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The website's summary page got a face-lift

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Mar 29, 2022
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GuruFocus has launched a new design of its stock summary page. To help users become more familiar with the new layout, it contains a navigation bar that allows them to move to a specific section of the summary page. Figure 1 illustrates the new header section of the page, including the navigation bar.


Figure 1

Key fundamental data header

As Figure 1 illustrates, the header section includes key fundamental data for a stock as well as a new GF Score chart. Figure 2 illustrates a sample GF Score chart for Apple Inc. (APPL).


Figure 2

Financial strength and profitability

Figure 3 illustrates a sample Financial Strength, Profitability and GF Value section for Microsoft Corp. (

MSFT, Financial).


Figure 3

As Figure 3 illustrates, the content for financial strength, profitability and GF Value sections are like those for the old version. GuruFocus applies the traffic-light concept, in which green highlights good indicators while red highlights potential warning signs for the stock. Orange and yellow highlights cautionary signs: The indicator is close to a median benchmark threshold, which can either be the industry median value or historical median value.

Warning signs

Users can view a stock’s warning signs by clicking the “Warning Signs” item on the navigation bar. Figure 4 illustrates a sample Warning Signs section for Alphabet Inc. (

GOOGL, Financial)(GOOG, Financial).


Figure 4

The traffic-light concept applies to the warning signs as well: red for severe warning signs, orange for medium warning signs and green for positive investing signs.


Figure 5 illustrates a sample Financials section for Google.


Figure 6

The Peter Lynch Chart applies the legendary Fidelity Magellan Fund manager’s concept in which one can compare a stock’s price line to an earnings line at 15 times earnings.

Guru Trades

Figure 7 illustrates a sample Guru Trades section for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (

BABA, Financial).


Figure 7

The Guru Trades section provides a summary of guru and insider buys and sells as well as the latest guru trades for the stock.


Figure 8 illustrates a sample Performance section for Nvidia Corp. (

NVDA, Financial).


Figure 8

The performance section includes a chart and a few tables illustrating the performance of the stock compared to its competitors.

Business description

Figure 9 illustrates a sample business description section for Where Food Comes From Inc. (

WFCF, Financial).


Figure 9

The business description section gives information about a company’s business and competitors.


Figure 10 illustrates a sample executives section for Tesla Inc. (

TSLA, Financial).


Figure 10

The Executives section provides information about a company’s board of directors and C-level employees.


Users can switch back to the old version of the Summary Page by clicking on the “Back To Old” button as Figure 11 illustrates.


Figure 11

GuruFocus welcomes any feedback about the new stock summary page. Users can make suggestions using the “Design Feedback” button as Figure 12 illustrates.


Figure 12

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