Richard Snow
Richard Snow
Snow Capital Management, L.P.
Last update 2021-08-24 138 Stocks (12 new)
Value $703.00 Mil Turnover 10 %
Portfolio Report

Richard Snow Profile

Richard Snow is founder of Snow Capital. Snow began his career investing the proceeds from the sale of the Snow Family businesses. His reputation grew and others began asking him to manage their assets.

Richard Snow Investing Philosophy

Snow looks for companies that are financially strong, but with stock prices that have been depressed due to temporary or intermediate term difficulties. Snow relies on extensive research to determine the probability of a solution, gain confidence in the company's ability to survive the difficulty, and estimate the value of the stock once the difficulty has passed. Snow believes that, when using this strategy, the downside is protected because the stock price is already depressed making it a reasonably safe strategy, yet one capable of achieving significant returns.
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