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GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength : 3/10

GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth : 2/10

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Cash & Debt
Oprt. Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow

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Guru Trades

Q2 2013

LIFE Guru Trades in Q2 2013

Jim Simons 604,397 sh (New)
Jean-Marie Eveillard 455,735 sh (New)
Mario Gabelli 1,311,520 sh (+3187.35%)
Jeremy Grantham 435,000 sh (+2251.35%)
Diamond Hill Capital 81,748 sh (+10.61%)
Louis Moore Bacon 100,000 sh (unchged)
Robert Olstein Sold Out
Meridian Funds Sold Out
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
Ray Dalio Sold Out
John Rogers Sold Out
Ronald Muhlenkamp Sold Out
Scott Black Sold Out
First Pacific Advisors 581,198 sh (-0.75%)
PRIMECAP Management 13,339,442 sh (-8.99%)
Murray Stahl 18,000 sh (-21.74%)
Larry Robbins 10,206,878 sh (-29.8%)
Joel Greenblatt 10,836 sh (-33.08%)
Steven Cohen 5,532 sh (-77.87%)
John Paulson 1,284,433 sh (-91.31%)
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Q3 2013

LIFE Guru Trades in Q3 2013

Louis Moore Bacon 6,767 sh (New)
Jim Simons 1,857,897 sh (+207.4%)
Diamond Hill Capital 96,693 sh (+18.28%)
Jeremy Grantham 444,698 sh (+2.23%)
Mario Gabelli 1,334,898 sh (+1.78%)
First Pacific Advisors 581,198 sh (unchged)
Murray Stahl Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management 13,127,442 sh (-1.59%)
Steven Cohen 4,830 sh (-12.69%)
Jean-Marie Eveillard 200,000 sh (-56.11%)
Larry Robbins 4,251,124 sh (-58.35%)
Joel Greenblatt 3,541 sh (-67.32%)
John Paulson 181,053 sh (-85.9%)
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Q4 2013

LIFE Guru Trades in Q4 2013

Joel Greenblatt 14,885 sh (+320.36%)
Jim Simons 3,241,897 sh (+74.49%)
Steven Cohen 6,307 sh (+30.58%)
Diamond Hill Capital 97,280 sh (+0.61%)
PRIMECAP Management 12,827,575 sh (-2.28%)
Louis Moore Bacon 6,612 sh (-2.29%)
Mario Gabelli 1,159,098 sh (-13.17%)
Larry Robbins 2,749,798 sh (-35.32%)
First Pacific Advisors 288,198 sh (-50.41%)
John Paulson 89,657 sh (-50.48%)
Jean-Marie Eveillard 72,600 sh (-63.7%)
Jeremy Grantham 81,598 sh (-81.65%)
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Q1 2014

LIFE Guru Trades in Q1 2014

Louis Moore Bacon Sold Out
Diamond Hill Capital Sold Out
Larry Robbins Sold Out
Jim Simons Sold Out
Steven Cohen Sold Out
John Paulson Sold Out
Mario Gabelli Sold Out
First Pacific Advisors Sold Out
Jeremy Grantham Sold Out
Joel Greenblatt Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management Sold Out
Jean-Marie Eveillard Sold Out
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Insider Trades

Latest Guru Trades with LIFE

(List those with share number changes of more than 20%, or impact to portfolio more than 0.1%)

