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Monthly Value Ideas Contest – Win $500

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Jan 19, 2011
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Starting February, GuruFocus will host a monthly contest of value ideas. All of our readers are encouraged to participate and share their investment ideas. We will select TWO WINNERS per month. The first place will win $500, and the second place will win $200. Every qualified submission will be awarded $25 for sharing the ideas.

To participate, please follow these guidelines:


Update as of Dec. 2011:

In order to encourage high quality submissions, we will make the following changes:

1. There will be four winners each month, instead of just two. The awards are:

a. First place: $500

b. Second place: $200

c. Third and fourth place: $100 each.

2. We will pay only $25 for each qualified exclusive submissions.

3. If we have less than 10 qualified submissions in a month, the submissions will be pushed to the following month for evaluation.

Investment Ideas:

1. Each submission should focus on only one company.

2. Participants are required to submit detailed research thesis to support their investment ideas

3. The investment ideas must be long term value oriented, special situations such as spin-off or merger-acquisition arbitrages

4. The ideas can be long or short, as long as you present compelling research thesis to support your ideas


1. The research write-ups are exclusive to this contest. They may not be published anywhere else. The authors may publish a summary on their blogs or websites. At the beginning of the article, the author are required to refer to this contest, and link to this page.

2. The authors may also post a summary or an introduction on their own blogs/sites, and link to the full research report on GuruFocus.

3. Authors should not resubmit the same ideas within every 6-month period

4. Authors should not submit the same ideas as the ones that have been submitted by other authors within the past 6 months.

5. Multiple submissions from the same participant on different ideas are allowed.

6. It is recommended that the write-up include at least these sections:

  • Introduction of the company

  • Analysis of Business

  • Fundamentals

  • Valuations

  • Discussions of risks, competition, catalyst etc.

When and where to Submit:

1. The Contest submission periods are from the first day to the 15th of each month. Due to tremendous response to our poll, the first contest is NOW open for submissions.

2. You can submit your contest write-ups online under Articles => Submit Articles

3. Please write down “Contest’ in the article submission tagline.

How Are the Winners Selected?

1. The quality of the write-ups and the depth of the research are the most important factor in the rating of the contest.

2. The star-ratings and the responses from the readers. Our readers have in general been very fair with their star-ratings and responses.

3. The responses of the authors to readers’ questions.

4. GuruFocus editors’ evaluations.

5. Some long term contributors and past contest winners may be invited as judges.

How to Get a Higher Score?

Two factors are considered for the scores. The quality of the analysis itself and the quality of the area that is analyzed. An example here, if the company has very good management, AND you prove clearly with your analysis, you get higher rating. If the company does have good management, but you fail to convince the readers, you still get low points.

Are you ready for the contest? If you are, get ready for your best investment ideas, research them as much as you can, write the research up!

Your hard work will be rewarded by GuruFocus, and more importantly by the appreciation of your stock picks.

Ready to go? Submit Your Value Ideas Research Now. The deadline for this submission is Feb. 15. (Please put “contest” in the tags area)

February Winners:

The first place of the contest goes to PepsiCo: Value with Safety by Alex Morris; the second place goes to Boston Beer Company - A Small Brewer Buffett Would Love by Bill Smith!

Submit your contest value ideas
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