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GURUF Mac Version Is Released: New Feature Announcement

Installation manual is here

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Aug 08, 2017
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We are very pleased to announce that we have developed the MAC version of user-defined-function GURUF. At this point we are still working on improving the function. Please feel free to give us feedback in the comment area of the article.

This is the installation manual. Version

1. Installation Instructions

1.1. Install GuruFocus Excel Add-in

Go to this link and click the large download button (GURUF For Mac)


1.2. Import GURUF_MAC.xlam

After you successfully download the GURUF for Mac, open excel -> new blank sheet -> tool -> Excel add-ins.


Then you come to this screen:


Click ‘Browse’ button, find the GURUF_MAC.xlam which you just downloaded.



Then you need to activate GURUF add-in:


After it is done, you will see ‘GuruFocus Beta’ tab.


1.3. Unlock GURUF

There is the last thing you need to do before you use GURUF, unlock GURUF. Click ‘Unlock GURUF’.


Click on "Get Your Token", copy your token, and click ‘Paste’. (use command + V may not work at this time)

And click start.


During this process, GURUF_MAC may grant access to some files, follow the steps to grant access, those files are used to store some data relate to GURUF.

Functions Instructions

2.1 Insert GURUF1034600797.jpg

If you are a user of GURUF for Windows, you will take advantage of it quickly. Click Insert GURUF, there will be a pop up window shown as below.


Ticker and Calculation is required. You can search Calculation by inputting key words in Calculation combo Box. The picture shows all calculations which are related to key word ‘price’.



Besides, you can see the function preview in GURUF preview panel. After you finish all desired parameters, Click OK, the correct GURUF will be inserted to the selected cell.


2.2. Expand All Functions

Since Excel is not smart enough to resize an array function automatically, we make this function to expand your array formulas (Array formula’s result is occupied with more than 1 cell). For example, the above picture has array formula. After you click ‘Expand All Functions’, the result shown below.


2.3. Check Updates

If there is an update available, there will be a notification for it.


The latest version will be downloaded to your local drive, and you can replace the add-in by yourself. The process is same as  1.2

GURUF works for Premium and PremiumPlus members only. Premium members have up to 2000 function calls a month, and PremiumPlus members have unlimited function calls. If you are not a subscriber of GuruFocus, we invited you for a Free 7-day trial.

Have fun!

Not a Premium Member of GuruFocus? Sign up for a free 7-day trial here.
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