometimes they adopt our point of view. Most of the time, these are very friendly discussions among professionals who share the same goal – maximizing the value of our investment.

Occasionally, and thankfully not too often, we have important disagreements with management or the board. If we conclude they are not trying to maximize value, we usually sell our stock and reinvest in a different undervalued company. Every once in a while, the undervaluation is too large to match in a new holding, so we end up in a public dispute with management. But our process is designed to minimize those situations.

In the case of Dell, we have shared our thoughts with the board, especially regarding the importance of conducting an open process so that all offers receive fair consideration. They completely agreed. So far, we are satisfied with how the special committee of directors is performing its task. We fully expect that it will seek out the best deal for its shareholders. Should that change, though we don’t expect it will, then and only then will you read what we’re concerned about in the press.

As I write this, two alternative acquisition proposals have been presented to Dell’s board, and the committee is reviewing them. We expect them to conclude, as we have, that an offer superior to Silver Lake’s offer has now been presented. Once that happens, Silver Lake will have an opportunity to outbid the new offer. Though we are probably in the late innings of our Dell ownership, we don’t think the game is quite over yet.

From Bill Nygren's first quarter 2013 commentary.
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Wallace Weitz Comments on DELL - Apr 11, 2013

Michael Dell’s bid to take Dell (DELL) private sparked a sharp rise in Dell shares. The stock, which had languished in the $8-10 range last fall, rose above the $13.65 takeover bid price. The proposal met with a firestorm of resistance from some long-time holders, but as the required analysis shifted from long-term business fundamentals to merger arbitrage, we were content to sell at a slight premium to the initial bid.

From Wallace Weitz's first quarter letter to shareholders.

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Acquisition of Esterline Stock Makes It Fifth-Largest Stake in Dell's Portfolio
The founder and CEO of Dell Inc (DELL), guru Michael Dell (Trades, Portfolio) is one of the 50 wealthiest people in the world. As a philanthropist, he has been generous with his money through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation he established in 1999; as an investor, his portfolio is handled by MSD Capital, which has had great success in managing his investments. Read more...



Dividend & Buy Back

Dividend Yield 2.31
DELL's Dividend Yield is ranked higher than
62% of the 1748 Companies
in the Global Computer Systems industry.

( Industry Median: 1.90 vs. DELL: 2.31 )
DELL' s 10-Year Dividend Yield Range
Min: 0   Max: 0
Current: 2.31

Dividend Payout 0.73
DELL's Dividend Payout is ranked higher than
66% of the 2782 Companies
in the Global Computer Systems industry.

( Industry Median: 4.15 vs. DELL: 0.73 )
DELL' s 10-Year Dividend Payout Range
Min: 0   Max: 0
Current: 0.73

Yield on cost (5-Year) 2.31
DELL's Yield on cost (5-Year) is ranked higher than
59% of the 1793 Companies
in the Global Computer Systems industry.

( Industry Median: 1.93 vs. DELL: 2.31 )
DELL' s 10-Year Yield on cost (5-Year) Range
Min: 0   Max: 0
Current: 2.31

Valuation & Return


Business Description

Industry: Computer Hardware » Computer Systems
Compare:AAPL, HPQ, LNVGY, NIPNF, SSYS » details
Traded in other countries:DLCA.Germany,
Dell Inc is a Delaware Corporation, which was founded in 1984. The Company offers a range of technology solutions, including servers and networking products, storage products, services, software and peripherals, mobility products, and desktop PCs. The Company sells its products and services directly to customers through dedicated distribution channels, such as retailers, distributors, and resellers. Its business segments are Large Enterprise, Public, Small and Medium Business ('SMB'), and Consumer. Large Enterprise customers include large global and national corporate businesses. Public customers, which include educational institutions, government, health care, and law enforcement agencies, operate in their own communities. SMB segment is focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of their technology by offering scalable products, services, and solutions. Consumer segment is focused on delivering what customers want from the total technology experience of entertainment, mobility, gaming, and design. The Company designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells, and supports a range of products, solutions, and services. The Company also provides various customer financial services to its Commercial and Consumer customers. Its enterprise solutions include servers, networking, and storage products. The Company's services include a range of configurable IT and business services, including infrastructure technology, consulting and applications, and product-related support services. The Company offers Dell-branded printers and displays and a multitude of competitively priced third-party peripheral products such as printers, televisions, notebook accessories, mice, keyboards, networking and wireless products, digital cameras, and other products. The Company also sells a range of third-party software products, including operating systems, business and office applications, anti-virus and related security software, entertainment software, and products in various other categories. Client Products offers a variety of mobility and desktop products, including notebooks, workstations, tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs, to its Commercial and Consumer customers. The Company offers or arranges various financing options and services for its Commercial and Consumer customers in the U.S. and Canada through Dell Financial Services ('DFS'). DFS offers a range of financial services, including originating, collecting, and servicing customer receivables related to the purchase of Dell products. DFS offers private label credit financing programs to qualified Consumer and Commercial customers and offers leases and fixed-term financing to Commercial customers. The Company sells its products and services directly to customers and through various other sales distribution channels, such as retailers, third-party solution providers, system integrators, and third-party resellers. Its customers include large global and national corpora
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