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United States Lime & Minerals Inc (USLM) Dividend Data

Continuous dividend increase since 2016

Yield on Cost

Growth Rate (1-year) Yield on Cost (1-year) Growth Rate (3-year) Yield on Cost (3-year) Growth Rate (5-year) Yield on Cost (5-year) Growth Rate (10-year) Yield on Cost (10-year)
4.00% 0.69% 0.00% 0.66% 0.00% 0.66% 0.00% 0.66%

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Current Price: $ 79.94
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Dividend Growth Rate

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
4.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
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Dividend History

Amount Ex-Date Record Date Pay Date Type Frequency
$ 0.1352017-08-232017-08-252017-09-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1352017-05-242017-05-262017-06-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1352017-02-222017-02-242017-03-17Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252016-11-222016-11-252016-12-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252016-08-242016-08-262016-09-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252016-05-252016-05-272016-06-17Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252016-02-242016-02-262016-03-18Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252015-11-242015-11-272015-12-18Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252015-08-262015-08-282015-09-18Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252015-05-272015-05-292015-06-19Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252015-02-252015-02-272015-03-19Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252014-11-252014-11-282014-12-18Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252014-08-272014-08-292014-09-19Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252014-05-282014-05-302014-06-20Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1252014-02-262014-02-282014-03-20Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252003-05-292003-06-022003-06-17Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252003-03-042003-03-032003-03-17Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252002-11-272002-12-022002-12-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252002-08-282002-08-302002-09-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252002-05-292002-06-012002-06-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252002-02-272002-03-012002-03-18Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252001-11-292001-12-032001-12-17Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252001-08-292001-08-312001-09-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252001-05-302001-06-012001-06-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252001-02-272001-03-012001-03-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252000-11-292000-12-012000-12-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252000-08-302000-09-012000-09-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252000-05-302000-06-012000-06-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0252000-02-282000-03-012000-03-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251999-11-291999-12-021999-12-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251999-08-301999-09-011999-09-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251999-05-271999-06-011999-06-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251999-02-251999-03-011999-03-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251998-11-271998-12-011998-12-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251998-08-281998-09-011998-09-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251998-05-291998-06-021998-06-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251998-02-261998-03-021998-03-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251997-11-281997-12-021997-12-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251997-08-281997-09-021997-09-15Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251997-05-291997-06-021997-06-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251997-02-271997-03-031997-03-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0201996-11-271996-12-021996-12-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0201996-08-291996-09-031996-09-16Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0201996-05-301996-06-031996-06-14Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251996-02-281996-03-011996-03-12Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251995-11-291995-12-011995-12-11Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251995-08-301995-09-011995-09-11Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0251995-05-301995-06-051995-06-19Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601986-08-081986-08-141986-08-28Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601986-05-161986-05-221986-06-05Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601986-02-211986-02-271986-03-13Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601985-11-011985-11-071985-11-21Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601985-08-091985-08-151985-08-29Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601985-05-171985-05-231985-06-06Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601985-02-141985-02-211985-03-07Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601984-11-081984-11-151984-11-29Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601984-08-031984-08-091984-08-23Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601984-05-041984-05-101984-05-24Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601984-02-161984-02-231984-03-08Cash Div.quarterly

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United States Lime & Minerals Inc stock dividend yield is close to 2-year low.

Dividend Yield History

This is the historical trailing annual dividend yield of United States Lime & Minerals Inc. Buying stocks at higher yield relative its historical values is usually more profitable.

Dividend Per Share History

This the dividend history of United States Lime & Minerals Inc

Payout Ratio

This is the historical payout ratio of United States Lime & Minerals Inc. If payout ratio is close to or higher than 100%, dividends might not be sustainable.

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