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IVA International Fund

IVA International Fund | IVIQX
Mutual Fund

IVA International Fund
Last update 2021-03-01 58 Stocks (3 new)
Value $539.00 Mil Turnover 11 %
Portfolio Report

IVA International Fund Profile

Before being liquidated in 2021, the IVA International Fund was managed by Charles de Lardemelle and Charles de Vaulx. Established in October 2008, the fund sought to generate long-term growth of capital by investing in a range of securities and asset classes from markets around the world.

IVA International Fund Investing Philosophy

Before being shut down in 2021, IVA employed a value-oriented approach while seeking investments in international companies of any size that typically had one or more of the following characteristics: financial strength, temporarily depressed earnings or entrenched franchises.
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