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December Members Engagement Meeting Recap

Updates to the 30-Year Financials and market insight

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Dec 01, 2021
  • New additions to the 30-Year Financials page.
  • Dashboard coming soon for all users.
  • Tian encouraged viewers to look for high-quality companies.
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GuruFocus founder Dr. Charlie Tian went live today to share updates to the 30-Year Financials page and offered some of his thoughts on the current state of the market. He also showed off the new Dashboard feature that is under development that users can look forward to in the near future.

Watch the full presentation here:

Tian kicked off the presentation by taking a look at the redesign of the 30-Year Financials page and some of the additional changes that have been made. While the default view of the page shows 15 years of data, some members requested the ability to view more data on the page without having to download it into Excel.

Just below the Standard View tab, members will now find additional options to pick date ranges and show all of the data that is supported on the financials pages. Next to those options members will also find a date range selection tool that allows for a more customized date range of data.

Tian also emphasized the new options available to members to customize the view of the financial page. This tool makes it possible to add and remove different lines of data throughout the page. At the bottom of the page, members will also find the Customized Field option to create custom lines of data.

From there the presentation shifted from current features to a big change coming that users can look forward to. In the near future, GuruFocus will be releasing a Dashboard that will allow users to create their own customized landing page on the website. The page will be fully customizable so that users will see exactly what they want on the homepage without any clutter. The feature is currently under development, but the development team is hoping for a full release in the next month.

Tian continued on to use several different features to offer his thoughts on the current state of the market and where it may be heading. He explained the market is overvalued and that decreased returns are likely moving into the near future. The market has been doing very well in the last several months and has reached a peak, which could leave a long way for things to fall.

Tian transitioned once again to take an in-depth look at the distribution of the gains seen throughout the market. He primarily utilized the Aggregate view in the All-in-One screener to show how companies that fall into different market caps have had varying performance in the last several years. Overall, Tian emphasized that he focuses on high-quality companies across the board.


Rounding out the presentation, Tian took a look at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (

BABA, Financial) at the request of an audience member and used it alongside several other companies to provide his own definition of high quality. He also brought in another question that asked about the GF Value Line and explained that high-quality companies are those that feature both a strong financial strength rating and profitability rank. While there are many companies that have seen stock prices skyrocket, many of these are not what Tian would consider to be high-quality companies.


Ending things off, Tian teased the idea of bringing in another investor for a dialogue that would also answer questions from the audience. He finished the stream off by wishing everyone in the audience and all GuruFocus users a great year in 2022.


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