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GuruFocus is Expanding Its Coverage to Include More Hedge Fund Gurus

April 21, 2009

GuruFocus is glad to announce that it is expanding its coverage into the hedge fund world. These are some of the hedge funds with great long term performances.

The table below shows the hedge fund we are considering to add into our List of Hedge Fund Gurus. All of these investors have achieved great performances in their funds over the past 10 years or longer period.

NameFundInceptionAnnual Return Since Inception Max. Down Peroid Loss Duration
Israel A. EnglanderMillennium Internation Ltd12/31/199714.99%-7.24%Aug. 98 - May 98
Willem KooykerBlenheim Gl. Markets12/31/198621.28%-41.20%Nov. 98 - Aug. 97
Gavin FerrisAspect Diversified Fund Class A12/16/199812.06-21.47Jan. 05 - Feb. 04
A. KnoepfflerCipher Diversified7/31/199812.23%-22.38Nov. 02 - Oct. 01
Walt Weissman &
Blair Wellensiek
Digilog Overseas Fund I. 12/31/199314.44%-36.53%Jan. 05 - May 03
Tim WongMan AHL Divisified PLC9/30/199618.93%-17.9May 02 - Oct. 01
David Harding Winton Futures Fund - Class B9/30/199718.82%-25.08Feb. 02 - Oct. 01
Daniel LoebThird Point11/30/199616%-34.50%Mar. 09 - Jun 08
James DinanYork Investment Ltd.2/28/199410.66%-29.95%Feb. 09 - Oct. 07
Lee AinslieMaverick Capital2/28/199513.30%-30.04%Nov. 08 - May 08
Andreas HalvorsenViking Global Equities III9/30/199922.26%-11.93%Mar. 02 - Sep. 01
Chris ShumwaySCP Ocean Fund Ltd3/31/200214.30%-13.59%Dec. 08 - May 08
John GriffinBlue Ridge Capital
Chase ColemanTiger Global
Robert KarrJoho Fund, Ltd - A10/31/199622.19%-19.38%Nov. 08 - Nov. 07
Kyung Hwa PaikCorevest Partners LTD12/31/199822.93%-26.57Feb. 03 - Mar. 02
Richard Chenevix-TrenchSR Global Fund G -Emergying Markets2/29/199623.03%-37.25%Feb. 09 - Oct. 07
SR Global Fund -Asia12/31/199316.79%-36.50%Nov. 98 - Oct. 07
Bruce KovnerGamut Investments6/30/198620.87%-13.45Apr. 88 - Dec. 87
Louis Moor BaconMoore Global Fixed Income7/31/199315.28%-14.47Feb. 94 - Jan .94
Moore Global Investment Fundm Ltd -A12/31/198920.20%-18.45%Feb. 95 - Jan. 94
Paul Tudor JonesTudor B. V. I. Global Fund LTD -A-10/31/198622.04%-17.07%Jul. 92 - Apr. 92
Arthur SambergPequote Core Global Offshore Fund, Inc8/31/199217.95%-31.03%May 00 - Feb. 00

To select the investors for our list, besides long term performances, we will also pay close attention to the risk of their portfolios. Risk is measured by maximum loss during periods of underperformances. A smaller loss in underperforming years indicates lower risk.

Currently we already have a few hedge fund gurus in our List of Gurus, including George Soros, Seth Klarman, David Tepper, John Paulson and Richard Perry. The updated performances of some of their funds are shown here.

NameFundInceptionAnnual Return Since Inception Max. Down Peroid Loss Duration
David Tepper Palomino Fund Ltd Class B12/31/199422.36%-49.05%Sep. 98 - Feb. 98
Richard PerryPerry Partners International Inc. Class A9/30/199311.45%-25.65Nov. 08 - Oct. 07
John PaulsonPaulson Advantage3/31/200427.8-2.12%Jul 04 - Mar 04
Paulson Advantage Plus 12/31/200443.60%-3.37%Nov. 05 - Sep. 05
Paulson International4/30/199615.21%-13.57%Sep. 98 - Jun 98
Paulson Enhanced4/30/200126.59%-10.13%Jul 02 - Apr. 01
Paulson Credit Opportunity Fund6/30/2006134.73%-10.41%May 07 - Feb. 07

There are also other great long term hedge fund managers such as Jim Simmons and Steve Cohen. These investors usually own more than 2000 stocks in their funds and have higher turnovers. Because of this, they are not tracked in our Hedge Fund List of Gurus. If you think they should be tracked, please tell us why. If you have any other gurus to add to our list, please let us know. Any long term performance data will help.

We like to hear from you. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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Valuefan premium member - 11 years ago
Thankyou for adding these. It is very exciting.

I agree about not including high turnover hedge funds.

