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GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength : 7/10

Cash to Debt 0.33
GCI's Cash to Debt is ranked higher than
65% of the 286 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 0.63 vs. GCI: 0.33 )
GCI' s 10-Year Cash to Debt Range
Min: 0.01   Max: 0.61
Current: 0.33

Equity to Asset 0.30
GCI's Equity to Asset is ranked higher than
54% of the 266 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 0.46 vs. GCI: 0.30 )
GCI' s 10-Year Equity to Asset Range
Min: 0.14   Max: 0.62
Current: 0.3

Interest Coverage 4.20
GCI's Interest Coverage is ranked higher than
52% of the 178 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 37.15 vs. GCI: 4.20 )
GCI' s 10-Year Interest Coverage Range
Min: 4.13   Max: 17.82
Current: 4.2

F-Score: 8
Z-Score: 2.82
M-Score: -2.55
GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth : 6/10

Operating margin (%) 16.40
GCI's Operating margin (%) is ranked higher than
92% of the 277 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 5.09 vs. GCI: 16.40 )
GCI' s 10-Year Operating margin (%) Range
Min: -101.33   Max: 30.67
Current: 16.4

Net-margin (%) 8.40
GCI's Net-margin (%) is ranked higher than
85% of the 277 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 4.18 vs. GCI: 8.40 )
GCI' s 10-Year Net-margin (%) Range
Min: -100.12   Max: 27.63
Current: 8.4

ROE (%) 17.41
GCI's ROE (%) is ranked higher than
91% of the 277 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 6.11 vs. GCI: 17.41 )
GCI' s 10-Year ROE (%) Range
Min: -131.99   Max: 37.16
Current: 17.41

ROA (%) 5.39
GCI's ROA (%) is ranked higher than
81% of the 291 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 3.52 vs. GCI: 5.39 )
GCI' s 10-Year ROA (%) Range
Min: -56.13   Max: 15.64
Current: 5.39

ROC (Joel Greenblatt) (%) 53.66
GCI's ROC (Joel Greenblatt) (%) is ranked higher than
85% of the 275 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 14.03 vs. GCI: 53.66 )
GCI' s 10-Year ROC (Joel Greenblatt) (%) Range
Min: -261.74   Max: 79.02
Current: 53.66

Revenue Growth (%) -0.70
GCI's Revenue Growth (%) is ranked higher than
74% of the 257 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: -2.60 vs. GCI: -0.70 )
GCI' s 10-Year Revenue Growth (%) Range
Min: -10.9   Max: 13.9
Current: -0.7

EBITDA Growth (%) -8.20
GCI's EBITDA Growth (%) is ranked higher than
71% of the 203 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: -5.80 vs. GCI: -8.20 )
GCI' s 10-Year EBITDA Growth (%) Range
Min: -23.7   Max: 27.4
Current: -8.2

EPS Growth (%) -10.90
GCI's EPS Growth (%) is ranked higher than
69% of the 181 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: -4.50 vs. GCI: -10.90 )
GCI' s 10-Year EPS Growth (%) Range
Min: -32.3   Max: 25.5
Current: -10.9

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Revenue & Net Income
Cash & Debt
Oprt. Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow

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Guru Trades

Q4 2013

GCI Guru Trades in Q4 2013

Leon Cooperman 210,231 sh (New)
Paul Tudor Jones 15,196 sh (New)
David Dreman 2,367 sh (New)
Steven Cohen 2,766,670 sh (+234.1%)
Mario Gabelli 50,040 sh (+56.18%)
Jim Simons 1,222,000 sh (+22.86%)
Pioneer Investments 57,850 sh (+1.37%)
Joel Greenblatt 73,616 sh (+1.27%)
John Keeley 16,150 sh (unchged)
John Rogers 6,987,614 sh (-7.71%)
Jeremy Grantham 250,412 sh (-11.4%)
John Hussman 404,000 sh (-54.2%)
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Q1 2014

GCI Guru Trades in Q1 2014

Diamond Hill Capital 4,480,654 sh (New)
Jim Simons 1,511,500 sh (+23.69%)
Joel Greenblatt 83,757 sh (+13.78%)
Mario Gabelli 55,130 sh (+10.17%)
John Keeley 16,150 sh (unchged)
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
Leon Cooperman Sold Out
John Hussman 397,500 sh (-1.61%)
John Rogers 6,866,074 sh (-1.74%)
Pioneer Investments 54,295 sh (-6.15%)
David Dreman 2,196 sh (-7.22%)
Steven Cohen 1,252,618 sh (-54.72%)
Jeremy Grantham 77,256 sh (-69.15%)
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Q2 2014

