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Guru stock highlight

There were a few notable performance detractors in the quarter. Global leader in for-profit education, Adtalem Global Education (ATGE) traded materially lower following its announcement to acquire Walden University from Laureate Education in an all-cash transaction. Investors are concerned this action will reduce the company's financial flexibility from a net cash to net debt position, ahead of a potential democratic shift in Washington. While the headwinds are near-term in nature, we believe the acquisition is expected to be accretive. The combined company will be number one in undergrad and graduate nursing enrollment in the U.S. and the largest producer of

46 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-10-16 16:54
Discussion of markets and holdings

Quarter Ended September 30, 2020

2020 has been quite the year thus far: a pandemic, the shutdown of a global economy, a subsequent collapse in equity markets, social unrest, political dysfunction and environmental catastrophes. Despite this backdrop, the U.S. equity market soared to record highs this summer before September's volatility set. High unemployment, income losses, weaker consumption, indecision in Washington around further fiscal relief and U.S. election uncertainty have blurred the path ahead. Yet, it's important to be mindful that equities continue to receive meaningful support from record levels of stimulus, sustained ultra-low interest rates and the Federal Reserve's decision

52 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-10-16 16:44
Big Lots makes the list

As of June 9, the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener, a Premium feature, found that the following defensive stocks have low price-earnings ratios and have been bought by gurus. While some of them are great value investments, others may need to be researched more carefully, according to the Peter Lynch fair value..


With a market cap of $243 million, Alico Inc. (ALCO) has a price-earnings ratio of 6.54. According to the Peter Lynch earnings line, the stock has a fair value of $74.40 while trading at $32.48.


The stock has gained 19.59% over

67 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-06-09 13:53
Their Graham blended multipliers are below 22.5

To enhance the search for value opportunities, investors may want to consider stocks whose "Graham blended multiplier” is 22.5 or less. Developed by Benjaming Graham, the father of value investing, the multiplier equals the stock’s price-earnings ratio times its price-book ratio.

Thus, value investors may want to have a look at the following three stocks, as their Graham blended multipliers 22.5 or less.

Adtalem Global Education Inc

The first stock to have a look at is Adtalem Global Education Inc (ATGE), a Chicago-based provider of educational services.

Shares of Adtalem Global Education closed at a price of $31.63 per

134 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2020-05-04 15:29
Former First Eagle manager releases portfolio for IVA Worldwide Fund

Charles de Vaulx (Trades, Portfolio), portfolio manager of International Value Advisers, disclosed this week that he established six new positions for his IVA Worldwide Fund during the fourth quarter of 2019: Adtalem Global Education Inc. (ATGE), Bangkok Bank PCL (BKK:BBL-R), The Western Union Co. (WU), Publicis Groupe SA (XPAR:PUB), Dollar Tree Inc. (DLTR) and News Corp. (NWS).

Managing a portfolio of 74 stocks, de Vaulx employs a value-oriented investment approach, seeking investments in companies that have high financial strength, temporarily-depressed earnings and entrenched franchises. Prior to joining IVA, de Vaulx managed several funds for First Eagle

248 Views    James Li    2020-03-05 21:09
This company is redefining for-profit education's value proposition

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

During the waning years of the Obama presidency, the future of for-profit education (FPE) looked rather bleak. One of the biggest players, ITT Educational Services (ESI), the operator of the ITT Technical Institutes, was forced to close down entirely under the weight of repeated legal actions at the state and federal levels. Other big names, such as Apollo Education Group (APOL), Adtalem Global Education (ATGE) and Grand Canyon Education – which manage the University of Phoenix, DeVry University and Grand Canyon University, respectively – faced various degrees

145 Views    John Engle    2017-09-29 20:18
The largest insider buys of Macquarie, OPKO, New Residential Investment, Lannett and DeVry

According to GuruFocus’ Insider Data, these are the largest CEO buys during the past week. The overall trend of purchases is illustrated in the chart below:

Macquarie Infrastructure CEO bought 15,000 shares

Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. (MIC) CEO James Hooke bought 15,000 shares on Feb. 3 for $74.15 per share. The stock price has increased by 8% since.

