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Nov-17-17$19.82 (+0.30%)
02:34PMStable 7_25 Percent Well Managed Reit Seekingalpha
Nov-14-17$19.94 (+0.61%)
06:10AM10 Percent Yield Trading Premium Seekingalpha
Nov-13-17$19.82 (+1.38%)
08:39AMAgnc Annaly Economic Returns 5minus 6 Percent Cover Less 60 Percent Dividends Seekingalpha
Nov-08-17$19.73 (+0.82%)
09:28AMSafer Dividend Russell 3000 Dog Spark Shines Top November Gains Seekingalpha
Nov-06-17$19.43 (-1.77%)
04:02AM18 Safer U S Dividend Mopay Dogs Lag Capitala November Gains Spurred Dividend Cut Seekingalpha
04:26AMBroker Favored U S Mopay Dividend Dogs Capitala Equities Credit Suisse Ubs Etracs Funds Seekingalpha
Nov-03-17$19.78 (-0.35%)
02:40PMREIT Q3 Earnings: ETFs in Focus Zacks
Nov-02-17$19.85 (-1.73%)
12:35PMDynex Capital View Perspective Preferred Investor Update Seekingalpha
11:15AMHigh Small Month Dividend Brings Morl Yield 22_8 Percent Seekingalpha
05:24AMAnalyzing Agnc Investments Results Q3 2017 Including November 2017 January 2018 Dividend Seekingalpha
Oct-31-17$20.13 (-0.89%)
03:45PMAgnc Investment Corp Looking Better Seekingalpha
Oct-30-17$20.31 (-1.79%)
08:16AMInside Portfolio Hold Seekingalpha
Oct-27-17$20.68 (+0.73%)
10:04AMAGNC Investment's (AGNC) Stock Down on Q3 Earnings Miss Zacks
Oct-26-17$20.53 (-4.24%)
09:52PM10 Percent Yielding Reit Book Value Earnings Coming Pressure Seekingalpha
11:23AMCherry Hill Mortgage Investment Currently Undervalued 16 Percent Seekingalpha
08:22AMAgnc Investment Corp 2017 Q3 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
02:30AMThoughts Handful Mreits State Industry Week 74 Seekingalpha
02:12AMQuick Dirty Mreit Discounts October 25th 2017 Seekingalpha
Oct-25-17$21.44 (-0.83%)
10:13AMSafer Real Estate Dividend Dogs Corecivic And Retail Props Boast Big Expected Gains Seekingalpha
09:00AMEditors Picks Daily Chinese Debt Fang Reits Beauty Supply Chain Seekingalpha
Oct-24-17$21.62 (-0.05%)
11:12AMAgnc Investments Q3 2017 10 20 2017 Bv Projection Includes Mtge Annaly Bv Projection Seekingalpha
Oct-23-17$21.63 (-0.73%)
11:23AM35 Safer Dividend Mopay S M L Dogs Gasp High Arctic Energy Gushing October Gains Seekingalpha
07:01AMTop 60 Monthly Paid Dividend Yields Sport Juicy Yields U S And Canadian Equities Seekingalpha
Oct-20-17$21.79 (+0%)
06:45AMShow Money Closer Look Mortgage Reits Seekingalpha
Oct-19-17$21.79 (-0.09%)
08:11PMEditors Picks Daily Dry Shipping Fed Policy Future Berkshire Hathaway Seekingalpha
02:16AMAgnc Investments Q3 2017 Income Statement Earnings Preview Part 3 Seekingalpha
Oct-17-17$21.85 (+0.41%)
07:30AMReal Talk Reits Seekingalpha
Oct-13-17$21.76 (+0.93%)
12:00PMEditors Picks Daily Plenty Fed Talk Seekingalpha
Oct-12-17$21.56 (+0.28%)
09:39AMAgnc Investments Q3 2017 Income Statement Earnings Preview Part 2 Seekingalpha
07:41AMSurprise! Mortgage REITs Are Kicking Butt Since the Fed Started Raising Rates Fool
Oct-11-17$21.5 (+0.28%)
10:16PM1 Investment Week Buy Hold Investor Seeking High Yielding Preferred Shares Seekingalpha
11:14AM2 Dividend Investments One Preferred Share Clear Winner Seekingalpha
Oct-10-17$21.44 (-0.28%)
07:07PMPennymac Mortgage Investment Trust Perspective Preferred Investor Seekingalpha
05:26AMCys Investments View Perspective Preferred Investor Another Update Seekingalpha
Oct-06-17$21.46 (-1.56%)
10:25AM9_8 Percent Yielding Mortgage Reit Buy Right Now Seekingalpha
03:24AMAgnc Investments Q3 2017 Income Statement Earnings Preview Part 1 Including Current Seekingalpha
Oct-05-17$21.8 (+0.14%)
08:53PMProof Market Stupid Seekingalpha
