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GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength : 5/10

Cash to Debt No Debt
JOSB's Cash to Debt is ranked higher than
88% of the 1083 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 2.50 vs. JOSB: No Debt )
JOSB' s 10-Year Cash to Debt Range
Min: 0   Max: No Debt
Current: No Debt

Equity to Asset 0.78
JOSB's Equity to Asset is ranked higher than
93% of the 1073 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 0.52 vs. JOSB: 0.78 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Equity to Asset Range
Min: 0.35   Max: 0.78
Current: 0.78

F-Score: 4
Z-Score: 8.55
M-Score: -2.48
GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth : 6/10

Revenue Growth (%) 6.10
JOSB's Revenue Growth (%) is ranked higher than
81% of the 786 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 6.50 vs. JOSB: 6.10 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Revenue Growth (%) Range
Min: 2.5   Max: 20.5
Current: 6.1

EBITDA Growth (%) -7.60
JOSB's EBITDA Growth (%) is ranked higher than
68% of the 671 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 9.40 vs. JOSB: -7.60 )
JOSB' s 10-Year EBITDA Growth (%) Range
Min: -7.6   Max: 50.7
Current: -7.6

EPS Growth (%) -9.80
JOSB's EPS Growth (%) is ranked higher than
65% of the 621 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 11.60 vs. JOSB: -9.80 )
JOSB' s 10-Year EPS Growth (%) Range
Min: -22.6   Max: 94.3
Current: -9.8

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Cash & Debt
Oprt. Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow

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Guru Trades

Q1 2013

JOSB Guru Trades in Q1 2013

Paul Tudor Jones 10,000 sh (New)
Joel Greenblatt 42,825 sh (New)
Third Avenue Management 580,566 sh (+6.36%)
Chuck Royce 3,036,337 sh (+1.31%)
Scott Black Sold Out
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Q2 2013

JOSB Guru Trades in Q2 2013

Louis Moore Bacon 75,000 sh (New)
Steven Cohen 30,272 sh (New)
Joel Greenblatt 89,640 sh (+109.32%)
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
Chuck Royce 2,981,672 sh (-1.8%)
Third Avenue Management 256,062 sh (-55.89%)
» More
Q3 2013

JOSB Guru Trades in Q3 2013

Third Avenue Management 271,062 sh (+5.86%)
Steven Cohen Sold Out
Louis Moore Bacon Sold Out
Chuck Royce 2,752,895 sh (-7.67%)
Joel Greenblatt 38,235 sh (-57.35%)
» More
Q4 2013

JOSB Guru Trades in Q4 2013

Steven Cohen 17,690 sh (New)
Paul Tudor Jones 9,436 sh (New)
Jean-Marie Eveillard 30,000 sh (New)
Joel Greenblatt 120,650 sh (+215.55%)
Third Avenue Management Sold Out
Chuck Royce Sold Out
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Insider Trades

Latest Guru Trades with JOSB

GuruDate Trades Impact to Portfolio Price Range * (?) Current Price Change from Average Current Shares
Joel Greenblatt 2013-12-31 Add 215.55%0.11%$41.66 - $57.18 $ 64.4726%120650
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2013-12-31 New Buy$41.66 - $57.18 $ 64.4726%30000
Joel Greenblatt 2013-09-30 Reduce -57.35%0.09%$39.49 - $45.33 $ 64.4754%38235
Joel Greenblatt 2013-06-30 Add 109.32%0.08%$39.01 - $47.73 $ 64.4751%89640
Scott Black 2013-03-31 Sold Out 1.1%$39.28 - $46.27 $ 64.4754%0
Joel Greenblatt 2013-03-31 New Buy0.09%$39.28 - $46.27 $ 64.4754%42825
Scott Black 2012-06-30 Add 20.06%0.2%$40.05 - $51.47 $ 64.4741%177831
Joel Greenblatt 2012-06-30 Sold Out 0.05%$40.05 - $51.47 $ 64.4741%0
Joel Greenblatt 2012-03-31 Add 88.46%0.02%$46.4 - $54.85 $ 64.4736%12018
Mario Gabelli 2011-12-31 Sold Out 0.01%$44.33 - $56.36 $ 64.4726%0
Joel Greenblatt 2011-09-30 Reduce -46.79%0.03%$41.27 - $53.8 $ 64.4731%5440
Joel Greenblatt 2011-03-31 Add 88.13%0.07%$40.14 - $50.55 $ 64.4745%9813
Mario Gabelli 2011-03-31 New Buy0.01%$40.14 - $50.55 $ 64.4745%22000
George Soros 2011-03-31 Sold Out $40.14 - $50.55 $ 64.4745%0
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Guru Investment Theses on Jos A Bank Clothiers Inc

