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Oct-22-18$42.78 (0.60%)
08:30AMVCTR or OAK: Which Is the Better Value Stock Right Now? Zacks
Oct-15-18$41.03 (1.13%)
08:50AM$AINV $ARCC $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $TWO $BDCL $BDCS Main Street Capitals Detailed Dividend Sustainability Analysis Includes First Half 2019 Seekingalpha
09:36AM$T $D $O $VDEKF $OAK Dividend Income Update September 2018 Total Return Overview Seekingalpha
Oct-04-18$41.93 (-0.12%)
08:30AMVCTR vs. OAK: Which Stock Should Value Investors Buy Now? Zacks
Oct-03-18$41.98 (0.79%)
08:34AMMortgage fraud is getting worse as more people lie about their income to qualify for loans cnbc
Sep-27-18$41.6 (0%)
09:30AM$AINV $ARCC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX Prospect Capitals Detailed Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 2 Includes Remaining Seekingalpha
Sep-17-18$40.7 (0%)
05:10PM$AINV $ARCC $BLT $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD Prospect Capitals Detailed Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 1 Includes Remaining Seekingalpha
Sep-12-18$39.95 (1.14%)
09:58PM$AINV $ARCC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MCC $MDLY $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC Main Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 14 Bdc Peers Post Q2 2018 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
Sep-10-18$39.2 (0.26%)
12:02PM$AINV $ARCC $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $PSEC Prospect Capitals Nav Valuation Dividend Compared 14 Bdc Peers Post Q2 2018 Earnings Seekingalpha
Sep-04-18$40.15 (-1.23%)
09:13AM$CAI $GAIN $LTS $OAK $PRU $SAR $USB New Preferred Stock Ipos August 2018 Seekingalpha
Aug-30-18$41 (-1.09%)
08:30AMVCTR vs. OAK: Which Stock Should Value Investors Buy Now? Zacks
Aug-27-18$41.4 (0.24%)
07:53AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX Assessing Oaktree Strategic Incomes Results Fiscal Q3 2018 Includes Current Recommendation Seekingalpha
Aug-23-18$41.2 (-0.12%)
02:13PM$OCSI $OCSL $OAK Oaktree Capital Still Flat Aum Raised Cash Chance Major Change Seekingalpha
Aug-20-18$41.2 (0.37%)
05:48PM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $BLK $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OAK $OCSI $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $BDCL $BIZD $BDCS Analyzing Oaktree Specialty Lendings Results Fiscal Q3 2018 Includes Investment Rating Seekingalpha
05:48PM$OAK Oaktree Capital Group 2018 Q2 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
Aug-16-18$40.95 (-0.12%)
09:50PM$OAK $OAK.PB Oaktree Capital Group 6_55 Percent Preferred Stock Begun Trading Nyse Seekingalpha
Aug-15-18$41 (-0.12%)
06:13AM$C $CLPR $FAAFX $FAIRX $FMCC $FMCKJ $FNMA $FNMAS $FOCIX $IPMLF $ITWG $JEF $JOE $OAK $SHLD $SPB $SRG $T $VST $VSTO Tracking Bruce Berkowitzs Fairholme Portfolio Q2 2018 Update Seekingalpha
Aug-13-18$40.7 (-0.61%)
08:30AMVCTR vs. OAK: Which Stock Is the Better Value Option? Zacks