Heisenman premium member - 11 years ago
This is a useful addition, particularly if you are able to obtain and release their purchases and sales- along with "short sales" on a "timely" basis.
Max7777 premium member - 11 years ago
This is great News! I look forward to this data. Specially Paul Tudor Jones and Bruce Kovner who are true gurus with proven records of over 20% ROI for over 20 years.
JoePass - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Please explain duration....these testing periods look to short.....if that's what this is.
Gurufocus premium member - 11 years ago
Duration is the period when their funds had maximium losing period. The column before it is the loss during the period.
Oboist - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Nit-picking: "Period" is mis-spelled in the heading of your list. Great idea !
Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Why is someone with only a 10% return here? lol!
Jmn3813 - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
I think this is a horrible idea. In the last six months, sweeping changes to this website have taken away the intimacy of a few value investing apostles and made this a commercial for people looking to piggyback their way to a quick buck. We have gotten away from "guru focus" and have begun including market front runners whose history of beating the market does not make them gurus at all.

In theory, half of professionally managed money beats the market and half does not. Does this mean that the few that are able to be in the top for a couple years are worthy of being called "gurus" and compared side by side with Buffett, Soros, and Klarman?
Gurufocus premium member - 11 years ago

The hedge fund managers we will add are still value investors. For instance, the Tiger Cubs we just added are all value investors, they learned from legendary value investor Julian Robertson.

They may short more than the gurus we have been tracking, but Soros, or David Einhorn of Greenlight short stocks, too.

yes, in theory, half of professional managed money beats the market and half does not. But if an investor can beat the market by wide margins over long term, are they not good investors?

As we mentioned, we do not investors that own large number of positions or frequent traders.

Another example, John Paulson, the hedge fund manager we just added, is an expert in arbitrage. His fund only had two slight down years in past 15 years. He forsaw the financial bubble and successfully shorted them. Should we learn something from him?

We like to hear your opinion, please feel free to let us know what you think.

We try to avoid as much commercial as possible. But we do need to have some advertisements to support the operation. Please let us know what you think are inappropriate commercials.


Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Is leverage taken into account?
Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
leveraged returns that only beat the market be a small margin might be horrible real (non-leveraged) returns.
Gurufocus premium member - 11 years ago
Leverage amplifies both ways. That is why we also need to see the period when they are down.
Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Yes, but you can be heavily leveraged and still make money. Paulson and Soros are leveraged. I think that if it can be done, leverage used could be a great addition to gurufocus.
Jmn3813 - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
To the editor,

I am not condoning the choices of managers above as best money managers. There are hundreds of money managers that I would consider to have good investment strategies based on a value or contrarian philosophy. What I am saying is that there are over 20 names listed above, only a handful of which I am familiar with. I obviously don't know every money manager out there and do not claim to know who is the best but I think that the above and some of the other recent adds to the website have diluted the quality of the so called "gurus".

In reference to the commercialization of the website let me expand on what I meant. By no means am I suggesting that you run this site out of the goodness of your heart. I am a business man myself and I understand that you are here to make money. I know that eyeballs on the site leads to better alexa rankings and more money from advertisements - this is a key part of the internet revolution. When I said I think this site was getting too commercial, I was playing off my previous point above that there is a lot more information on here that may be diluting the quality of the original direction of this site. This site was once a key part of my investing strategy, it was a great resource to turn to in order to learn from the true investing gurus. Not that I think all changes are for the bad, I think your ten year financials are fantastic and the Wiki section will turn out great as it grows but I think the intentions of the website have shifted from quality information to quantity of information.

Overall, great website, I will continue to be a faithful follower as I love picking up opinions and insights of the gurus and members of this website. I know feedback is important for any business so I find it important to voice my opinion as a consistent devotee to your website.


Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
Is the 10% manager really a guru? I would not give him a penny if that the best he can do...
Callaquin - 11 years ago    Report SPAM
The site should be selective. I think 15% minimum...
Gurufocus premium member - 11 years ago
The annualized return since inception depends heavily on when the fund was incepted. If someone started his fund in 2000, and get 10% a year since, that is great, since the market is in negative.

A lot of existing mutual fund gurus had more than 15% until 2006, then they give up a large portion of their gains during the past two years.
Gurufocus premium member - 11 years ago

thank you very much for your feedback!

With regard to Guru List, we are in the processing of reviewing them. We are adding some that has done well over the past 10 years. We may remove some that have risky portfolios. By the way, we stopped tracking Bill Miller as we learned the risks with his stock picks. He may well come back some time, but we will not regret. His stock picking cannot pass the test of the econimic recession.

We did realize that some of the information we published had poor quality. We are focusing more on quality these days. Thank you very much for pointing that out.

If you (or anyone else) have any opinions, please feel free to let us know. GuruFocus is better website because we have all these great members.

Valuehawk - 11 years ago    Report SPAM

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