EnerSys (ENS): A Good Outperformance Potential with a GF Score of 87

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EnerSys (ENS, Financial), a leading player in the Industrial Products industry, is currently trading at $94.19 with a market capitalization of $3.87 billion. Despite a 14.17% loss over the past four weeks, the stock has seen a gain of 3.57% today. The company's GF Score stands at 87 out of 100, indicating a good outperformance potential. The GF Score is a comprehensive stock performance ranking system developed by GuruFocus, which is closely correlated with the long-term performance of stocks. It considers five key aspects: Financial Strength, Profitability Rank, Growth Rank, GF Value Rank, and Momentum Rank.


Financial Strength Analysis

EnerSys's Financial Strength rank is 6/10, indicating a relatively strong financial situation. This rank is based on several factors, including an interest coverage of 5.26, a debt to revenue ratio of 0.25, and an Altman Z score of 3.79. These figures suggest that EnerSys is capable of meeting its debt obligations and has a low risk of financial distress.

Profitability Rank Analysis

The company's Profitability Rank is 9/10, reflecting a high level of profitability and consistency. This rank is based on an operating margin of 8.94%, a Piotroski F-Score of 7, a 5-year average operating margin trend of -6.20%, and a perfect score of 10 for profitability consistency over the past decade. The company also has a predictability rank of 3.5, indicating a strong likelihood of continued profitability.

Growth Rank Analysis

EnerSys's Growth Rank is 9/10, suggesting robust revenue and profitability growth. This rank is based on a 5-year revenue growth rate of 7.50%, a 3-year revenue growth rate of 7.60%, and a 5-year EBITDA growth rate of 3.70%. These figures indicate that EnerSys has been consistently expanding its business operations.

GF Value Rank Analysis

The company's GF Value Rank is 3/10, suggesting that the stock is currently overvalued. This rank is determined by the price-to-GF-Value ratio, a proprietary metric that considers historical multiples, past returns, and future business performance estimates.

Momentum Rank Analysis

EnerSys's Momentum Rank is 6/10, indicating a moderate stock price performance. This rank is based on the standardized momentum ratio and other momentum indicators, reflecting the stock's price performance from 12 months ago to 1 month ago and 6 months ago to 1 month ago.

Competitor Analysis

When compared to its main competitors in the Industrial Products industry, EnerSys holds a competitive position. Advanced Energy Industries Inc (AEIS, Financial) has a GF Score of 95, Bloom Energy Corp (BE, Financial) has a GF Score of 62, and Acuity Brands Inc (AYI, Financial) has a GF Score of 88. This comparison suggests that EnerSys has a good potential for outperformance in its industry. For more details, please visit the competitors page.

In conclusion, EnerSys's strong GF Score of 87, coupled with its robust financial strength, profitability, and growth, suggests a good potential for outperformance. However, investors should be cautious of its current overvaluation and moderate momentum.


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