Glenn Greenberg
Glenn Greenberg
Brave Warrior Advisors, LLC
Last update 2022-08-15 23 Stocks (1 new)
Value $2.91 Bil Turnover 10 %
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Glenn Greenberg Profile

Glenn Greenberg and partner John Shapiro founded Chieftain Capital Management in 1984. By pursuing a disciplined investment strategy, Chieftain compounded its accounts at 22.5% (before management fees) during the period from 1984 through 2004 versus 12.9% for the S&P 500. Chieftain Capital later divided into two separate entities, with Shapiro leading the new Chieftain Capital Management and Greenberg leading Brave Warrior Advisors.

Glenn Greenberg Investing Philosophy

Greenberg maintains a highly concentrated portfolio that he describes as a "defense against ignorance." He believes that the more companies you own, the less you will know about each, and the less you know about a business, the more likely you are to make mistakes due to fear and greed. Greenberg invests in companies with little competition, and places a great deal of emphasis on return on invested capital.
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