Boston Partners
Boston Partners
Boston Partners
Last update 2022-08-11 707 Stocks (53 new)
Value $71.55 Bil Turnover 6 %
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Boston Partners Profile

Boston Partners is a privately owned investment manager that is a part of Robeco Group, which is intern largely owned by ORIX Corporation. The firm was founded in 1995 and currently employees 136 people, with 42 of them being investment professionals. Within the company, the business operations are done under a “flat management structure that empowers our analysts and portfolio managers to research and construct their investment recommendations and portfolios within a specific and well-defined set of investment principles.” The firm has three main direct divisions that conduct its investment managing business. Boston Partners holds approximately $75 billion in client assets under management, split between the three main divisions with Boston Partners having $72.6 billion, WPG Partners having $1.3 billion, and Redwood having over $600 million. Boston Partners, the largest of the three divisions, handles the company’s core offerings of value equities. To select its securities, the division utilizes bottom up fundamental research with quantitative analysis, focusing on the valuation, fundamentals, and momentum of the businesses. WPG Partners specializes in small and micro-cap investing and is led by Richard Shuster and Greg Weiss. To select its investments, the division focuses on consistent track records and methodologies, knowledge of pricing within segments, and the capability of companies to change positively. Redwood, the smallest and most recently acquired division, develops its “absolute return strategy that seeks to combine fundamental security analysis with management of equity volatility to produce performance with stability.” The division focuses on investments in companies that can produce 6-9% market cycle returns and have half the volatility of the broad equity market according to the S&P 500 Index, focusing on its capabilities to deliver downside protection. Some of the company’s mutual funds include its All-Cap Value Fund, Long and Short Equity Fund, Long and Short Research Fund, and Global Long and Short Fund.
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