First Pacific Advisors
First Pacific Advisors
First Pacific Advisors, LLC
Last update 2022-08-08 185 Stocks (21 new)
Value $6.69 Bil Turnover 7 %
Portfolio Report

First Pacific Advisors Profile

First Pacific Advisors is a Los Angeles-based investment management firm with an emphasis on value investing. It manages the FPA Capital Fund, the FPA Crescent Fund, the FPA New Income Fund, the FPA Paramount Fund, the FPA Perennial Fund and Source Capital, Inc. J. Richard Atwood serves as the firm’s Chief Financial Officer.

First Pacific Advisors Investing Philosophy

The firm follows a value-oriented, research-intensive process. It runs concentrated funds in order to focus on the best ideas of the portfolio managers, with an emphasis on intellectual independence that does not seek validation from the broader investment community. The funds have a focus on small- and mid-cap stocks.
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