Third Avenue Management Comments on Jos A Banks - Jun 28, 2012

From Third Avenue Management's second-quarter letter:

The position initiated in Jos. A. Banks (JOSB) Common adds to a small basket of well-capitalized retailers that might credibly draw interest from private equity sources, but whose managements we expect to create value in their own right. Jos. A. Banks has been selling suits, shirts and other men's business wear for 107 years; but, it was not until the past decade that the company developed more of a nationwide presence, expanding well beyond its roots in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. While the company's promotional approach may be at odds with building a brand, management has compounded revenues at double digit growth rates over the past 10 years, while consistently delivering same store sales growth6 and margin expansion, even through the recent economic downturn.

Cash and equivalents comprise 20% to 25% of the company's current market cap, and the balance sheet is debt free. While the contractual obligation associated with operating leases are "debt like," we view it as eminently manageable and find additional comfort in the company's track record of profitability and excess free cash flow. The company does carry significant inventory, but unlike many apparel retailers, "fashion risk" seems relatively limited. Unlike the Fund's other apparel retailer holdings, the company's focus is on classic staples – including suits, dress shirts, and pants – that will be saleable next season or next year and likely look much the same as those sold five years from now.

Management prefers promoting their wares to both Main Street and Wall Street, rather than promoting their shares. Given the company's track record, we would say this has been time and energy well spent. Management believes they have room to expand their store base, and historically they have found numerous ways to profitably extend their product lines and otherwise grow sales from their existing store footprint. The next three to five years may not maintain the same trajectory as the past five; however, odds seem good that management can continue to compound value at attractive rates.

The Fund started its position at approximately 10 times earnings (adjusted for the company's cash holdings), a seemingly undemanding valuation for a business with prospects of continued growth over the near to mid-term. Shares also trade at a meaningful discount to what we believe a knowledgeable financial or strategic buyer might pay for control of the business.

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P/E(ttm) 28.50
JOSB's P/E(ttm) is ranked lower than
59% of the 887 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 17.80 vs. JOSB: 28.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year P/E(ttm) Range
Min: 5.87   Max: 28.5
Current: 28.5

P/B 2.50
JOSB's P/B is ranked lower than
54% of the 1036 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 1.71 vs. JOSB: 2.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year P/B Range
Min: 1.08   Max: 5.61
Current: 2.5

P/S 1.75
JOSB's P/S is ranked lower than
70% of the 1107 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 0.74 vs. JOSB: 1.75 )
JOSB' s 10-Year P/S Range
Min: 0.49   Max: 1.86
Current: 1.75

PFCF 26.20
JOSB's PFCF is ranked lower than
53% of the 593 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 19.33 vs. JOSB: 26.20 )
JOSB' s 10-Year PFCF Range
Min: 9.79   Max: 1997.3
Current: 26.2

EV-to-EBIT 13.30
JOSB's EV-to-EBIT is ranked higher than
59% of the 968 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 13.34 vs. JOSB: 13.30 )
JOSB' s 10-Year EV-to-EBIT Range
Min: 2.6   Max: 16.9
Current: 13.3

PEG 3.20
JOSB's PEG is ranked lower than
57% of the 521 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 1.29 vs. JOSB: 3.20 )
JOSB' s 10-Year PEG Range
Min: 0.26   Max: 12.91
Current: 3.2

Shiller P/E 22.40
JOSB's Shiller P/E is ranked higher than
60% of the 541 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 20.92 vs. JOSB: 22.40 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Shiller P/E Range
Min: 8.61   Max: 53.48
Current: 22.4


