Video: Picking High-Quality Stocks From a Particular Country

Charlie Tian shows how to use the All-in-One Screener to find stocks in different countries

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Mar 25, 2020
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Hi fellow investors,

This is Charlie Tian again with GuruFocus. In one of my previous videos, I mentioned that you can screen for high-quality companies with GuruFocus’ All-in-One Screener and one reader was asking whether or not you can screen companies from a particular country. You sure can.

You can screen stocks from a particular country or from multiple countries or from a certain region at the same time. When you are on the All-in-One Screener page on, you can find a bar titled regions. You can select one or multiple regions depending on your subscription.

Within the region bar, you can screen for different countries. If you open the drop-down menu from the region bar, you can see the different countries that are available for each region. For instance, I could select Germany and unselect the U.S. and then only look at companies from Germany. You still have the flexibility to change any parameter you want when searching within a certain region. When selecting these parameters, it is important to note that monetary values will always be listed in U.S. dollars.

Another important function is the ability to save these types of searches under whatever name you so choose. This allows you to find companies under those exact parameters in the future without having to input everything manually.

This functionality is also available for the pre-made screeners as well. One of my favorites is the High Quality & Low Capex screener. When I originally set up the screener, I set it for the U.S. only, so that is all that will be displayed. Once again, you can select Germany and unselect the U.S. and the screener will operate exactly the same, but will only show German companies.

On top of this, you could add in France and Japan. This will then find you additional companies that fall within the pre-made screener’s parameters. Once again, you can add in parameters onto the pre-made screener and then save it as a custom search to use in the future.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments area and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you and see you next time,

Charlie Tian

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