GCI Guru Trades in Q2 2014

Carl Icahn 2,734,888 sh (New)
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc 53,970 sh (New)
Pioneer Investments 446,279 sh (+721.95%)
David Dreman 3,181 sh (+44.85%)
Diamond Hill Capital 4,923,010 sh (+9.87%)
John Keeley 16,550 sh (+2.48%)
John Hussman Sold Out
John Rogers 6,734,763 sh (-1.91%)
Jim Simons 1,090,500 sh (-27.85%)
Joel Greenblatt 30,668 sh (-63.38%)
Mario Gabelli 20,040 sh (-63.65%)
Jeremy Grantham 23,600 sh (-69.45%)
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Q3 2014

GCI Guru Trades in Q3 2014

Paul Tudor Jones 7,021 sh (New)
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc 5,067,940 sh (+9290.29%)
Carl Icahn 14,967,373 sh (+447.28%)
Joel Greenblatt 112,059 sh (+265.39%)
Pioneer Investments 1,032,874 sh (+131.44%)
Diamond Hill Capital 5,055,569 sh (+2.69%)
Mario Gabelli 20,040 sh (unchged)
John Keeley 16,550 sh (unchged)
Jeremy Grantham Sold Out
David Dreman Sold Out
Jim Simons 1,076,700 sh (-1.27%)
John Rogers 6,068,818 sh (-9.89%)
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Insider Trades

Latest Guru Trades with GCI

(List those with share number changes of more than 20%, or impact to portfolio more than 0.1%)

GuruDate Trades Impact to Portfolio Price Range * (?) Current Price Change from Average Current Shares
Carl Icahn 2014-09-30 Add 447.28%1.06%$29.97 - $34.56 $ 31.45-4%14967373
John Rogers 2014-09-30 Reduce -9.89%0.26%$29.97 - $34.56 $ 31.45-4%6068818
Joel Greenblatt 2014-09-30 Add 265.39%0.02%$29.97 - $34.56 $ 31.45-4%112059
David Dreman 2014-09-30 Sold Out 0.01%$29.97 - $34.56 $ 31.45-4%0
John Hussman 2014-06-30 Sold Out 0.82%$25.95 - $30.75 $ 31.4512%0
Carl Icahn 2014-06-30 New Buy0.22%$25.95 - $30.75 $ 31.4512%2734888
Joel Greenblatt 2014-06-30 Reduce -63.38%0.02%$25.95 - $30.75 $ 31.4512%30668
Mario Gabelli 2014-06-30 Reduce -63.65%0.01%$25.95 - $30.75 $ 31.4512%20040
David Dreman 2014-06-30 Add 44.85%$25.95 - $30.75 $ 31.4512%3181
Leon Cooperman 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.09%$26.36 - $30.04 $ 31.4510%0
John Hussman 2013-12-31 Reduce -54.2%0.7%$24.39 - $29.72 $ 31.4517%404000
John Rogers 2013-12-31 Reduce -7.71%0.23%$24.39 - $29.72 $ 31.4517%6987614
Leon Cooperman 2013-12-31 New Buy0.09%$24.39 - $29.72 $ 31.4517%210231
David Dreman 2013-12-31 New Buy0.01%$24.39 - $29.72 $ 31.4517%2367
Mario Gabelli 2013-12-31 Add 56.18%$24.39 - $29.72 $ 31.4517%50040
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Guru Investment Theses on Gannett Co Inc

John Rogers Comments on Gannett Co. - Nov 05, 2013

In contrast to our financial names, one of our best performers during the quarter was a name many challenged in the not-so-distant past. As many know, although our media names fall squarely within our circle of competence as evidenced by our deep expertise in the industry, they represented some of our poorest performing and most controversial holdings during the worst of the financial crisis. During that tough period, we re-examined every position with a fresh perspective that required us to consider each stock from a lens of having never owned it. In the case of Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI), despite its underperformance, we still saw tremendous value and, true to our contrarian leanings, doubled and tripled down on the holding as the price became more and more attractive—making the stock one of our largest positions. It is important to note, after taking some lumps, we eliminated other media names whose brands and franchises did not appear to be nearly as compelling over the long-term.