Valuation & Return

Price/Net Cash 7.50
JOSB's Price/Net Cash is ranked lower than
56% of the 125 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 10.60 vs. JOSB: 7.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/Net Cash Range
Min: 6.51   Max: 74.22
Current: 7.5

Price/Net Current Asset Value 4.40
JOSB's Price/Net Current Asset Value is ranked higher than
66% of the 319 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 8.80 vs. JOSB: 4.40 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/Net Current Asset Value Range
Min: 3.49   Max: 77.18
Current: 4.4

Price/Tangible Book 2.50
JOSB's Price/Tangible Book is ranked lower than
51% of the 937 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 2.00 vs. JOSB: 2.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/Tangible Book Range
Min: 0.38   Max: 4.8
Current: 2.5

Price/DCF (Projected) 1.30
JOSB's Price/DCF (Projected) is ranked higher than
54% of the 551 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 1.20 vs. JOSB: 1.30 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/DCF (Projected) Range
Min: 0.39   Max: 22.03
Current: 1.3

Price/Median PS Value 1.50
JOSB's Price/Median PS Value is ranked lower than
63% of the 1015 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 1.00 vs. JOSB: 1.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/Median PS Value Range
Min: 0.07   Max: 1.43
Current: 1.5

Price/Graham Number 1.80
JOSB's Price/Graham Number is ranked lower than
53% of the 775 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 1.40 vs. JOSB: 1.80 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Price/Graham Number Range
Min: 0.38   Max: 2.17
Current: 1.8

Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) 7.50
JOSB's Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) is ranked higher than
61% of the 983 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 7.40 vs. JOSB: 7.50 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) Range
Min: 5.9   Max: 38
Current: 7.5

Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) 4.44
JOSB's Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) is ranked higher than
70% of the 727 Companies
in the Global Apparel Stores industry.

( Industry Median: 10.63 vs. JOSB: 4.44 )
JOSB' s 10-Year Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) Range
Min: 4.9   Max: 39.1
Current: 4.44


Business Description

Industry: Retail - Apparel & Specialty » Apparel Stores
Compare:IDEXY, ARO, TJX, FRCOF, ROST » details
Traded in other countries:JC1.Germany
Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc., is a Delaware corporation organized on June 22, 1982. It's a designer, manufacturer, retailer and direct marketer of men's tailored and casual clothing and accessories and is a retailer of tuxedo rental products. It sells all of its products under the Jos. A. Bank label through 602 retail stores (which includes 35 Outlet and Factory stores and 15 Franchise stores) located throughout 44 states and the District of Columbia in the United States, as well as through its catalog call center and Internet (www.josbank.com) operations. Its products are targeted at the male career professional. Its products are offered at "Three Levels of Luxury," which range from the original Jos. A. Bank Executive collection to the more luxurious Jos. A. Bank Signature collection to the exclusive Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold collection. It purchases the majority of its merchandise as finished product, with the manufacturer or supplier responsible for purchasing all components of the product, including fabric. It sources all of its merchandise from suppliers and manufacturers or through buying agents using Jos. A. Bank designs and specifications. It has two segments: Stores and Direct Marketing. The Stores segment includes all Company-owned stores excluding Outlet and Factory stores ("Full-line stores"). The Direct Marketing segment includes the catalog call center and the Internet. The Company used mass media advertising such as local radio, national cable television and direct mail marketing and promotional activities in support of its store and catalog call center/Internet operations. It also sends email promotions to its store and Internet customers. It uses a centralized distribution system, under which all merchandise is received, processed and distributed through three distribution facilities located in Maryland. Two distribution facilities are located in Hampstead, Maryland (one owned - 'DC1' and one leased - 'DC2'). The third distribution facility ('DC3') is leased and is located in Eldersburg, Maryland. The Company competes with specialty retailers of men's apparel, department stores, Internet retailers and other catalogers engaged in the retail sale of men's apparel and to a lesser degree with other retailers of men's apparel. It is the owner or exclusive licensee in the United States of the marks JOS. A. BANK, JOS. A. BANK V.I.P. , JOS. A. BANK VACATION IN PARADISE, VACATION IN PARADISE, THE MIRACLE COLLECTION and TRAVELER CREASE.

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