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New Stock Summary Page Feature: Performance Charts

We have added a new section to our popular stock summary page

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James Li
Jan 29, 2021
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We are pleased to announce that we added a new "Performance Charts" section of our popular stock summary pages.

GuruFocus' stock summary pages contain a wide range of information for a stock, including financial strength measures, profitability measures, our exclusive GF Valuation Line and much more. Figure 1 illustrates a sample summary page for Facebook Inc. (

FB, Financial).


Figure 1

New "Performance" section shows stock performance compared with competitors

Figure 2 illustrates a sample "Performance" chart for Facebook and competitors like Google parent Alphabet Inc. (

GOOGL, Financial)(GOOG, Financial) and China-based NetEase Inc. (NTES, Financial).


Figure 2

The "Performance" section contains a performance chart, annualized returns over specific time periods and the total return of the stocks each year over the past 10 years.

As Figure 2 illustrates, Facebook returned a cumulative return of approximately 105.8% over the past five years, compared with Alphabet's return of approximately 131.5% and NetEase's return of approximately 139.4% over the same period. On an annualized basis, Facebook, Alphabet and NetEase returned 19.42%, 19.89% and 31.69% over the past five years.

You can add other stocks to the performance chart

You can add other stocks to the chart by either entering the stock ticker in the "Add ticker" field or using the "Compare" drop-down menu. Figure 3 illustrates the "Add ticker" command for Apple Inc. (

AAPL, Financial).


Figure 3

The "Compare" drop-down menu allows you to add other competitors to the chart. For example, Figure 4 illustrates a chart that adds Baidu Inc. (

BIDU, Financial) and Twitter Inc. (TWTR, Financial) into the "Performance" chart.


Figure 4

Table 1 summarizes the stocks' annualized returns over specific time periods while Table 2 summarizes the stocks' returns for each year.


Table 1


Table 2

Disclosure: The author is long Apple and considering buying shares of Facebook. The stocks mentioned in this article is for demonstrative purposes only and are not to be construed as investment advice. Investors must do their own research before making stock trades.

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