On June 13th, Gannett agreed to acquire Belo Corporation (BLC) and its 20 television stations that reach more than 14 percent of U.S. television households in a $2.2 billion transaction. The New York Times dubbed it, "…the biggest local television station sale in more than a decade."2 The acquisition will nearly double Gannett's broadcast properties (from 23 to 43) and create the fourth-largest owner of major network affiliates reaching nearly one-third of all U.S. television households. Gannett will have 21 stations in the top 25 markets and will become the second largest owner of network-affiliated television stations. While normally skeptical and wary of acquisitions, we immediately saw the value of this transaction and future possibilities for Gannett Investors also applauded the deal as evidenced by the fact that Gannett's stock closed +34% higher on the day of the announcement while Belo shares increased +28%. The reason being, Belo will not only accelerate Gannett's transformation into a diversified media company with higher profitability and returns—it will also give Gannett more leverage when negotiating the valuable retransmission fees local television stations receive from cable and satellite operators in exchange for the right to carry those stations on their systems. Size matters when seeking higher retransmission fees with cable and satellite distributors and also when bargaining with the broadcast networks for their cut of that revenue. Retransmission revenues create a dual revenue stream for Gannett, similar to cable networks, while reducing cyclicality from what has historically been an advertising-only business model. And whereas advertising can be hard to forecast, contractual agreements make retransmission revenues predictable and sticky. Moreover, we anticipate a meaningful increase in these revenues once broadcast network compensation becomes more aligned with their ratings.

Despite primetime viewership declines, television still remains the most effective mass advertising platform precisely because it reaches so many people at once. In fact, broadcast television’s significantly larger primetime ratings and greater household coverage give it a distinct advantage over cable. Even though the number of adults under 24 who regularly watch television has declined, adults 65 and older continue to watch. Bernstein Research estimates that adults 65 and over watch 8 hours of television a day, twice as much as adults aged 18-24.

While acknowledging the inherent structural issues in print media, we welcome Gannett’s multimedia diversification through strategic investments and acquisitions. In publishing, Gannett is succeeding in converting its customers from print to a digital platform with an all-access content subscription model that has been a significant driver of recent revenue stability. It is worth noting that the company’s digital platforms attract 54.6 million unique users each month. Meanwhile, broadcast trends remain encouraging. Strong local advertising—specifically from auto dealers, increasing political campaign expenditures and accelerating retransmission revenues—have propelled the company’s strong operating performance. Finally, CareerBuilder’s future looks promising (Gannett owns 52.9%) as labor markets improve and it continues to gain market share from competitors. Gannett CEO Gracia Martore has also proven to be a visionary leader, patient investor and strong capital allocator. To the latter point, she aggressively strengthened the balance sheet by substantially reducing debt before allocating capital to share buybacks, dividends and strategic acquisitions.

Even though we still like small town community newspapers—last week, Warren Buffett purchased his 30th community paper since November 2011—we think Gannett’s real value lies in its ongoing evolution. Given the stock’s recent performance, Wall Street seems to agree.

From John Rogers' Ariel Fund and Ariel Appreciate Fund portfolio manager letter third quarter 2013.

Check out John Rogers latest stock trades

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Carl Icahn Buys Gannett Co, eBay, Sells Forest Laboratories, Netflix, Family Dollar, Holds Herbalife
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P/E(ttm) 15.80
GCI's P/E(ttm) is ranked higher than
82% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 27.90 vs. GCI: 15.80 )
GCI' s 10-Year P/E(ttm) Range
Min: 4.29   Max: 19.95
Current: 15.8

P/B 2.40
GCI's P/B is ranked higher than
64% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 1.76 vs. GCI: 2.40 )
GCI' s 10-Year P/B Range
Min: 0.22   Max: 2.86
Current: 2.4

P/S 1.30
GCI's P/S is ranked higher than
68% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 1.13 vs. GCI: 1.30 )
GCI' s 10-Year P/S Range
Min: 0.08   Max: 3.64
Current: 1.3

PFCF 12.50
GCI's PFCF is ranked higher than
87% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 72.53 vs. GCI: 12.50 )
GCI' s 10-Year PFCF Range
Min: 0.7   Max: 20.98
Current: 12.5

EV-to-EBIT 10.83
GCI's EV-to-EBIT is ranked higher than
84% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 20.53 vs. GCI: 10.83 )
GCI' s 10-Year EV-to-EBIT Range
Min: -10.1   Max: 14.5
Current: 10.83

Current Ratio 2.18
GCI's Current Ratio is ranked higher than
81% of the 276 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 1.18 vs. GCI: 2.18 )
GCI' s 10-Year Current Ratio Range
Min: 0.68   Max: 2.18
Current: 2.18

Quick Ratio 2.13
GCI's Quick Ratio is ranked higher than
84% of the 276 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 0.95 vs. GCI: 2.13 )
GCI' s 10-Year Quick Ratio Range
Min: 0.62   Max: 2.13
Current: 2.13


