Insider Sell: Sonos Inc CEO Patrick Spence Sells 45,000 Shares

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On September 20, 2023, Patrick Spence, the CEO of Sonos Inc (SONO, Financial), sold 45,000 shares of the company. This move has sparked interest among investors and analysts alike, as insider selling can often provide valuable insights into a company's prospects.

Patrick Spence is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the tech industry. He has been with Sonos Inc since 2012, serving in various roles before becoming CEO in 2017. Under his leadership, Sonos has grown into a leading player in the home audio market, known for its high-quality wireless speakers and sound systems.

Sonos Inc is a Santa Barbara, California-based company that designs and manufactures wireless home audio products. The company's product line includes wireless speakers, home theater speakers, and components for the home audio market. Sonos products are known for their superior sound quality and innovative design, and the company has a strong presence in markets around the world.

Over the past year, the insider has sold a total of 45,000 shares and purchased 0 shares. This trend of selling without any corresponding buys raises questions about the insider's confidence in the company's future prospects.


The insider transaction history for Sonos Inc shows a total of 13 insider sells over the past year, with no insider buys. This trend could be a red flag for investors, as it suggests that those with the most intimate knowledge of the company are choosing to sell their shares.

On the day of the insider's recent sell, shares of Sonos Inc were trading for $13.41 apiece, giving the company a market cap of $1.67 billion. This valuation is based on the stock's current price and the total number of outstanding shares.


With a price of $13.41 and a GuruFocus Value of $22.97, Sonos Inc has a price-to-GF-Value ratio of 0.58. This suggests that the stock is a possible value trap, and investors should think twice before buying. The GF Value is an intrinsic value estimate developed by GuruFocus, based on historical multiples, a GuruFocus adjustment factor, and future business performance estimates from Morningstar analysts.

In conclusion, the recent insider sell by Patrick Spence, coupled with the overall trend of insider selling at Sonos Inc, could be a cause for concern for potential investors. While the company's current valuation suggests it may be undervalued, the lack of insider buying suggests that those with the most knowledge of the company are not confident in its future prospects.

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