Robert Olstein
Robert Olstein
Olstein Capital Management, L.P.
Last update 2023-02-06 98 Stocks (1 new)
Value $637.00 Mil Turnover 5 %
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Robert Olstein Profile

Robert A. Olstein is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of the Olstein Financial Alert Fund (OFALX). He is considered to be an expert in corporate financial disclosure and reporting practices. In 1971, he co-founded the "Quality of Earnings Report" service, which pioneered the concept of using inferential financial screening techniques to analyze balance sheets and income statements to alert institutional portfolio managers to positive or negative factors affecting a company's future earnings power and value of a company's stock.

Robert Olstein Investing Philosophy

Robert Olstein selects stocks by looking behind the numbers. He emphasizes a detailed look behind the numbers of a company's financial statement to assess the company's financial strength and assess potential downside risk. He believes that the Fund's objectives are best met by a "defense first" approach - an approach aimed at minimizing investment errors as opposed to finding companies with the highest appreciation potential without regard for downside risk. To qualify for his selection, a company must generate more cash flow than necessary to sustain the business, avoid aggressive accounting practices, demonstrate balance sheet fundamentals that are consistent with his defense first approach, and be selling at a discount to the private market value. Robert Olstein sells a stock when the stock appreciates to his appraised value.
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