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GuruFocus Contest: What Stocks Did Warren Buffett Buy?

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Jul 31, 2007
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Within about 2 weeks Warren Buffett will report his portfolios for the second quarter. It is time for us to have the contest again, see who knows Buffett the best by guessing what stocks he bought during the second quarter.

Registered users may participate this contest by entering up to 3 stock symbols into the comment area. Also please state briefly the reasons for your guesses.

We have hosted three contests before guessing what Warren Buffett bought over the previous quarter. The winners of the third quarter of 2006 contest were Expectingrain and Gokou3. Each of them won a copy of Joel Greenblatt's "You Can Be a Stock Market Genius"! Those for the fourth quarter of 2006 were Harison and Jasonfrey33. Harison received a copy of Joel Greenblatt's The little Book that Beat the Market. Jasonfrey33 received a copy of Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor.

The third contest we had was to guess what two railroad stocks Warren Buffett bought. Our users missed the guess. As we reported later, Warren Buffett bought Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC, Financial) and Union Pacific Corp (UNP, Financial).

The market has been good until the second quarter. However, a lot of large cap stocks lagged the market. We all know that Warren Buffett has more than $50 billion of cash in hand. The underperformance of large cap stocks certainly gives him more opportunities.

Here we would like to invite everyone to participate. The top two winners will each win a copy of great investment book selecting from this list:

Joel Greenblatt: The little Book that Beat the Market

Benjamin Graham: The Intelligent Investor

Martin Whitman: The Aggressive Conservative Investor

Peter Lynch: Beating the Street

Peter Lynch: One Up on Wall Street

David Dreman: Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation

Mohnish Pabrai: Dhandho Investor

The deadline for this contest will be when Warren Buffett releases information of Berkshire ’s holdings, which will be before Aug. 15. Write your answer to the comment area. If you are not registered, you need to register to participate.

Good luck!
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