Mason Hawkins
Mason Hawkins
Southeastern Asset Management
Last update 2022-08-12 37 Stocks (3 new)
Value $4.74 Bil Turnover 11 %
Portfolio Report

Mason Hawkins Profile

Mason Hawkins has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Southeastern Asset Management since 1975, and he and his partners manage the Longleaf Partners Funds. Mr. Hawkins attended the University of Florida where he earned a B.A. in Finance, and the University of Georgia where he earned an M.B.A. in Finance.

Mason Hawkins Investing Philosophy

Mason Hawkins and his partners are value investors. When evaluating potential investments, they look for three things, "good business, good people, and a good price." Like many successful gurus, he and his partners seek to achieve superior long-term performance by acquiring equity securities in understandable business with strong balance sheets, run by capable management, and trading at less than intrinsic value. Typically, they only invest in companies trading at 60% or less of intrinsic value appraised by looking at the current value of a company's assets and liabilities and also by looking the present value of future cash flows (DCF).They sell stocks when the stocks reach their intrinsic worth. Mason Hawkins believes it is important to have a portfolio concentrated in only the best investment ideas, and the firm generally holds fewer than 25 stocks in each portfolio.
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