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Expedia reported 3rd-quarter revenue increase

Expedia (EXPE), the world's largest online travel company, offers travel products and services to a wide base of customers.

Consumers are more interested in booking their dream trips at lower prices these days. With an extensive brand portfolio, Expedia intends to grow its business through the addition of a dynamic portfolio of travel brands. It includes online travel brands like,, trivago, HomeAway, etc.

The company’s third quarter was marked by increases in gross bookings and revenues. The company benefited from the acquisitions of Orbitz Worldwide (FRA:32O) and HomeAway (AWAY). There was growth in Brand Expedia and as

102 Views    Mrinalini Chaudhuri    2017-01-19 17:15
Expedia reported a decent 4th quarter and has significant growth opportunities across geographies.

Traveling is an important part of a human’s life, but organizing a traveling schedule is a tough task. If the organizing part becomes hassle free, then traveling becomes more pleasurable.

Expedia Inc. (EXPE) is one of the largest travel companies in the world. The company provides exclusive travel solutions to its valued customers. Expedia’s portfolio of travel brands features a supply portfolio including more than 260,000 hotels in 200 countries, 400 airlines, packages, rental cars, cruises as well as destination services and activities.

Its portfolio of brands includes, a service online travel agency;, a hotel-only booking service;,

861 Views    Mrinalini Chaudhuri    2016-02-12 15:58

The new president looked at me and said: “If I have to be broke at the end of the day, don’t make me be tired as well.” I knew exactly what he meant as I was the Vice President of Operations in a business where much of management’s compensation was based on increasing revenue. The parent company had installed a new President to correct the issues with rapid revenue growth that was not translating into increased profitability.

Our compensation structure for all of the sales related positions was heavily weighted toward increasing sales without regard to the profit margins involved.

1483 Views    Ken McGaha    2015-07-06 22:38

Guru Mario Cibelli (Trades, Portfolio), who founded Marathon Partners nearly 20 years ago and has a reputation as a long-term investor, increased his stakes in familiar companies in his portfolio in the fourth quarter.

Cibelli added to the two largest stakes (by volume) in his portfolio – Shutterfly Inc (SFLY) and Xoom Corp (XOOM).

In two separate purchases, one in October and one in December, Cibelli added a total of 770,000 shares to his stake in Xoom, a San Francisco-based digital money transfer company and the largest stake in Cibelli’s portfolio. Cibelli paid $14.41 per share in

1310 Views    David Goodloe    2015-03-22 02:56

HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY), the leading online website for the vacation rentals, rose 46.2% in the fourth quarter. HomeAway reported strong results that beat street estimates for sales and cash flow and posted a sequential acceleration in listing growth. The company recently launched a new service called Pay Per Bookings (PPB), and early results were encouraging. We believe PPB will provide nice incremental growth, not cannibalize, the core subscription business and increase the company's overall opportunity and growth rate. We continue to consider HomeAway an industry leader that is in the early innings of converting a traditional business to a digital

456 Views    Holly LaFon    2014-02-21 20:14

According to GuruFocus Insider Data, these are the largest CEO sales during the past week: Vringo Inc, Medivation Inc, BioDelivery Sciences International Inc, and HomeAway Inc.

Vringo, Inc. (VRNG): CEO Andrew D Perlman sold 200,000 Shares

CEO of Vringo, Inc. (VRNG) Andrew D Perlman sold 200,000 shares on 01/29/2014 at an average price of $5.15. Vringo, Inc., was incorporated in Delaware on January 9, 2006 and commenced operations during the first quarter of 2006. Vringo, Inc. has a market cap of $360.899 million; its shares were traded at around $4.29 .

