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Francis Chou, the fund manager of Chou America Mutual Funds, has been managing the Chou Funds in Canada since 1986. Chou's experience is an amazing success story of value investing. He came to Canada in 1976 at age 20 with $200 in his pocket. Without a college degree, he could only work on blue collar jobs. Finally, he landed a job at Bell Canada as a telephone repairman. During that time, he was introduced to the books of Benjamin Graham.
In 1981, together with six of his fellow telephone repairmen, Chou started an investment club with $51,000. He left Bell Canada in 1984 and became a retail analyst at GW Asset Management, where he met Prem Watsa, the future Fairfax CEO. He turned the investment club into the Chou Associates Fund in 1986, and the rest is history.

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When asked about what the most important things are for him in investing, Chou said: "Buy bargains. Get the returns slowly. Think independently. Don't be afraid of what other people are saying."
The investment process followed in selecting equity investments for the Funds is a value-oriented approach that involves a detailed analysis of the strengths of individual companies, with much less emphasis on short-term market factors. Far greater importance is placed upon an assessment of a company's balance sheet, cash flow characteristics, profitability, industry position, special strengths, future growth potential and management ability.
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