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  • Micah Martin 2012-05-09 08:00
    Nicolas73: Hi Micah,
    I just want to congratulate with you for your article on NPK and...the wonderful outcome.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Hi Nicholas73,

    Thank you for your kind words! NPK was a fascinating company to research and it was a fun article to write.

    Thanks again,
  • ecotycoon 2012-03-21 16:59
    Nicolas73: Hi J-F,

    thank you for your comment.

    I mostly agree with you, but I think the market is overreacting on

    There's much more value here than the
    impatient to read this article.
  • ecotycoon 2012-03-19 19:35

    quote]Nicolas73: Hi ecotycoon, thank you very much for your reply!

    You gave me a better picture of Canada companies (and stocks). I
    agree with you on the fact that an[/quote]

    haha the famous RIMM, well i realy don't know sometime it's not all about value, even if it's realy well under value the company. PPeople need to find out about the underlying value before the value decrease more! I know Prem Watsa buy a lot of RIM, i even think he is the third investor right now, but wath is funny is that he writh in is latest letter that he's "trying to help"! That's realy good as this point of view, i have friend working for RIM, they have sponsor project i was in many year's ago and it have been a realy good company in canada. The management is realy good good enough to know they have to leave to let their place. They try to have a more software focus instead of hardware. All that are realy good. Still take a look at competitor, Phil Fisher was asking wath do you have that you're competitor don't have? And what i see is that competitor have what RIM don't have. Google therfic on software buy motorola, realy good on the hardware, micorsoft realy good in the software associate with nokia realy good in the hardware, apple, great at both with a realy strong brand. And there is RIM, that have lost reputation over security and brand a lot. And reputation is hard to have back. Nature of people have seem much more influence buy story than fact. Even if they fixt all their problem in time that those not mean consumer will get back to RIM, cause they will remeber the story...  For me this is to much speculation for investing in it.   

    But if you beleive in the cause to save a company that have done a lot for canadian for a while, and that you know that you have the power to influence to help the organisation to fix some issue... Then it's smart and you should try to help, money is not about everything... If you succeed every 4 time to save a great business without to much risk then you should give it a try.... If you don't have this influcence you can believe in people that have it and support them... but be smart don't expect to much cause the risk are high, better do it for the cause.... It could be smarter to support those people by buying Fairfax share it's less risky haha....
  • ecotycoon 2012-03-18 17:00
    Nicolas73: Hi ecotycoon,
    I've seen from your Profile that you live in Canada.

    I'm italian, but I have a part of my family in Toronto (I've never been there, but
    Personnaly i hate most of canadian stock, the business is almost alll about comodities. There's a lot of speculation about comodities, and it's hard to know the real value of a company that are about commodity because they generate income from price of commodities that are relying on speculation. Because most of the game is about offer and demand you never know when the offer can come form, new mine, discover, new petroluem field???? And the economic for the demand is quite hard to predict too... You never know what are the real risk. In other kind of comany such as retailling, service, pharma it's less cyclical and you know who are the competitor, so it's easer to know the real value of of company as of my point of view and the risk apply to those company.

    We have few retail and service company, but our main problem is the tax ther are quite hight so we don't have as good result as you can have in country like USA. Un the US the capitalism systeme work much better, much more franchise company, lower taxe rate, making it better return on investement. But the probleme for canadian is that or currencies is a lot influence by the demand for canadian commodities and the fact that the US Governement is having lot of probleme, so there is a serious curencies risk for canadian investor to invest in the US.

    Realy good investor in canada such as Francis Chou have lost a lot of money only with currencies... Prem Watsa from fairfax invest in US but hedge is portfolio from currencies risk. Still we have great compny such as Lassonde, Metro, Rona, Rogers, Saputo, Jean-Coutu and many other but we still have less choice than in the US.

    Wish it answer you're question? If you have any other question only have to ask, it will be a pleasure :)

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