GuruDate Trades Impact to Portfolio Price Range * (?) Current Price Change from Average Current Shares
PRIMECAP Management 2014-03-31 Sold Out 1.2%$75.75 - $76.07 $ 76.040%0
Mario Gabelli 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.47%$75.75 - $76.07 $ 76.040%0
John Paulson 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.03%$75.75 - $76.07 $ 76.040%0
Joel Greenblatt 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.03%$75.75 - $76.07 $ 76.040%0
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.02%$75.75 - $76.07 $ 76.040%0
John Paulson 2013-12-31 Reduce -50.48%0.04%$74.72 - $75.78 $ 76.041%89657
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2013-12-31 Reduce -63.7%0.03%$74.72 - $75.78 $ 76.041%72600
Joel Greenblatt 2013-12-31 Add 320.36%0.02%$74.72 - $75.78 $ 76.041%14885
John Paulson 2013-09-30 Reduce -85.9%0.58%$74.06 - $74.96 $ 76.042%181053
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2013-09-30 Reduce -56.11%0.06%$74.06 - $74.96 $ 76.042%200000
Joel Greenblatt 2013-09-30 Reduce -67.32%0.02%$74.06 - $74.96 $ 76.042%3541
John Paulson 2013-06-30 Reduce -91.31%4.93%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%1284433
John Rogers 2013-06-30 Sold Out 1.9%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Robert Olstein 2013-06-30 Sold Out 1.1%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Meridian Funds 2013-06-30 Sold Out 0.83%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Ronald Muhlenkamp 2013-06-30 Sold Out 0.67%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Mario Gabelli 2013-06-30 Add 3187.35%0.59%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%1311520
PRIMECAP Management 2013-06-30 Reduce -8.99%0.13%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%13339442
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2013-06-30 New Buy0.1%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%455735
Scott Black 2013-06-30 Sold Out 0.07%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Joel Greenblatt 2013-06-30 Reduce -33.08%0.02%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%10836
Ray Dalio 2013-06-30 Sold Out 0.01%$64.57 - $74.41 $ 76.045%0
Ronald Muhlenkamp 2013-03-31 Reduce -76.85%1.77%$49.03 - $65.27 $ 76.0426%50000
Robert Olstein 2013-03-31 Reduce -38.51%0.62%$49.03 - $65.27 $ 76.0426%99000
John Paulson 2013-03-31 Add 5.53%0.28%$49.03 - $65.27 $ 76.0426%14773700
Ray Dalio 2013-03-31 Reduce -83.06%0.06%$49.03 - $65.27 $ 76.0426%24408
Joel Greenblatt 2013-03-31 Reduce -24.55%0.01%$49.03 - $65.27 $ 76.0426%16192
Meridian Funds 2012-12-31 New Buy0.73%$46.39 - $51.79 $ 76.0455%380400
John Rogers 2012-12-31 Add 26.26%0.4%$46.39 - $51.79 $ 76.0455%1878931
John Paulson 2012-12-31 Add 3.6%0.15%$46.39 - $51.79 $ 76.0455%14000000
Scott Black 2012-12-31 New Buy0.06%$46.39 - $51.79 $ 76.0455%8275
Ray Dalio 2012-12-31 Add 114.06%0.04%$46.39 - $51.79 $ 76.0455%144088
John Paulson 2012-09-30 Add 171.48%3.41%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%13513800
Ronald Muhlenkamp 2012-09-30 New Buy2.3%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%218140
John Rogers 2012-09-30 New Buy1.6%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%1488160
John Hussman 2012-09-30 Sold Out 0.85%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%0
Joel Greenblatt 2012-09-30 Add 108.77%0.04%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%26136
George Soros 2012-09-30 Sold Out 0.03%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%0
Ray Dalio 2012-09-30 Add 34.74%0.01%$41.26 - $49.7 $ 76.0466%67312
John Hussman 2012-06-30 Reduce -48.8%0.88%$40.25 - $48.69 $ 76.0472%1000000
Ray Dalio 2012-06-30 Reduce -71.75%0.09%$40.25 - $48.69 $ 76.0472%49956
PRIMECAP Management 2012-03-31 Add 11.8%0.12%$40.08 - $50.46 $ 76.0472%14873846
Ray Dalio 2012-03-31 Reduce -35.5%0.06%$40.08 - $50.46 $ 76.0472%176820
Joel Greenblatt 2012-03-31 New Buy0.06%$40.08 - $50.46 $ 76.0472%14244
George Soros 2012-03-31 New Buy0.04%$40.08 - $50.46 $ 76.0472%51831
Lee Ainslie 2011-12-31 Sold Out 1.52%$36.08 - $43.02 $ 76.0495%0
John Paulson 2011-12-31 Reduce -33.91%0.46%$36.08 - $43.02 $ 76.0495%4865492
Andreas Halvorsen 2011-12-31 Sold Out 0.24%$36.08 - $43.02 $ 76.0495%0
Ray Dalio 2011-12-31 New Buy0.18%$36.08 - $43.02 $ 76.0495%274129
PRIMECAP Management 2011-12-31 Add 21.93%0.15%$36.08 - $43.02 $ 76.0495%13303470
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Guru Investment Theses on Life Technologies Corp

Mario Gabelli Comments on Life Technologies Corp - Apr 30, 2014

Life Technologies Corp. (LIFE) is a California based biotechnology company focused on reagents and scientific instruments. On April 15, 2013, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced it would acquire Life for $76 cash per share in a $13.6 billion merger. Shareholders approved the deal in August of 2013 and the merger was completed on February 3, 2014, after regulators in the U.S., European Union, and China approved it. As part of the merger agreement, the Fund received an incremental $0.13 per share in the form of a ticking fee, since the deal did not close by January 14, 2014. The Fund's return was 5.92%.

From Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio)'s first quarter 2014 ABC Fund commentary.

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RS Investment Management Comments on Life Technologies - May 28, 2013

Life Technologies (LIFE) is a global life sciences company that manufactures and sells instruments, consumables, and services used in life science research as well as in commercial applications. The Company sells a broad range of products including cell cultures, sample preparations, DNA analysis and forensic products. Life has more than 75,000 customers in 160 countries and provides integrated and complete solutions that address researchers' workflow. End markets for Life's products are academic/government organizations (~45% of revenue), pharmaceuticals and biotech (~30%), and applied markets (~25%), which include forensics, diagnostics, and water and food safety. Importantly, 80% of Life's revenue is recurring (i.e., consumables and services) with the other 20% related to instrument sales.

