Latest Picks – This is the stock buys and sells of Gurus during the previous quarter. The information is updated quarterly. Typical lag time is 2-4 months. The time shown is the time when the information was updated on GuruFocus.com

Real Time Picks – The most recent information of Guru Picks. The information is updated whenever available. Lag time can be as short as 3 days. The dates shown here are the reported dates. The information is shown to Premium Members only.

Impact to Portfolio – The ratio of the dollar value of the transaction relative to the total value of the portfolio.

Current Price – Price of the last market close.

Price Range (Average) – The estimated trade prices. The average price is calculated from the time weighted average during the period. If no price range is shown, the trade prices are estimated trade prices, which are more accurate estimates.

Date – If the date is the end of quarters, the trades are made during the quarter ended on the dates. Otherwise, the dates are the estimated trade dates.

Current Shares – The number of shares the manager held as of the dates indicated.

% of Total Assets – The value of the position relative to the total equity holdings in the portfolio

Share # Change from Last Period The change in number of shares held by the manager relative to the last quarter.

# of Guru Holders The number of Gurus that hold this stock. The number is calculated from the default List of Gurus.

Combined Weightings – The total of the weightings of the position in Gurus' portfolio. For instance, if WMT is 5% of weighting in Guru1's portfolio, and 16% in Guru2's portfolio, the combined weighting is 5%+16%=21%. This is a measure of the relative weighting of a stock in the aggregate portfolio of Gurus. If you have your personalized List of Gurus, the combined weighting is calculated from the portfolios of your Gurus.

Premium Member Access  This information is shown to Premium Members only.

# of Guru Holders – The number of the Gurus that hold the stock as the latest update. If you are the premium member, the number of Guru holders are the number of your personalized Gurus that hold the stock

Insider Trades – Only the transactions in Open Market or Private Sale at the market prices are included. Other transactions such as Conversion of derivative security or Exercise of Options are not included. Insiders are only limited to Officers and/or Directors of the company.

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