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EarthLink Holdings Corp (ELNK) Dividend Data

Continuous dividend increase since 2016

Yield on Cost

Growth Rate (1-year) Yield on Cost (1-year) Growth Rate (3-year) Yield on Cost (3-year) Growth Rate (5-year) Yield on Cost (5-year) Growth Rate (10-year) Yield on Cost (10-year)
0.00% 3.57% 0.00% 3.57% 0.00% 3.57% 0.00% 3.57%

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Dividend Growth Rate

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
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Dividend History

Amount Ex-Date Record Date Pay Date Type Frequency
$ 0.0502016-12-192016-12-212017-01-04Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502016-09-162016-09-202016-10-04Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502016-06-172016-06-212016-07-05Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502016-03-172016-03-212016-04-04Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502015-12-182015-12-222016-01-05Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502015-09-162015-09-182015-10-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502015-06-162015-06-182015-07-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502015-03-192015-03-232015-04-06Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502014-12-182014-12-222015-01-05Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502014-09-162014-09-182014-10-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502014-06-162014-06-182014-07-02Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502014-03-132014-03-172014-03-31Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502013-12-042013-12-062013-12-20Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502013-08-282013-08-302013-09-13Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502013-06-052013-06-072013-06-21Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502013-03-202013-03-222013-04-05Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502012-11-282012-11-302012-12-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502012-08-292012-08-312012-09-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502012-06-132012-06-152012-06-29Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502012-03-012012-03-052012-03-19Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502011-12-022011-12-062011-12-20Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502011-09-012011-09-062011-09-20Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502011-06-092011-06-132011-06-27Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502011-03-042011-03-082011-03-22Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1602010-12-062010-12-082010-12-22Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1602010-09-022010-09-072010-09-21Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1602010-06-102010-06-142010-06-28Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402010-03-102010-03-122010-03-26Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402009-12-072009-12-092009-12-23Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402009-09-102009-09-142009-09-28Cash Div.quarterly

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Dividend Yield History

This is the historical trailing annual dividend yield of EarthLink Holdings Corp. Buying stocks at higher yield relative its historical values is usually more profitable.