05:52PM15 Safer Dividend Mopay Dogs Hunt Capitalas October Gains Seekingalpha
06:45AMInvesting Reits Sector Allocation Etfs Seekingalpha
Oct-04-17$21.77 (+0.14%)
11:24AMSafer Dividend Russell 3000 Dogs Chase Fifth Street Asset Price Gains September Seekingalpha
02:11AMMake Terrible Choice Today Seekingalpha
Oct-03-17$21.74 (+0.18%)
02:44AMSafer Dividend Russell 1000 Dogs Chase Corecivic Net Gains Per Analyst September Targets Seekingalpha
Oct-02-17$21.7 (+0.09%)
04:46AMQuick Dirty Mreit Discounts September 30th 2017 Seekingalpha
04:43AMThoughts Handful Mreits State Industry Week 73 Seekingalpha
04:34AMRussell 1000 Dividend Dog Leader Uniti Gain And Yield Per September Broker Rankings Seekingalpha
07:35PMHigh Yield Income 9_8 Percent Bdcs Decline Mreits Rise Q3 2017 50 50 Portfolio Update Seekingalpha
Sep-29-17$21.68 (+0.18%)
02:18PMReml 20_5 Percent Dividend Yield Compensates Many Risks Seekingalpha
Sep-28-17$21.64 (-0.55%)
10:47PM11_61 Percent Dividend Sustainability Brilliantly Managed Reit Seekingalpha
03:56AMAnnaly Capitals Bv Dividend Valuation Compared 18 Mreit Peers Includes Q4 2017 Dividend Seekingalpha
Sep-26-17$21.84 (+0.6%)
03:18PMInside Portfolio Hold Seekingalpha
Sep-25-17$21.71 (+0.51%)
05:38AMVanishing Expenses Go Seekingalpha
05:20AM6 Rules Introduce Ladder Seekingalpha
08:28PMDividend Senseis Portfolio Update 2 Bought Week 8 Stocks Radar Seekingalpha
Sep-22-17$21.6 (+0.93%)
03:46PMBreaking Unsustainable Dividend Seekingalpha
11:44AMEnergy Dog Leads 39 Safer Dividend Sml Mopay Gain Forecast Reits Dominate September Number Seekingalpha
08:00AMColony Northstar Wheeling Dealing Results New Mortgage Reit Seekingalpha
Sep-21-17$21.4 (+0.19%)
10:01PMTop 50 Monthly Paid Dividend Yields Range 6_7 Percentminus 16_7 Percent U S And Cdn Mid Seekingalpha
10:02AMSell Bad 7_44 Percent Preferred Share Buy 6_96 Percent Good One Seekingalpha
08:37AMAnnaly Capital Orchid Island Capital Mbs Pricing Q3 2017 Includes Current Bv Projections Seekingalpha
Sep-19-17$21.44 (+0.42%)
04:43PM3 Reasons Residential Mreit Plan Buy Seekingalpha
Sep-18-17$21.35 (+1.14%)
06:12PMTen Safer Real Estate Dividend Dogs See Gains Grow 10 Percent Per September Broker Targets Seekingalpha
Sep-15-17$21.11 (+0.52%)
01:51AMInvestment Month Brought Discount Seekingalpha
Sep-12-17$21.5 (-0.05%)
09:32PMAgnc Barclays_financial_services_conference_ _09_12_17_vfinal Seekingalpha
Sep-11-17$21.51 (+0.7%)
10:05AMSurprising Price Drop Leads Opportunity Seekingalpha
12:21PMMreit Preferred Fluff Update September 8 2017 Seekingalpha
Aug-30-17$21.22 (+0.09%)
06:53PM6 Dividend Yields You Need Seekingalpha
03:03PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For August 30th, 2017 Seekingalpha
Aug-29-17$21.2 (-2.17%)
07:04AM'Safer' Dividend Russell 3000 Dogs Sport Price Upsides For August Seekingalpha
Aug-25-17$21.64 (-0.09%)
10:19PMInside My Portfolio: What I Hold And Why Seekingalpha
10:00AM'Safer' Dividend Russell 1000 Dogs See CoreCivic Top Gainer & Chimera Top Yielder For Augus... Seekingalpha
07:05AMRussell 1000 Dividend Dog Leaders Are Uniti & Century Link Per August Gain Ratings Seekingalpha
Aug-23-17$21.53 (-0.09%)
03:45PMDouble Down Trading Tactic Seekingalpha
Aug-22-17$21.55 (+0.65%)
02:02PM2 Great 7% Yield Options Are Now Available Thanks To This New Preferred Share Seekingalpha
Aug-21-17$21.41 (-0.09%)
09:49AMThe Preferred Redemptions Continue Seekingalpha
10:47PM2 New Issues Offering At Least 7.0% Seekingalpha
Aug-17-17$21.39 (-0.51%)