Vringo Inc reported net loss of $10.5 million

1066 Views    alicet236    2014-02-03 00:37
We trimmed our position in HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY) due to concerns regarding slowing listings growth and that the company's new initiatives may be less impactful than previously expected. From [url=]Ron Baron[/url]’s Baron Funds [url=]third quarter 2013 letter[/url].
481 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-11-22 17:22
HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY) was down 13.5% in the third quarter. HomeAway is the #1 player in online vacation rentals with over 700,000 paid listings. We believe the stock's performance during the third quarter was impacted by a sell-side downgrade of the stock to equal-weight based on concerns around slowing listings growth. We continue to hold shares as we believe HomeAway listings growth will reaccelerate, that the company is pursuing a number of exciting new initiatives, such as online bookings, and that the company is in the early innings of consolidating a highly fragmented market. (Catherine Chen) From [url=]Ron Baron[/url]’s Baron
403 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-11-21 22:44
HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY) is the leading website for vacation home rentals. Homeowners generally pay an annual subscription fee to HomeAway to showcase their rental properties to the site's users. We believe this business model has classic 'network effects,' whereby more listings attract more renters and vice versa. Shares fell in the quarter over concerns about a slowdown in new property listings on the site. We believe that listings growth will reaccelerate as the company introduces new pricing plans, which should also allow the compan y to capture higher reven ues per listing. We believe that HomeAway is in the early
403 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-11-06 17:20
HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY), the leading online provider of listings and services to the vacation rental industry, rose 48% in the quarter due to strong fourth quarter results. We admire HomeAway's business model and positioning and believe that the company can grow its cash flow multiple fold going forward, as it adds listings, grows revenue per listing and increases its margins through scale. Though this opportunity is not lost on investors, the stock had fallen late last year because the rate of growth was decelerating and the company did not meet earnings expectations. We added to our position believing the stock
332 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-06-06 17:01
[url=]John Burbank[/url] has disclosed ownership of 6.3% of Yelp Inc. (YELP), According to GuruFocus Real Time Picks. The manager of global investment firm Passport Capital bought 1,065,261 shares of the company on Jan. 25, when the price was $21.17, on average. Yelp, the consumer review company that aims to become “the de facto local search engine,” saw its stock decline almost 18% over the last year. But since the start of 2013 it has lifted 7%. Passport Capital considers both macroeconomic trends and company fundamentals in its stock selection process. The purchase of Yelp adds to his sizable third quarter
657 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-02-04 21:36
From Baron Funds' first quarter letter: HomeAway, Inc. (AWAY) is the leading online marketplace for vacation rentals. Its websites offer extensive listings to travelers and make it easy for rental property owners and property managers to advertise their properties and manage bookings online. We believe that HomeAway is a dominant category killer in a rapidly growing niche. One can appreciate the value it offers property owners since it is rewarded by high renewal rates and as such have created a very sticky and sustainable business model.We believe that HomeAway will successfully add more properties to its boards, be able to
248 Views    Holly LaFon    2012-05-24 16:29
It is every investor’s dream to find the perfect IPO that continues to grow in the foreseeable future. Some IPOs flourish for years while others diminish within a year, if not months. Today, we take a look at some of the best-performing IPOs of 2011. These companies are among the top value-for-money companies among the IPOs of 2011. [b]HomeAway (AWAY) [/b]engages in the provision of an online marketplace for the vacation rental industry. It has a market capitalization of $2.04 billion and shares of the company are currently trading at around $25 per share. It generated a profit margin of
337 Views    2012-04-09 15:18
According to [url=]GuruFocus updates[/url], these stocks have declined the most since Gurus have bought. [b]HomeAway Inc. (AWAY): Down 40% Since [url=]Ron Baron[/url] Bought In the Quarter Ended on 2011-09-30[/b] [url=]Ron Baron[/url] initiated holdings in Hotels company Homeaway Inc. during the quarter ended 09/30/2011. His purchase prices were between $31.67 and $42.93, with an estimated average price of $38.91. Since then the prices of HomeAway Inc. shares have declined by -40% from the estimated average. [url=]Ron Baron[/url] owned 712,220 shares of as of 09/30/2011. HomeAway, Inc. is engaged in providing online marketplace of vacation rentals accommodations. Homeaway Inc. has a market
1520 Views    GuruCT    2012-01-01 23:44

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