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Based on ownership reports from SEC filings, as the reporting owner, Michael D. Trollinger owns 1 companies in total, including Seaboard Corp (SEB) .

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Insider Ownership Summary of Michael D. Trollinger

Ticker Comapny Transaction Date Type of Owner
SEB Seaboard Corp 2015-03-31 VP & Corporate Controller & CAO

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What does Seaboard Corp do?

Seaboard Corp is a diversified group of companies that operate in agricultural and ocean transport businesses. The company is engaged in hog production and pork processing in the United States; commodity trading and grain processing in Africa and South America; cargo shipping services in the U.S., Caribbean and Central and South America; sugar and alcohol production in Argentina; and electric power generation in the Dominican Republic. It also has an equity method investment in Butterball, LLC, a producer and processor of turkey products. The group operates six business segments: pork, commodity trading and milling, marine, sugar and alcohol, power, and turkey. It operates in 45 countries, with a concentration in the U.S. and countries in Central and South America and Africa.

Who are the key executives at Seaboard Corp?

Michael D. Trollinger is the VP & Corporate Controller & CAO of Seaboard Corp. Other key executives at Seaboard Corp include Assistant Secretary Cerezo Baena Laura P , Interim Controller and PAO Barbara M Smith , and Assistant Treasurer Vacas Jacques Emma Alejandra .

Seaboard Corp (SEB) Insider Trades Summary

In summary, during the past 3 months, insiders sold 0 shares of Seaboard Corp (SEB) in total and bought 0 shares, with a net sale of 0 shares. During the past 18 months, 0 shares of Seaboard Corp (SEB) were sold and 0 shares were bought by its insiders, resulting in a net sale of 0 shares.

Seaboard Corp (SEB)'s detailed insider trading history can be found in Insider Trading Tracker table.


Seaboard Corp Insider Transactions

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Above is the net worth, insider trading, and ownership report for Michael D. Trollinger. You might contact Michael D. Trollinger via mailing address: 9000 West 67th Street, Shawnee Mission Ks 66202.

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