Macquarie owns, operates and invests in groups of infrastructure businesses including bulk liquid terminals, International-Matex Tank Terminals, airport services, Atlantic Aviation and Hawaii Gas. Macquarie has a market cap of $6.55 billion. As of Feb. 10 its shares

231 Views    Joy Hu    2017-02-13 17:55
Review of markets and holdings


The fourth quarter of 2016 continued the year’s string of improbable events. In mid-2016, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to exit the European Union (EU). The UK’s so-called Brexit was not expected by the capital markets due to nearly all voting polls showing that the “Remain” side was overwhelmingly favored to win. But the “Leave” victory was only a harbinger of things to come. Shortly after the Brexit vote, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in exactly 108 years. Cubby fans will tell you that the championship was more improbable than Brexit. As a

325 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-01-30 17:11
Review of economy and holdings

Despite a few bouts of market volatility (the first six weeks of the year as well as briefly after the Brexit vote), 2016 was most notable for extraordinary political developments which have the potential to shape markets for years to come. Although the possibility of the UK voting to leave the EU had been on investors’ minds for months, most everyone was surprised by the outcome of the referendum on June 23 and markets recoiled. They may have quickly recovered, but the magnitude of the vote’s ultimate financial and political consequences are still unknown. And then on November 8, Donald

215 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-01-24 17:57
Discussion of investing environment and holdings

The IVA Worldwide Fund Class A (NAV) (“the Fund”) ended the quarter on September 30, 2016 with a return of 3.73% versus the MSCI All Country World Index (Net) (“Index”) return of 5.30% bringing YTD performance to 5.70% versus the Index return of 6.60% for the same period.

Despite bouts of volatility throughout the quarter, primarily related to anxieties over Central Bank actions and inactions, the markets were relatively quiet. The last few weeks were an exception, when Deutsche Bank concerns hit a crescendo, dragging down European bank shares and igniting fears about their overall health. We have expressed these

488 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-10-21 18:30
Discussion of the fund, the markets and holdings

Tara Hannigan: Thank you. Good afternoon, and welcome to the Semi-Annual IVA Funds Update Call. We thank you for joining us this afternoon. I'm Tara Hannigan, the Director of Mutual Fund Distribution. Our goals on this call are to update you on the funds and share our current investment thinking. Our portfolio managers, Charles De Vaulx and Chuck de Lardemelle, will give you prepared remarks explaining what they're seeing around the world today, and then we will open the call up to questions.

To update you on IVA as a firm as of August 31, 2016, we had approximately $18.5

1056 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-09-27 16:54
7 companies producing high returns

FPA Capital Fund (Trades, Portfolio) has a concentrated portfolio and invests primarily in undervalued small to mid cap companies. During the second quarter of 2016, the firm traded some stocks. The following are the ones with the highest performance since that trade.

SM Energy Co. (SM)

The company reduced its stake in SM Energy Co by 34.16% during the second quarter and now holds 519,903 shares. Since then, the price of the stock has risen by 9%.

The company has a market cap of $2.08 billion and an enterprise value of $4.51 billion. It is an

1034 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2016-08-11 21:16
Managers discuss the economy and holdings


The second quarter of 2016 will be remembered as the time when the United Kingdom (UK) voted to divorce from the European Union (EU). The UK and the EU have been together since 1973, but the British decided that the relationship was no longer in their national interest, and on June 23, their citizens voted to “leave” the EU.

On voting day, as soon as it became clear that the “leave” campaign had the majority of votes, the global capital markets experienced the equivalent of a financial earthquake. Based on the Richter scale, the Pound Sterling’s rapid decline of

803 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-08-03 16:59
A rundown of guru's largest buys in the 1st quarter

John Rogers (Trades, Portfolio) is the founder of Ariel Investment LLC, which he started in 1983. During the first quarter he bought shares in the following stocks:

The guru increased his stake in Northern Trust Corp. (NTRS) by 59.09% with an impact of 0.74% on the portfolio.

