The estimated Net Worth of BRESKY STEVEN J is at least $3498 Million dollars dollars as of 11/27/2021. BRESKY STEVEN J is the President, 10% Owner of Seaboard Corp. BRESKY STEVEN J owns over 896,496 shares of Seaboard Corp stock worth over $3498 Million dollars .

BRESKY STEVEN J mailing address: P.O. BOX 2972 SHAWNEE MISSION KS 66201

Insider Roles

Name Transaction Date Position
Seaboard Corp 2016-12-31 director, 10 percent owner, officer: President & CEO

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Relative Return(%) 0.92 -7.61 -4.71 28.94 19.26 42.16
Relative Return to S&P 500(%) -0.84 -9.92 -10.71 14.02 3.28 20.13

Bresky Steven J trading transactions

Ticker Company Price Insider Name Insider Position Date Buy/Sell Insider Trading Shares Shares Change Price Cost(000) Final Share Price Change Since Insider Trade (%) Dividend Yield % PE Ratio Market Cap ($M)
Total 0
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