07:30AM$SPY $QQQ $MCK $AGN $ABC $DKS $CTSH $OAK $EBAY $WBA $TWX $DG $TRIP $CMG $DLTR $SYNT $CCJ $FB Broyhill Asset Management Mid Year Letter 2018 Seekingalpha
Aug-10-18$40.95 (-1.33%)
Aug-03-18$41.35 (-1.19%)
02:12AM$HBNC $SBR $MSB $PNR $MTR $NDRO $BKEP $SDT $SDR $AB $OAK $AMID Dividends Numbers July 2018 Seekingalpha
Aug-02-18$41.85 (-0.59%)
04:17AM$JOE $FMCC $FNMA $IPMLF $SHLD $ITWG $VSTO $SPB $VST $T $C $SRG $ALLY $BAC $GS $WFC $CHK $HCCDZ $HCHC $OAK $FAIRX Fairholme Funds Bruce Berkowitz 2018 Semi Annual Report Portfolio Managers Letter Seekingalpha
Jul-12-18$41 (0.61%)
07:16AM$ENB $OAK $SBUX $IDTVF Watchlist July 2018 Seekingalpha
Jul-10-18$41.2 (-0.24%)
05:05PM$OCSI $OCSL $OAK Oaktree Attractive Yield Risk Averse Investor Seekingalpha
Jul-02-18$41.1 (1.11%)
01:53PM$OAK $SBLK Star Bulk Undervalued Rates Oaktree Stock Sale Seekingalpha
Jun-12-18$41.65 (-1.77%)
08:15AM$APO $BX $CG $FUN $IEP $KKR $OAK $LMLP Attractive 18 Percent Yielder Exposure Private Equity Buy High Income Capital Gain Seekingalpha
05:59AM$OAK $NVO $NRBAY $NRDEF Dividend Income Update May 2018 Seekingalpha
Jun-08-18$42 (0.36%)
05:32PM$OAK Oaktree Capital Time Yet Seekingalpha
Jun-04-18$41.8 (0.6%)
02:12PM$BAC $DCP $NBR $OAK $RILY $UNM New Preferred Stock Ipos May 2018 Seekingalpha
Jun-01-18$41.55 (1.47%)
02:21PM$OAK Oaktree Capital Oak Presents Bernstein Thirty Fourth Annual Strategic Decisions Conference Seekingalpha
May-29-18$39.7 (-0.38%)
06:24AM$CLPR $FAAFX $FAIRX $FOCIX $JEF $JOE $OAK $SHLD $SRG $T $VST $VSTO $IPMLF $ITWG $BRS $FNMAS $FMCKJ Tracking Bruce Berkowitzs Fairholme Portfolio Q1 2018 Update Seekingalpha
May-24-18$39.9 (-0.13%)
12:08PM$OAK Oaktree Capital Group 6_625 Percent Preferred Units Begun Trading Nyse Seekingalpha
May-23-18$39.95 (0.63%)
02:45PM$AROC $CORR $GNW $OAK $EGC Conversation Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Seekingalpha
02:27AM$JLL $SYNT $CSPKF $SAVE $SAGKF $CHL $SKM $MOS $OAK $FN $SBH $SILC $HDSN $SPY $QQQ $DIA $SH $IWM $TZA $SSO $TNA $VV Appleseed Fund Q1 2018 Quarterly Commentary Seekingalpha
May-09-18$40.1 (-0.37%)
08:51AM$BHGE $DO $ESV $HAL $OAK $RIG $SLB $XOM $EGC Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Extraordinary Return Potential Seekingalpha
Apr-26-18$40.45 (-1.46%)
12:48PMOaktree Capital Fights Turbulent Markets Fool
Mar-20-18$40.05 (0.12%)
09:30AM2 Stocks to Buy When the Market Crashes Fool
Mar-05-18$41.65 (0.24%)
03:24PM3 Unknown but Amazing Dividend Stocks Fool
09:00AM$APO $ARCC $CG $OAK $ARES 4_65 Percent Yielder Upside Benefiting Tax Reform Seekingalpha
Feb-21-18$42.3 (1.81%)
08:56AM$AGND $ARES $BANX $CG $NRZ $OAK $PCI $RISE $TBT Position Higher Rates Still Earn Return Seekingalpha
Feb-19-18$42.2 (0%)
01:50AM$OAK Oaktree Capital Great Company Hurry Pile Stock Seekingalpha
Feb-09-18$42.8 (-0.47%)
12:23PM$BRK.A $BRK.B $BX $OAK $SFTBY $SSREF Masayoshi Son Buying Swiss Re Seekingalpha
Feb-06-18$45.85 (-0.86%)
12:51PMOaktree Capital Finishes 2017 Well, but Market Fears Loom Fool
