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Meridian Funds

Meridian Funds

Meridian Fund
Last update 2013-08-31 149 Stocks (15 new)
Value $2.68 Bil Turnover 13 %
Top Holdings: (%)
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Meridian Funds Profile

Aster is the founder of Aster Investment Management Company. He manages both Meridian Value Fund (MVALX) and Meridian Growth Fund (MERDX). Mr. Aster received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Meridian Funds Investing Philosophy

Richard Aster invests in both growth and value stocks. His Meridian Value Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth. In this fund, Aster invests primarily in equities that are undervalued in relation to the company's long-term earning power or asset value, or the stock market in general.

Performance of Meridian Value Fund