08:19PMPreferred Stock IPO: 7% Fixed To Floating From AGNC Investment Seekingalpha
Aug-16-17$21.5 (+0.09%)
04:05PMThe Preferred Investor Seekingalpha
09:11AMREML: Another 20% Dividend Yielding ETN Seekingalpha
08:51AMA 20.4% Dividend Yield For the Last 5 Years Seekingalpha
Aug-15-17$21.48 (+0.33%)
11:21AMI'm Expecting AGNCP To Be Called Within 48 Hours Seekingalpha
03:08AMAnnaly Capital's BV, Dividend, And Valuation Compared To 18 mREIT Peers (Post Q2 2017 Earni... Seekingalpha
12:06AMAGNC: Well That's Sizable Seekingalpha
Aug-14-17$21.41 (+0.33%)
09:24AM'Safer' Real Estate Dividend Dogs, CoreCivic, & Orchid Boast Broker-Believed Big Gains By A... Seekingalpha
Aug-09-17$21.31 (+1%)
04:55AMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For July 8th, 2017 Seekingalpha
Aug-08-17$21.1 (+0.14%)
01:35AMOrchid Island Capital's Dividend Projection For August-October 2017 Seekingalpha
Aug-01-17$21.2 (+0.09%)
04:10PM22 'Safer' Dividend MoPay Dogs Go After Tahoe's August Gains Seekingalpha
11:34AMMonthly Paid Dividends From U.S. Equities And Funds Gambol In Goodly Broker-Estimated 1Yr. ... Seekingalpha
08:26PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For July 30th, 2017 Seekingalpha
08:01PMmREIT Preferred No Fluff Update - July 28, 2017 Seekingalpha
Jul-28-17$21.09 (-0.47%)
02:45PMAmerican Capital Agency: It Has Been Wiped Out Seekingalpha
Jul-27-17$21.19 (+0.09%)
09:22AMAGNC Investment Corp. 2017 Q2 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
04:31AMI Put In An Order For AGNCP'S 7.96% Dividend Yield Preferred Share Seekingalpha
Jul-25-17$21.06 (-0.47%)
06:38AMMy 5 Dividend Champions Worth Holding For Decades Seekingalpha
Jul-21-17$21.16 (+0.76%)
03:21PM'Safer' Dividend Russell 1000 Dogs Look Up To Tahoe Net Gains, By Analyst July Targets Seekingalpha
11:31AMInside My Portfolio: What I Hold And Why Seekingalpha
10:05AMREML With A 20.8% Dividend Yield Is Still Attractive Seekingalpha
Jul-20-17$21 (-0.33%)
04:28PMRussell 1000 Dividend Dogs Trail CoreCivic Gains And New Residential Yield Numbers For July Seekingalpha
07:30AMNew Residential Investment Corp. Is Currently Undervalued By 20% Seekingalpha
Jul-19-17$21.07 (-0.71%)
02:52AMA Guide To Investing: Reader Request On Call Risk Seekingalpha
Jul-18-17$21.22 (-1.16%)
01:47PMWith A 20.3% Dividend Yield MORL Is Seekingalpha
08:47AMI'll Take 'B' For An Extra Year Of Dividend Seekingalpha
Jul-11-17$21.52 (+0.33%)
07:09PMThoughts On A Handful Of mREITs And The State Of The Industry (Week 72) Seekingalpha
06:13PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For July 10, 2017 Seekingalpha
02:16AMAGNC Investment's Q2 2017 Income Statement And EPS Projection - Part 2 Seekingalpha
Jul-07-17$21.37 (-1.16%)
11:41AMSafer Real Estate Dividend Dogs: RAIT, CoreCivic, And Orchid Said To Net Impressive Gains B... Seekingalpha
Jul-06-17$21.62 (-0.37%)
12:16AM16 'Safer' U.S. Dividend MoPay Dogs Chase Crescent Point July Gains Seekingalpha
Jul-05-17$21.7 (+0.28%)
10:20AMU.S. MoPay Dividend Dogs Led By Five Oaks & JMP Group 50% July Gains Seekingalpha
Jul-04-17$21.64 (+0%)
11:29AMHow To Retire At 60 As Dividend Investors Seekingalpha
Jul-03-17$21.64 (+1.64%)
01:02PMLabrador Puppy Finds Safe 7.79% Dividend Yield Seekingalpha
01:30PMmREIT Preferred No Fluff Update - June 30, 2017 Seekingalpha
12:24AM9.9% Market Yield, Bull Market Continues; H1 Report 2017 (BDC, mREIT) Seekingalpha
Jun-30-17$21.29 (+0%)
02:29PMAGNC: Collect 39 Bps In Extra Yield And Don't Fear The Call Seekingalpha
Jun-29-17$21.29 (-1.16%)
07:00PMTo Be Announced: How ARR Plans To Support A 9% Dividend Yield Seekingalpha