Dec-26-17$41.65 (-0.48%)
01:54AM$OAK Howard Marks Speaks Passive Investing Go Seekingalpha
Dec-14-17$41.75 (-0.48%)
02:32PM$OCSI $OAK $OCSL Howard Marks Left Building Seekingalpha
Dec-12-17$42.2 (-1.29%)
09:49AM$ABC $ADP $AMTD $BOWFF $CDNAF $CDNTF $CG $CPE $DHI $EMR $GE $GMS $HPE $KL $MCHP $NVDA $OAK $SBRA $SBUX $SCCO $SEP Top Dividend Raises Cuts November 2017 Seekingalpha
Dec-06-17$42.9 (1.42%)
08:38PM$ETE $OAK $OHI $NRE $PSEC $EPD $GM Dividend Growth Portfolio November 2017 Letter Investors Seekingalpha
09:59AM$OAK Oaktree Capital Ready Bear Market Seekingalpha
10:30AMOaktree Specialty Lending: Get Ready for a Dividend Cut Fool
Nov-29-17$42.85 (1.66%)
04:30PMWill Bitcoin Hit $20,000 Soon? One Expert Says Yes. Fool
Nov-24-17$42.3 (-2.42%)
02:44PMIs Bitcoin a Good Investment at Today's High Price? Fool
11:11AMIs Bank of America Stock a Buy Before the End of 2017? Fool
Nov-21-17$42.8 (0.47%)
09:03PM3 Stocks That Could Put NVIDIA's Returns to Shame Fool
Nov-15-17$42.2 (-0.71%)
08:12AM9 Percent Dividend Yield Rebounding Book Value Seekingalpha
Nov-14-17$42.5 (-0.82%)
01:34PMOaktree Capital Oak Presents Bank America Merrill Lynch Future Financials 2017 Conference Seekingalpha
12:56AMGoldman Sachs Bdc Continues Deliver Well Covered 8_2 Percent Dividend Yield Seekingalpha
Nov-10-17$42.45 (-1.39%)
10:28AMOaktree's Howard Marks Flirts With Bond ETFs He Once Spurned Bloomberg
Nov-08-17$43.7 (-0.11%)
04:22PMRecent Equity Offering Buying Opportunity 8_2 Percent Yielding Bdc Seekingalpha
08:09AMThese 3 Stocks Are Undeniably Cheap Fool
Nov-07-17$43.75 (0%)
01:39PMOaktree's Neo Performance to Seek C$300 Million in IPO Bloomberg
Nov-01-17$45.95 (0.33%)
12:41PMPreliminary Estimates 9 Percent Yielding Bdc Seekingalpha
Oct-30-17$46.05 (-2.13%)
06:07PM3 High-Yield Stocks on Sale Fool
Oct-26-17$47.3 (-0.53%)
02:00PMStrong Investment Performance Lifts Oaktree Capital Fool
12:20PMAlternative Asset Managers: A Whole Lotta Boring Barron's
Oct-24-17$47.55 (0.21%)
10:36AMAnother Safe Secure Bdc Currently Yielding 8 Percent Seekingalpha
Oct-13-17$46.7 (-0.64%)
06:00AMHow to Invest in BDCs Fool
Oct-11-17$47.1 (0.43%)
08:47PM3 High-Yield Stocks Still Worth Buying Fool
Oct-09-17$46.9 (-0.42%)
11:43AM3 Alternative Asset Managers To Buy Before Q3 Earnings Barron's
01:55PMTop Dividend Raises Cuts August 2017 Seekingalpha
Aug-08-17$47.45 (-0.11%)
05:14PMShale Is Great But It's Not As Great As People Think It Is Seekingalpha
Aug-07-17$47.5 (0.11%)
12:20PMShould I Give My BDC Permission To Issue Shares Under NAV? Seekingalpha
05:31AMFSC and FSFR: Will They Or Won't They On August 9? Seekingalpha
Aug-01-17$48.35 (-0.1%)
08:39AMOch-Ziff: Now Is A Good Time To Bet On Volatility Seekingalpha
Jul-20-17$47.75 (0.53%)
08:43PMWhy Fifth Street Senior Floating Is Overvalued Seekingalpha
Jul-05-17$46.6 (0%)
09:50PMScary Short Stories: Fifth Street Finance And Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp. Seekingalpha

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