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Charles de Vaulx

Charles de Vaulx

IVA Worldwide Fund
Last update 2019-08-27 71 Stocks (2 new)
Value $3.85 Bil Turnover 3 %
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Charles de Vaulx Profile

Charles de Vaulx is the chief investment officer and portfolio manager at International Value Advisers, LLC (IVA). He joined the firm in May 2008. Until March 2007, Charles was portfolio manager of the First Eagle Global, Overseas, U.S. Value, Gold and Variable Funds, together with a number of separately managed institutional accounts. He was solely responsible for management of the Sofire Fund Ltd. when it won an Absolute Return Award* for “Fund of the Year” in the global equity category in 2005 and 2006. In addition to sharing Morningstar's "International Stock Manager of the Year" Award** in 2001 with his co-manager, Charles was runner-up for the same award in 2006. Charles de Vaulx graduated from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rouen in France and holds the French equivalent of a Master's degree in finance.

Charles de Vaulx Investing Philosophy

Charles de Vaulx employs a value oriented approach and will seek investments in companies of any size that typically have one or more of the following characteristics: financial strength, temporarily depressed earnings or entrenched franchises. However, the overriding attribute of such companies is that their securities offer fundamental value. He is a global investor as most of his portfolio is invested in international companies. The portfolio we track for Charles De Vaulx is IVA Worldwide Fund.

Performance of IVA Fund

Year Return % S&P500 % Excess Gain %
2018 -7.55 -4.57 -3
2017 13.54 21.7 -8.2
2016 6.24 12 -5.8
3-Year Cumulative (2016-2018) 11.52 (3.70/Year) 30.07 (9.16/Year) -18.55 (-5.46/Year)
2015 -2.47 1.24 -3.7
2014 3.2 13.46 -10.3
5-Year Cumulative (2014-2018) 12.24 (2.34/Year) 49.41 (8.36/Year) -37.15 (-6.02/Year)
2013 16.93 32.31 -15.4
2012 6.63 15.99 -9.4
2011 -2.22 1.9 -4.1
2010 17.22 15.05 2.2
2009 23.03 26.35 -3.3

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