It is a financial holding company that provides asset servicing, fund administration, asset management, fiduciary and banking solutions for corporations, institutions, families and individuals. During the first quarter earnings per common share had a growth of 7% from the same quarter of 2015, and assets under custody increased 2%

1321 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2016-06-24 18:59
Prices of Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom, Fossil Group, DeVry Education Group decline

According to GuruFocus' list, these guru stocks have reached their five-year lows: Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY), Nordstrom Inc. (JWN), Fossil Group Inc. (FOSL) and DeVry Education Group Inc. (DV).

Bed Bath & Beyond reaches $45.57

The price of Bed Bath & Beyond shares has declined to $45.57, which is only 9.5% above the five-year low of $41.26. It is now 48.9% off the five-year high of $80.82. Bed Bath & Beyond is owned by 17 gurus we are tracking. Among them, three added to their positions during the past quarter, and 13 reduced their positions. Bed

1102 Views    alicet236    2016-06-07 20:54
Guru stock highlight

As for DeVry (DV) (which only the Worldwide Fund owns), our intrinsic value estimate was impaired as we underestimated the extent of the decline of the BTM (Business, Technology, Management) segment. We note, however, that the overwhelming majority of DeVry’s profits come from its healthcare schools (Nursing, Veterinary, and Physicians) where student loan defaults have been negligible.

From Charles De Vaulx's annual IVA Funds Letter to Shareholders 2016.

2563 Views    gurufocus    2016-06-06 16:56
Discussion of holdings and investing environment

May 4, 2016

Dear Shareholder:

The post-Bretton Woods monetary system, in place since 1971, entered a new chapter few ever envisioned: the era of long-term negative interest rates is upon us. In Japan and Switzerland, 10-year government bonds currently yield less than zero to maturity. Nobody knows how the book ends. Given the perverse incentives induced by these policies, the script is more likely to be turned into a horror movie than a Disney blockbuster, we believe. Only time will tell though. These aggressive policies by central bankers in the developed world, far from enticing companies to invest and add

1113 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-06-06 16:48
Guru stock highlight

In October 2014, an inter-agency task force was formed to share information about investigations into for-profit education. It included the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, Veterans Administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Securities and Exchange Commission and numerous state Attorneys General. We have followed the regulatory developments closely, and over the previous six months, it appears that the fervor for prosecuting for-profit schools has increased meaningfully. Our analysis had previously assumed that the regulatory headwinds would diminish over time, primarily because three years of high-level regulatory scrutiny had not produced a substantial case against the industry’s “good actors.” However,

589 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-05-09 18:51
Discussion of economy and holdings

Dear fellow shareholders,

After five quarters of disappointing performance, our results in the first quarter of 2016 were in line with our benchmark, the Russell 2500 (0.15% Fund return vs. 0.39% benchmark return). The quarter was significantly more volatile than the March 31st figures suggest. Halfway through the quarter, as of February 12th, the Fund’s performance was -11.77%. Then we made up for the Fund’s shortfall in the second half of the quarter.

The events of the quarter played to the strengths of our strategy. Our high cash balance and significant energy investments, which had recently been liabilities, turned into

1145 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-05-09 16:57
Commentary on the markets and important holdings from First Pacific Advisors

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

2015 was a disappointing year for the market and even more so for deep-value investors. The Fund’s performance was not immune to this and, in fact, we considerably underperformed during the year. It is during difficult times similar to 2015, when major economic regions are in recession, profits are declining, and global consumers are frightened by significant geopolitical uncertainty, that we rely on the most important metric to value investing. That is, strong corporate balance sheets which allow companies to persevere during the inevitable industry downturns are the ultimate life saver. One representative measure of the current

2559 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-02-08 02:07

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