BlackRock Investment Management, LLC
BlackRock Investment Management, LLC
BlackRock Investment Management, LLC
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Value $85.81 Bil Turnover 4 %
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BlackRock Investment Management, LLC Profile

BlackRock Investment Management is one of the many subsidiaries under the BlackRock company umbrella. It is wholly owned by BlackRock Inc. and serves as one of the company’s operating investment advisors. BlackRock Investment Management was originally Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, an investment manager that was a wholly owned subsidiary of Merrill Lynch & Co. After BlackRock acquired Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, the company was renamed BlackRock Investment Management. BlackRock Investment Management remains a registered investment advisors with the SEC, carrying over its operations from the previous company. The company provides its services to a very diverse group of clients, including individuals, investment companies, banking and thrift institutions, charitable organizations, corporations, state and municipal government entities, and colleges, among others. For the institutional clients that utilize the company to manage it assets, they receive equity, fixed income, balanced, alternative, and money market portfolio services. BlackRock Investment Management uses combinations of equity, fixed income, and alternative strategies to make its investments in the related sectors on a global scale. As of 2015, the company has over 2,000 employees that include almost 500 professional investment advisors. The company is based out of Princeton, New Jersey and manages over $200 billion in total assets. BlackRock Investment Management has over 26 thousand accounts with an average of $8 million balance. Most of its clients are individuals and high net worth individuals, making up over half of its total client accounts, with the rest of its diverse clients making up the rest. Most of the company is owned by Trident Merger LLC. Some of the mutual funds that are available through the BlackRock group of companies include Global Allocation Funds, High Yield Bond Funds, Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, and Health Sciences Opportunities Fund. Its class of ETFs are traded under the iShares label and include ones such as iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology, S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth, North American Tech, and a large variety of others.
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