Jun-28-17$21.54 (-0.74%)
09:00PMIncome Investor, This Portfolio Is For You Seekingalpha
12:48PMAGNC: Time To Sell? Seekingalpha
Jun-27-17$21.7 (-2.6%)
05:06AMAnnaly Capital's BV, Dividend And Valuation Compared To 18 mREIT Peers (Includes Q3 2017 Di... Seekingalpha
Jun-26-17$22.28 (+0.32%)
03:25PMI Own Two Of The Remaining Green: 8.46%, 7.66%, And 8.42% Seekingalpha
07:48PMBears Bite Back: Be Careful With Those High Yields Seekingalpha
05:24AMmREIT Preferred No Fluff Update - June 23, 2017 Seekingalpha
Jun-22-17$22.16 (+0.96%)
10:19AM8.76% Dividend Yield Whoops Brothers 8.61% Seekingalpha
Jun-21-17$21.95 (-0.18%)
09:10AM7.95% Dividend Yield Gets Whooped By Its 8.15% Sister Seekingalpha
May-16-17$20.04 (-0.25%)
05:53AMAGNC Investment: Capital Raise Didn't Change Anything Seekingalpha
May-15-17$20.09 (+0.45%)
06:25AMThoughts On A Handful Of mREITs And The State Of The Industry (Week 69) Seekingalpha
May-09-17$19.66 (-1.95%)
09:26PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For May 9th, 2017 Seekingalpha
May-05-17$20.19 (+0.95%)
06:17AMHercules Falls Off A Cliff Seekingalpha
May-04-17$20 (-0.65%)
03:35PMThoughts On A Handful Of mREITs And The State Of The Industry (Week 68) Seekingalpha
02:59PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For May 4, 2017 Seekingalpha
11:53AM28 'Safer' Blooming May MoPay U.S. All-Cap Equities Seekingalpha
09:38AMHigh Yielders Brought To You By The Letter M Seekingalpha
03:58AMOrchid Island Capital's Dividend Projection For May-July 2017 Seekingalpha
May-03-17$20.13 (-1.8%)
05:21PMHigh-Yield Cash Flow And Price Growth Continues April 2017; POT3.5 Update (BDC, mREIT) Seekingalpha
May-01-17$21.17 (+0.47%)
09:26AMThe Market Loves AGNC's 10% Yield And Earnings Beat Seekingalpha
08:31AMREML: Another Way To Get 20% Yield, Or A Warning? Seekingalpha
02:26AMAGNC Surprised At The End Of Q1 2017 Seekingalpha
09:44PMInside My Portfolio: What I Hold And Why Seekingalpha
Apr-28-17$21.07 (-1.31%)
08:32AMIgnore The Bond Markets At Your Own Peril Seekingalpha
Apr-27-17$21.35 (+2.64%)
04:55PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For April 27th, 2017 Seekingalpha
08:43AMAGNC Investment Corp. 2017 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
Apr-24-17$20.84 (+0.24%)
11:46AMAGNC Investment Corp.: Where To Now? Seekingalpha
12:48AMMy Retirement Portfolio's 2 Year And 9 Month's Performance Update: My Strategy And Outlook ... Seekingalpha
Apr-21-17$20.79 (+0.63%)
12:21PM'Safer' Real Estate Dividends Bloom For Cherry Hill And Orchid In April Seekingalpha
Apr-20-17$20.66 (+0.15%)
09:57PMTop 50 Real Estate Sector Dogs Seek 6.8% To 15.7% Yields And Up To 27% Gains For April Seekingalpha
Apr-18-17$20.63 (+0.05%)
09:24AMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For April 17th, 2017 Seekingalpha
Apr-17-17$20.62 (+1.73%)
09:06AMMORL 20.3% Dividend Yield Still Makes It A Buy Seekingalpha
Apr-13-17$20.27 (+0.9%)
05:31PMThoughts On A Handful Of mREITs And The State Of The Industry (Week 67) Seekingalpha
05:18PMQuick And Dirty mREIT Discounts For April 13th, 2017 Seekingalpha
Apr-11-17$20.1 (+0.25%)
07:51AMAGNC Investment's Q1 2017 Income Statement And EPS Projection - Part 2 Seekingalpha
Apr-10-17$20.05 (+0%)
08:03PMmREIT Preferreds - A Look At Optional Redemption Seekingalpha
11:21PMFed Minutes And Mortgage REITs Seekingalpha
07:00PMWhich Way Are These Stocks Going? theStreet
07:00PMWhich Way Are These Stocks Going? theStreet

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