We saw a compelling entry point to purchase the stock during the summer of 2011 as investors became increasingly concerned about potential National Institutes of Health ("NIH") funding cuts. In our opinion, these concerns were overstated given that a potential 8% cut to NIH funding would only translate to about a 1% headwind to Life's overall business, given that NIH funding only accounted for ~15% of Life's revenue. Importantly, NIH funding has doubled over the past 12 years to $30 billion and has historically received broad bipartisan support. Moreover, we felt that a reasonable cut to NIH funding would be more than offset by the increasing growth prospects from the emerging markets. At the time of our investment, emerging markets made up just 10% of Life's revenue but were growing at an annual rate of 25%. China alone was a $180 million revenue business growing at 25%, partially in response to the Chinese government's announcement that it was determined to invest $125 billion in health care and science over the coming years. Other growth opportunities that we felt were under-appreciated by the Street included sequencing product launches that exceeded expectations as well as applied markets in bio-production and forensics.

Having completed several large acquisitions in the past, management was increasingly focused on maximizing returns on its existing asset base, and return on invested capital ("ROIC") was added as a performance metric for the senior management team. We saw several positive signs that the company was more disciplined in its capital allocation strategy and remained keenly focused on improving ROIC. In fact, the company began publishing its ROIC metric and publicly set an ROIC target of 10% for 2012 (compared with just 7.7% in 2008). Margin expansion opportunities of 50−75 basis points a year were identified and could be realized by improving efficiencies and leveraging fixed assets. In fact, the company improved its efficiency and productivity by shutting down six manufacturing facilities in 2010, while moving 50% of its purchase transactions online. After successfully rationalizing the Company's cost structure and discontinuing unprofitable product lines, Life announced plans to use its free cash flow to aggressively repurchase stock and deleverage the Company. While we like its long-term prospects, when Life announced that it had hired consultants to help the Company pursue strategic alternatives, the stock price reacted by increasing by roughly 20%. As such, at this more aggressive valuation, we felt that we lost sufficient downside protection that we decided to exit our position in the company during the first quarter of 2013.

From RS Investment Management's first quarter 2013 letter.

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Top Ranked Articles about Life Technologies Corp

Mario Gabelli Comments on Life Technologies Corp
Life Technologies Corp. (LIFE) is a California based biotechnology company focused on reagents and scientific instruments. On April 15, 2013, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced it would acquire Life for $76 cash per share in a $13.6 billion merger. Shareholders approved the deal in August of 2013 and the merger was completed on February 3, 2014, after regulators in the U.S., European Union, and China approved it. As part of the merger agreement, the Fund received an incremental $0.13 per share in the form of a ticking fee, since the deal did not close by January 14, 2014. The Fund's return was 5.92%. Read more...



Valuation & Return


Business Description

Industry: Medical Diagnostics & Research » Diagnostics & Research
Compare:LH, ALR, DGX, ENZ, IDXX » details
Traded in other countries:IVN.Germany,
Life Technologies Corp began operations as a California partnership in 1987 and incorporated in California in 1989. In 1997, the Company reincorporated as a Delaware corporation. On November 21, 2008, Invitrogen Corporation, a predecessor company to Life Technologies, completed the acquisition of Applied Biosystems, Inc. to form a new company called Life Technologies Corporation. The Company is a global life sciences company dedicated to improving the human condition. The Company's systems, consumables and services enable researchers and commercial markets to accelerate scientific exploration, to discoveries and developments that better the quality of life. The Company's products are also used in forensics, food and water testing and other industrial applications. The Company delivers a range of products and services, including systems, instruments, reagents, software, and custom services. Its growing portfolio of products includes innovative technologies for capillary electrophoresis-based sequencing, next generation sequencing, PCR, sample preparation, cell culture, RNA interference analysis, functional genomics research, proteomics and cell biology applications, as well as clinical diagnostic applications, forensics and animal, food, pharmaceutical and water testing analysis. The Company also provides its customers convenient and value-added purchasing options through thousands of sales and service professionals, e-commerce capabilities and onsite supply center solutions. The Company operates is business under three divisions: Molecular Biology Systems ('MBS'), Cell Systems ('CS'), and Genetic Systems ('GS'). The MBS division includes the molecular biology-based technologies, including basic and real-time PCR, RNAi, DNA synthesis, sample prep, transfection, cloning and protein expression profiling, protein analysis and thermo-cycler instrumentation. The CS division includes all product lines used in the study of cell function, including cell culture media and sera, stem cells and related tools, cellular imaging products, antibodies, drug discovery services and cell therapy related products. The GS division includes capillary electrophoresis systems and reagents and next generation sequencing systems and reagents, including the SOLiDTM and Ion TorrentTM systems, as well as reagent kits developed specifically for applied markets, such as forensics and food safety, animal health and pharmaceutical quality monitoring. The Company offers many different products and services and is continually developing and/or acquiring others. Some of its specific product categories include the following: 'High-throughput' gene cloning and expression technology; Pre-cast electrophoresis products; Antibodies; Magnetic beads; Molecular Probes fluorescence-based technologies; Transfection reagents; PCR and Real Time PCR systems and reagents; and RNA Interference reagents. The Company's manufacturing operations require a variety of raw materials, elec

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