GAMCO's Barbara Marcin: Dividend Stocks Are Still Attractive

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Sep 05, 2012
GAMCO's portfolio manager Barbara Marcin was on CNBC to discuss her views on dividend stocks.


-- Dividend paying stocks have room for growth. "A lot of companies" are still selling at low multiples.

-- Dividend paying stocks are not crowded with everyone piling to earn some income while they wait for capital growth.

-- Lot of dividend paying companies are trading at low valuations, are well positioned to grow earnings, have solid balance sheets and still providing 3% to 4% yields.

-- If dividend paying stocks would have been crowded some value would have already gone, which means their valuations would have moved up and dividend yields would have moved down.

-- Technology and healthcare sectors are two of her favorite sectors for dividend plays and overall better total return.

-- In technology, she believes that the upcoming fiscal cliff and resultant increase in the dividend taxes may push some of the cash-rich technology companies to distribute some of the cash in a one-time cash dividend as has been recently done by AOL.

Here is the video. Barbara comes in after one minute:

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