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Muhammad Bazil
Muhammad Bazil
Articles (192) 

Bank of America: Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

September 27, 2012 | About:

In today’s tough market, both buyers and investors should breathe a sigh of relief that interest rates are down on mortgages. U.S. homeowners looking to purchase real estate can take advantage of some record low rates on houses if they qualify. The Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) would have been on the road to recovery had they only avoided the Countrywide purchase.

Recently Bank of America has been able to show better than expected profits earning $2.5 billion or 19 cents a share, above analysts’ expectations of 14 cents a share. The housing market has still proved problematic for the bank as investors are calling on it to repurchase more risky soured mortgages. The potential cost of something like this is hard to estimate, coming in around $22.7 billion in the previous quarter, up from $16.1 billion.

As the bank looks to expand earnings and grow it has also managed to save money as mortgage related fees are down. This is of course related to the bank’s purchase of Countrywide Financial which was the nation’s largest sub-prime mortgage lender. Bank of America reiterates that existing bad loans are the result of a poor economy, and not the bank’s ability to underwrite or process loans. This contrasts with shareholder views that the bank should purchase soured mortgages. The bank did not have to pay the record $8.8 billion in mortgage fees it paid last year during this time period. It has outlined that mortgages 60 days late have declined significantly.

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), one of the beneficiaries of increased mortgages at lower rates, has seen profits increase as a result of a stronger concentration of loans being handled by only large banks. Wells Fargo reported $4.8 billion in revenue in the first six months of this year, a 155 percent increase from the same period last year. Wells Fargo has managed to make 31 percent of the loans to lenders.

Mortgage backed securities have been the source of much profit for banks that seek to extend profits. They are sold to investors as a way of adding extra gains along with slightly higher lending rates.

You are most likely wondering how a bank could make this effective giving the current economy. The reason is because while Bank of America or Chase Corporation (CCF) are the originator of the loans, they are actually transferred to Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac, the government-controlled mortgage giants that offer a government guarantee on payments. This allows for Bank of America or another large bank to sell bonds to investors that are both attractive and high paying.

There is an industry term for defining the profit between the lending rate and the bond rate, simply called the spread. By offering a mortgage at 3.6 percent and selling a bond at 2.6 percent that bank has been able to secure capital for the mortgage and profit once the bond is sold.

According to analysts who track the market, that spread is now at a record high, allowing essentially all banks in the mortgage industry to recover larger profits. The technique I just explained has been in practice for some time, but the increase has been tremendous. Previously the spread was around .5 percent from 2000 to 2010, but lately has jumped to 1.1 percent in the first six months of the year, and this month to 1.26 percent.

The move has allowed for profits to increase at banks, but potentially this could draw the ire of bank regulators. The reasoning is that the federal government in the U.S. currently purchases bank bonds in an effort to relieve toxic mortgages from bank hands. Some regulators may view the practice as dishonest considering the bonds have been purchased in mass to lower rates for consumers and improve the American economy.

Still with America in a constant election cycle and plans for their fiscal and regulatory policies in question, the safe answer for today is that these concerns are currently not an issue.

About the author:

Muhammad Bazil
Muhammad Bazil is a financial journalist and editor for a variety of websites, public policy organizations, and book publishers. He has written hundreds of published articles and blog posts on topics including budgeting, credit management, real estate and investing. His articles have been featured on the homepage of Yahoo!, MSN and numerous local news websites.

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Mark_p93561 - 5 years ago    Report SPAM
1. Why did Countrywide change my 5.75% mortgage loan, I Locked-in at, to 6.25% right before signing escrow, without discussing it with me 72 hours prior as loan documents states must be done?

2. Why did Countrywide tell me I couldn’t afford the cheaper loan and that they thought they told us prior already, when I called during signing?

3. Why did Countrywide change my loan to one I doubted my wife and I could afford, when my family was going to have nowhere to live if we didn’t sign?

4. Why did Countrywide tell us their copy machine was broken when we signed our lock-in agreement?

5. Why didn’t Countrywide give us a copy of our Lock-in agreement document when we asked for it since the beginning of our mortgage?

6. Why did Countrywide sell our note to Bank of America that we did not want to do business with nor support, and not hand deliver the note?

7. Why are we forced to do business with Bank of America and forced to allow them to service our loan?

8. Why did Bank of America ignore us on 5 modification attempts to our previous lock-in agreement and only answered and told once that we didn’t qualify?

9. Why does Bank of America deny our QWR for all Loan, escrow, Lock-in agreement, and 6 modification attempts, documents?

10. Why does Bank of America Bank of America threaten to foreclose, selling our note, and actually put our loan into default with pre-foreclosure, still denying us our QWR?

11. Why is it legal for real estate companies and internet sites allowed to show our house available in pre-foreclosure, for 2/3 the cost I purchased it for, at a monthly mortgage half of what I am being forced to pay?

12. Why is it ok for Bank of America to foreclose on my mortgage when the amounts due are the same amounts our houses estimated worth has depreciated, due to Real Estate company’s, Countrywide’s and Bank of America’s practices of unequal, racial, judgmental, predatory lending for greed of money with house flipping and greed of money, no matter who it puts on the street and causes to be homeless?

13. Why is it ok for the home builder to tell us they’re not going to fix the cracks in our stucco unless they can fit a nickel inside it?

14. Why is it ok for banks to exercise their legal document rights, ignoring and denying the consumer their documented rights when the consumer cannot afford the greed of an attorney?

15. Why does everyone, banks, governments, other nations and countries think they can do what they do against Americans and God’s true Children everywhere, and get away with it, without judgment from God?

16. Why did the American Government bail out these banks with tax payers money, for doing these things to Christian Americans that choose to be the True Children of God?

Your Judgment is here, life of your own conscience knowledge, truth and action of un-repented sin of mortality and impurity expressed towards existence, reality and destiny, to have life upon and within yourself. They are your truths, beliefs and actions you decided to agree upon and express upon all things existing or going to, even yourself.

Jk815 - 5 years ago    Report SPAM
I don't care what god says selling for half of tangible book is good enough for me

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