Best Dividend Stocks Investors Need and Deed

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Mar 13, 2013
Investing is an important decision of investors who want to invest their own capital income. If we want to expand our money, we must consider some essential things. We must consider that the amount invested could generate income for us. Additionally, we must be sure the security of the investment is long and lucrative.

Right now as far as investment becoming a worried situation, in this case we would like to say that high dividend paying stock is probably the most common selection. Many professional and veteran stock exchange players will say that option is an ideal decision.

Here are some best dividend stocks, which investors like and believe are the top dividend stocks to buy right now:

· Procter Gamble (PG, Financial) –This is a best dividend-paying stock for investors. Moreover, it is safe for people who want to buy a defensive low-risk stock. Its annual payout is 2.25%, and dividend yield is 2.93%.

· Coca Cola (KO, Financial) – Well-sugared water can never go out of fashion. They have also the vitamin water in their kitty. Its annual payout is 1.12% and dividend yield is 2.91%.

· Apple (AAPL, Financial) – This is a company which has enough design arsenals in their bag for the next few years. IPod should bring them the moolah. Its P/E ratio is 10.08 and dividend yield is 2.36%.

· Johnson and Johnson (JNJ, Financial) - Johnson & Johnson is the world's second largest and most broadly based manufacturer of health care products, with 2010 annual sales of $61.6 billion, a decline of 0.5% from 2009. Its P/E ratio is 19.72 and dividend yield is 3.22%.

· Walmart Stores (WMT, Financial) – Consumers love the rock-bottom pricing, especially in this recessionary trend, and the company has shown tremendous resilience in the face of all the lawsuits and labor disputes. It also pays a good dividend. The buying power with this company says a lot about its influence in the retail industry. Its P/E ratio is 14.27 and dividend yield is 2.24%.

· Sanofi Aventis (SNY) – This is getting aggressive in the vaccine market and bought one company in India called Shantha Biotech. It plays a good role in the pharmaceutical sector. Its P/E ratio is 19.32 and dividend yield is 3.8%.

· Goldcorp (GG) – Gold may be high all the time. The pessimist says that this will not last but the demand is there, and Goldcorp is definitely the best when it comes to gold. Its P/E ratio is 17.91 and dividend yield is 1.79%.

· Pepsi Co (PEP) - PepsiCo Inc. is a global beverage and food manufacturing company. Its four business units are comprised of six segments: FLNA, QFNA, LAF, PAB, Europe and AMEA. It manufactures markets and sells a range of salty, convenient, sweet and grain-based snacks, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, dairy products and other foods. In November 2011, it acquired Mabel, a producer of cookies, crackers and snacks in Brazil. Its P/E ratio is 19.26 and dividend yield is 2.84%.

· IBM (IBM) – With hardware and software services, this is the only company, which holds promise for the long term. Technology is here to stay and to cushion the hardware challenges IBM has what it takes (i.e. the services sector to help survive the blues). Its P/E ratio is 14.04 and dividend yield is 1.71%.

· Cisco Systems – Investors like this stock simply because of its dominance in the router and the switching world, which is the backbone of the entire internet and related stuff, and hence it is poised to grow all the more as countries get on the internet bandwagon. Its P/E ratio is 12.01 and dividend yield is 2.72%.

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