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Based on ownership reports from SEC filings, as the reporting owner, Susan Collyns owns 6 companies in total, including Dine Brands Global Inc () , Waitr Holdings Inc () , and Zoe′s Kitchen Inc () among others .

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Insider Ownership Summary of Susan Collyns

Ticker Comapny Transaction Date Type of Owner
Dine Brands Global Inc 2023-09-29 director
Waitr Holdings Inc 2019-04-18 director
Zoe′s Kitchen Inc 2018-11-21 director
Potbelly Corp 2018-05-24 director
The Beachbody Co Inc 2021-06-25 PRESIDENT & CFO
Resources Connection Inc 2023-08-15 director

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Susan Collyns Owned Company Details

What does Dine Brands Global Inc do?

Who are the key executives at Dine Brands Global Inc?

Susan Collyns is the director of Dine Brands Global Inc. Other key executives at Dine Brands Global Inc include Chief Financial Officer Vance Yuwen Chang , director & Chief Executive Officer John W. Peyton , and President & Applebee's Tony E. Moralejo .

Dine Brands Global Inc () Insider Trades Summary

Over the past 18 months, Susan Collyns made no insider transaction in Dine Brands Global Inc (). Other recent insider transactions involving Dine Brands Global Inc () include a net sale of 3,000 shares made by Larry Alan Kay , a net purchase of 2,225 shares made by John W. Peyton , and a net purchase of 1,170 shares made by Vance Yuwen Chang .

In summary, during the past 3 months, insiders sold 0 shares of Dine Brands Global Inc () in total and bought 3,395 shares, with a net purchase of 3,395 shares. During the past 18 months, 3,000 shares of Dine Brands Global Inc () were sold and 3,395 shares were bought by its insiders, resulting in a net purchase of 395 shares.

Dine Brands Global Inc ()'s detailed insider trading history can be found in Insider Trading Tracker table.


Dine Brands Global Inc Insider Transactions

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Above is the net worth, insider trading, and ownership report for Susan Collyns. You might contact Susan Collyns via mailing address: 6053 W Century Blvd Ste 1100, C/o California Pizza Kitchen Inc, Los Angles Ca 90045-6430.

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