Dividend & Buy Back

Dividend Yield 2.50
GCI's Dividend Yield is ranked lower than
56% of the 209 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 2.90 vs. GCI: 2.50 )
GCI' s 10-Year Dividend Yield Range
Min: 0.88   Max: 57.94
Current: 2.5

Dividend Payout 0.39
GCI's Dividend Payout is ranked higher than
88% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 2.54 vs. GCI: 0.39 )
GCI' s 10-Year Dividend Payout Range
Min: 0.05   Max: 0.8
Current: 0.39

Dividend growth (3y) 71.00
GCI's Dividend growth (3y) is ranked higher than
99% of the 146 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 5.30 vs. GCI: 71.00 )
GCI' s 10-Year Dividend growth (3y) Range
Min: -51.7   Max: 71
Current: 71

Yield on cost (5-Year) 27.98
GCI's Yield on cost (5-Year) is ranked higher than
96% of the 214 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 3.23 vs. GCI: 27.98 )
GCI' s 10-Year Yield on cost (5-Year) Range
Min: 9.85   Max: 648.48
Current: 27.98

Share Buyback Rate 1.00
GCI's Share Buyback Rate is ranked higher than
93% of the 193 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: -0.20 vs. GCI: 1.00 )
GCI' s 10-Year Share Buyback Rate Range
Min: 4.5   Max: -2.1
Current: 1

Valuation & Return

Price/DCF (Projected) 0.85
GCI's Price/DCF (Projected) is ranked higher than
83% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 1.71 vs. GCI: 0.85 )
GCI' s 10-Year Price/DCF (Projected) Range
Min: 0.04   Max: 2.29
Current: 0.85

Price/Median PS Value 1.18
GCI's Price/Median PS Value is ranked higher than
66% of the 313 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 1.08 vs. GCI: 1.18 )
GCI' s 10-Year Price/Median PS Value Range
Min: 0.07   Max: 4.25
Current: 1.18

Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) 9.00
GCI's Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) is ranked higher than
83% of the 289 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 5.20 vs. GCI: 9.00 )
GCI' s 10-Year Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) Range
Min: 6.9   Max: 22.4
Current: 9

Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) 6.64
GCI's Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) is ranked higher than
77% of the 238 Companies
in the Global Publishing industry.

( Industry Median: 5.79 vs. GCI: 6.64 )
GCI' s 10-Year Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) Range
Min: -2.8   Max: 227.9
Current: 6.64


Business Description

Industry: Publishing » Publishing
Compare:PSO, MHP, WTKWY, SGPRY, IFPJY » details
Traded in other countries:GTT.Germany
Gannett Co Inc was founded in 1906 and incorporated in 1923. The Company is an international media and marketing solutions company and diverse local content providers in the United States. The Company through its network of broadcast, digital, mobile and print products, it informs and engages more than 110 million people every month. Its portfolio of brands offers marketers unmatched local-to-national reach and customizable, innovative marketing solutions. The Company being in digital media provides access to content on different platforms; digital marketing services to businesses to help them more effectively use digital technology to reach their sales goals; and Internet-based human resource solutions. The Company operates in three segments: Broadcasting, Publishing and Digital. The Company's Broadcasting Segment owns & services 43 television stations excluding owner-operators, following its acquisition of Belo Corp. in December 2013. Its Publishing Segment provides content through 82 local U.S. daily publications, including USA TODAY, a multi-platform news and information media company. Its Digital Segment owns and operates a number of stand-alone digital subsidiaries including CareerBuilder, Shoplocal and PointRoll. CareerBuilder is the global leader in human capital solutions, helping companies to target, attract and retain talent. Through its advertising, it generates revenue in Broadcasting Segment, from fees paid for retransmission of the company's television signals on satellite and cable networks, and payments for other services, such as the production of advertising content. In Publishing Segment it generates revenues primarily through advertising and subscriptions to Gannett's print and digital publications. Its advertising departments sell retail, classified and national advertising across multiple platforms including print, web sites, mobile, tablet and other specialty publications. The Company generates its digital revenues through online content subscription fees and advertising on its various digital platforms including more than 120 domestic web sites affiliated with its publishing and television markets, USA TODAY, Gannett Government Media and Gannett Healthcare Group. The Company publishes in major markets such as Phoenix, AZ.; Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, OH; Des Moines, IA; Nashville, TN; Asbury Park, NJ; Louisville, KY; and Westchester, NY. The company's publishing operations and affiliated digital platforms compete with other media and digital ventures for advertising. Publishing operations also compete for circulation and readership against other professional news and information operations and amateur content creators. The market for the Company's online recruitment solutions is highly competitive with a multitude of online and offline competitors. Competitors include other employment related web sites, general classified advertising web sites, professional networking and social networking web sites, tr
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